View Full Version : New web control technology

22nd Feb 2004, 06:59
here (http://users.chartertn.net/tonytemplin/FBI_eyes/)

22nd Feb 2004, 07:03
Eye eye, bug*ers can't get to the top of the screen tho!

Anthony Carn
22nd Feb 2004, 15:02
Tis fun to move the cursor off the screen, skirt around to another edge, creep back onto the screen, then repeat.

Well, I think it's fun anyway. :=

The Nr Fairy
22nd Feb 2004, 15:53
There's some people easily pleased, AC !

22nd Feb 2004, 18:47
Has anybody got/seen a link for a desktop thingie that involved icons shooting each other, being able to shoot the crap out of the screen etc?? Saw it a couple of years ago and can't find it.