View Full Version : TCX ace-gla 07/01/04

22nd Feb 2004, 01:25
hi guys!

Hope youn can help. Had a friend on this flight which ended with a scary landing and fire engines chasing the aircraft down the runway!

Can anyone shed some light on this as the family reluctant to fly again!


22nd Feb 2004, 02:08
Whoop Whoop Journo alert....

22nd Feb 2004, 02:51
wheelbarrow - I can confirm he isnt.

23rd Feb 2004, 02:11
Agree with expedite_climb.

Kempus used to be cabin crew with us at GLA. Sorry though have no info on this as yet.

23rd Feb 2004, 03:50
expedite & psr777.

Why doesn't the person ask the question directly then?!?:O

This is hardly rumours or news though is it......

23rd Feb 2004, 19:26
used to be cabin crew.

I still work for TCX and Im hardly going to ring up OPS and say "Oh what happened on......?" am I ? So what would they think of someone who doesnt work for us does that !

Kempus are you coming back this year ?

25th Feb 2004, 02:26

I work for TCX too.

I just think this is a non event story! Why put it on here?? i hope Kempus is a good looking girl!!! You seem interested!:p

26th Feb 2004, 16:16
Hi guys!

Hows it going? hey expedite_climb, psr777! How are you guys? good i hope? sorry for taking so long to reply as been in texas for the past week. I'll pm u bout tcx later!

Anyway, my girlfriend's (hope this helps your question wheelborrow!) brother was on that flight and well he's very nervous bout flying again. Fire engines followed the aircraft down the runway and during the approach he said there were people screaming as it was getting a bit rough. If it was just the over excesive use of the stick by a certain cpt( not slagging him, he's a great guy, he likes the hands on touch!) fair enough, if maybe a little more serious you can pm me. I have a lot of good friends at tcx and can ensure you that nothing will be mentioned to anyone else outside the company. Just wanna try to reasure the guy that flying is still safe and tcx has a highly maintained fleet!

Anywho, as i said just back of a trip, well tired, good night!


29th Feb 2004, 18:28
After talking things thro again with the other half i got the flight wrong, TCX fue-gla 07/01/04