View Full Version : Submarine launched F-15?

Golden Monkey
13th Nov 2001, 18:17
Great footage of the shock wave around a supersonic F14 on this site.

But the F15 video, what's up with that? I presume someone's done a glorious editing job with an F15 airshow performance and a Polaris launch, but it looks bloody good!

Submarine Launched F-15 (http://www.angelfire.com/super/davekey/gallvid1.htm)

13th Nov 2001, 21:07
Well the image looks pretty impressive, but for some reason I can't play the video... :( Amazing what you can do with computers ain't it!

Golden Monkey
13th Nov 2001, 21:39
Aw, that's a shame. Just grab a copy of RealPlayer 8 or whatever the current free download is from www.real.com (http://www.real.com) and you'll find a much more satisfying and media rich world out there.

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13th Nov 2001, 23:55
Yup, worked that much out thanks! ;) Cheeky...... :p