View Full Version : Jet Blast or what?

Feeton Terrafirma
29th Jul 2001, 08:17
I was cruising through JB and I noticed at the top of the page:

Currently Browsing The Forums: (22) THIS FORUM ONLY
Feeton Terrafirma - There are 19 other members (1 invisible) and 2 guests on the forums within the last 10 minutes.

Now I have to ask what are those 2 sickos doing that arn't in JB? :confused:

Kermit 180
29th Jul 2001, 09:49
Er, comparing knitting patterns?

Kermie :rolleyes:

29th Jul 2001, 10:42
Feeton, they might have lost their way.
"Forgive them, for they probably know what they do!"

Ed Winchester
29th Jul 2001, 22:57

They were in JB, they are just not 'members'. The THIS FORUM ONLY bit give it away for me. ;)

pax domina
30th Jul 2001, 00:30
Kermie! Leave us knitters alone. This (you'll have to cut and paste, guys and gals) is what I'm contemplating for 2002 GatBash No. 1


Might go a shade darker on the yarn, and make it more of a taupe. It's shown in 66, but I'm thinking colour 16 or 17.


So, d'ya reckon that's boring? :rolleyes:

30th Jul 2001, 01:45
I don't mind what you're doing, if you don't mind what I'm doing. :cool:

Feeton Terrafirma
30th Jul 2001, 13:30
Hey Ed,

Bloody obvious now that it's pointed out. And I was worried that there were 2 lost souls out there ;)