View Full Version : Baghdad's 'underground cities'

21st Feb 2004, 15:26
Remember in the years leading up to the US invasion or Iraq we were treated to large articles in Time and Newsweek detailing the huge underground bunker systems "capable of withstanding nuclear attack" that Wst German companies had supposedly built under Baghdad?

Do these bunker systems exist? I've never heard any mention of them post war.

Or was Saddam's hideyhole an example of them?

21st Feb 2004, 15:56

Wrong forum to give more detail but just look up Yugoslavia's declared export of weapons and Bunker technology (Energo Project) to Iraq, and ask George Galloway which bunker he was crowing about in the Guardian when he visited Saddam for another sycophantic, grovelling session with his great Arab hero to "salute his courage, indefatigability" etc etc. He allegedly enjoyed a "thirty second lift" ride down into the bunker !

The bunkers are there.

26th Feb 2004, 14:41
So, the question remains: have they found them and are they as extensive and grand as Newsweek, Time (and George Galloway) reported them to be? And if so, why havenít they revealed them and what was (is?) in them to us, the public?

Or are they waiting for October 04 to do that?

26th Feb 2004, 16:10
If these huge bunkers and underground cities exist............why did Saddam hide in a 6 foot trench by a rickety old farmhouse?:confused: