View Full Version : Where did the number of posts go

13th Nov 2001, 14:30
Just noticed something missing from bottom left corner I know I didn't have much but it was all I had and I miss them already :confused: :eek: :( :mad:

13th Nov 2001, 16:28
I reckon those bloody penguins have swiped them, mate. After all, if they're going to take over the world, they'll need the numbers!

13th Nov 2001, 20:28
Just what have penguins go to do with it?! :confused: :confused: :confused:

14th Nov 2001, 03:33
Probably everything... ;)

compressor stall
14th Nov 2001, 11:23

I remember camped on a remote island off the Australian coast nursing a poor penguin for a day, then he left. He watched us sit around the campfire talking all night. After revelations in the Antarctic Aqautic thread, methinks that he was actually gathering intelligence data.

And AerBabe, isn't it the Hokey Pokey, or have I been singing it wrong all these years? :confused:

14th Nov 2001, 13:46
I too would like to know why the number of posts has been deleted...is this the insidious onset of some politically-correct agenda within the hitherto anarchistic realm of Pprune?

I hope not! Nor can I believe Danny would cave in to such pressure, no matter who brought them to bear.

So...why? (scratches head in bewilderment.) :(

14th Nov 2001, 14:08
Its got me worried, I dont have an indentity and now I've got no past!

Will our souls go next?? :(

14th Nov 2001, 17:11
its all an evil conspiricy :eek:
and i was getting close to my 1000 post :(

14th Nov 2001, 17:19
I guess Danny figures that the server is nowhere near busy enuf yet. So he moves the total posts info to yer profile, thus ensuring that everyone clicks more links in search of information ... thereby making the server busier (so that it won't have time to search for specific threads when we need to retrieve them).

Gotta admire the plan ... pure genius at work! ;) ;) ;) :p

14th Nov 2001, 20:18
Dunno what the Hokey Pokey is Stallie but I wouldn't mind finding out! ;)

Capt PPRuNe
14th Nov 2001, 21:12
Perhaps we need to recall our merry band of international detectives to examine the case of the missing number of posts! :eek:

As for those of you needing some form of identity now that the number of posts is not clearly visible why not dust off those wallets and fork out for a real identity. Personal Titles (http://www.pprune.org/go.php?go=/ptorder/ptorder.htm) are still available.

14th Nov 2001, 21:13

You have 982 posts; I checked your profile. :D

I, on the other hand, am just coming up to a mere 900. But I wanted everyone to know, and they won't now, unless I announce it.

Hmmmm, I see another totally irrelevant thread coming along soon. ;) ;)

14th Nov 2001, 23:56
I knew it was a conspiracy! :)

..so, how much to get our post numbers displayed?

[ 14 November 2001: Message edited by: sprocket ]

15th Nov 2001, 01:06
Don't cry Sprocket.
Have this one free ..... you've got 475 so far! :)

15th Nov 2001, 17:32
Cmon people get those wallets out, the moths could probably do with some exercise anyway and get your own PPRuNe thing.
OzExpat and I are starting to feel a bit conspicuous. :D :cool:

16th Nov 2001, 14:30
Looks like PPRuNe will reache another milestone today - just a handful of new members required to hit the 40,000 mark.

Biggles Flies Undone
16th Nov 2001, 14:48
All these Newbies eh PP? ;)

16th Nov 2001, 23:24

17th Nov 2001, 02:39
Okay, so this should be 2243 then.... :eek:

A bit tough on us PPRuNaholics.... :)

OOOPS, I mean EX PPRuNaholics :rolleyes: ;) :D