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The Invisible Man
21st Feb 2004, 02:51
Picture the scene......Mrs TIM came home full of the joys of spring.

You got a lover I asked.... Why you so happy?...

Because its spring she said, the flowers, the sunshine, the kids playing out. The start of a new year and warmer weather.

Love it she said.

Does this time of year affect you in anyway ???

Just as an add on....I planted 250 crocus and tulips bulbs last Autumn and they are all doing well and flowering beautifully:D

21st Feb 2004, 04:01
I planted a similar number of the same. They are under five feet of snow.

21st Feb 2004, 04:03
You can aktually see them?:confused:
Obviosly you haven't got the "Midas" touch

surely not
21st Feb 2004, 04:04
Warmer weather??? Where? It's been fecking freezing here today

21st Feb 2004, 04:10
Lots to be said for having a greenhouse :ok:

The Invisible Man
21st Feb 2004, 04:25
Lucky enough to have southish facing garden so plants and flowers benefit from most of days sunshine

21st Feb 2004, 04:37
If I had a south-facing garden, I'd grow lots of cucumbers and chillis (the long, thin SE Asian ones), chop them all up together with a little Sarson's vinegar, and YUM YUM!

The Invisible Man
21st Feb 2004, 04:50
I do have a greenhouse and have grown tomatoes and cucumber. Have to give most away. but good fun growing from seed. Tried a few exotic plants but they require to much TLC.

tony draper
21st Feb 2004, 04:54
One also loves the spring,it makes one wish one was fifty five again,lots of crocii up in me park and the Daffs look a few days short of entering the world,unfortunatly according to the weather girl with the kinky boots we is due a cold snap.
Nights have begun to open out as well which is also a good thing in my book.
Watching Linda Bellingham on the telly, she is still a good looking lady,one really fancied Linda before one discovered Lorraine, one still does one supposes, just shows you what spring can do to a chap.
Makes the juices rise it does.

The Invisible Man
21st Feb 2004, 05:30
Used to live darn sarf, and travel to see parents up norf.

In springtime was amazed to see the various degrees of springtime whilst travelling norf. Daffs are out here, probably been out for a week darn sarf, and nowhere near in the Highlands

Only about 1000 miles long our island but what a difference eh !

Ascend Charlie
21st Feb 2004, 05:38
On our island, it will be fortybloodyone degrees today, and that is celsius. Total fire bans and all that. Enjoy your cold weather while you can.

The Invisible Man
21st Feb 2004, 05:49
Why does that sound so nice (41C) , unless of course you are in it !!

21st Feb 2004, 06:36
It just shows that the other mans grass is always greener, errr, yellower, errrr, crispier.:D :D :D

21st Feb 2004, 08:26
Erm... reality check, it's feckin FEBRUARY!! It's cold enough justnow to freeze the bollox off a brass monkey! What the hell is all this about spring, come back in about a month and I may agree with you :rolleyes:

Onan the Clumsy
21st Feb 2004, 12:00
Lots to be said for having a greenhouse True, though it does of course reduce one's opportunity to throw stones.

21st Feb 2004, 15:09
Well...it was fortybloodyfourpointfiveC last weekend...which is, apparently, 112F....so I'm enjoying the cooler weather Adelaide has on offer this weekend.

Personally, I love Autumn best here in Oz...beautiful warm (not hot) days, and nights that thankfully drop below 30C.


Anthony Carn
21st Feb 2004, 15:28
This is a fabulous time of year in the UK.

OK, so it's cold some days, but the nights and mornings are rapidly becoming lighter. Buds are fit to burst. Some buds are bursting. Cherry trees flowering. Willow showing leaves. Rhododendrons with fat flower heads. Daffs and crocusesssesessses in flower. Birds sound more chirpy. Some gorgeous skies this time of year.

Optimism is everywhere ! [ if you look :rolleyes: ]

Luvvvvvvvitttt !!!! :D

surely not
21st Feb 2004, 16:41
If I remember correctly Crocii is the plural of crocus:D

21st Feb 2004, 16:52
It may still be fecking cold but the flowers and shoots are starting to appear but I think the main reason why Mrs. TIM and others are feeling brighter is that it is still light at 5.30 when work finishes.

I can now walk back home in daylight without the danger of falling in the navigation 'cos I can't see where I'm going.




No - I think I prefer the above as a plural - after all English is an evolving language and this is an appropriate mutation ;)

21st Feb 2004, 17:54
Spring has sprung
The grass has ris
I wonder where dem boidies is
Some say the boid is on the wing
But that's obsoid
Because the wing is on the boid.

With due recognition to whoever penned it...
Very like Spike Milligna, the well-known typing error, but apparently not his.

21st Feb 2004, 19:12
The grass has ris

Considering the context, what variety of grass is the author referring to here? ;)

Anthony Carn
21st Feb 2004, 20:12
......what variety of grass......
Surely, or surely not, you mean graii ? :suspect:

And, of course, next, the tuliii (tulii?) will appear.

When do the rosii flower ?


surely not
21st Feb 2004, 23:39
Now, now AC you are being silly now. I cannot help it if the plural of crocus is crocii , tis not my invention.

Anthony Carn
21st Feb 2004, 23:47
Sincere apologii, not. :p


surely not
21st Feb 2004, 23:52
Acceptii Mr. Carn.

It is still several degrees below the acceptable outside and I cannot understand any self respecting sauna wishing to appear.

22nd Feb 2004, 19:17
It's another gorgeous, but cold, day here, up north.

There's lots of lambs with their mums in the fields.......... peace has been broken with their constant baa-ing in the early mornings.

'Tis a truly wonderful time of the year.:D :ok:

The Invisible Man
23rd Feb 2004, 02:11
Been tootling down the Trent and Mersey on the barge with Mrs T.I.M over the weekend and saw two male ducks trying to roger a lonely femail, is that a sign of spring or just two filthy ducks???....had to avert Mrs T.I.M 's eyes just in case it gave her ideas!!!

Loads of sowdrops ( snowdropiis plural !! ) Daffs (dafiis!!) out all over the place.

Buds on nearly all trees, spring is indeed sprunging here! :D

23rd Feb 2004, 05:25
Last chance for a little pre-spring frolicking before the week...up and over we go....yipeeeeee!

(and this is the last time I shall call for order in the house, promise!)