View Full Version : PA28 through Stansted

23rd Apr 2001, 00:44
Well, i don't care what they say about stansted radar, they gave me and my little archer clearence today from Earls Colne to Panshanger.

A beautiful site watching a departing Buzz 146 and then a Go 737 climb and turn above me.

Thanks guys, especially as i was running late ;)


Capt Crash
23rd Apr 2001, 01:26
Wot....No "remain clear of controlled airspace and I will call you (sometime next year).

23rd Apr 2001, 01:59
Do you think they'd help me get my 747 diverted from Heathrow to Earls Colne occasionally? Save me that bloody journey round the M25 to Halstead!

ickle black box
23rd Apr 2001, 02:04
That may be strange here, but go to Florida, and it's the norm. I flew a Warrior into Jacksonville Intl, Tampa Intl, Daytona Intl and Orlando Sanford Intl. You are surrounded by airliners, follow then down the approach, land and clear the runway to have another one land afteryou. At Jacksonville, I was told "follow the aircraft ahead, down to the runway, beware of wake turbulence, remember it's a 767".

Oh, I almost forgot, No prior permission and No landing fees. Oh, and of course the free corporate hostpitality when you get there. :) :) :)


23rd Apr 2001, 03:52
As some one mentioned before in the US it is pretty easy to do things like that. I have never been to FL so I do not know how large those airports that ickle black box mentioned however I flew a 172 into LAX 4 times VFR, with no problem. The longest wait was about 5 minutes which seems pretty reasonable! But they always seem to forget you not once but twice when you tried to get your clearance, I think they had to get the manual out, and remember how to give a VFR clearance! :)