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29th Jul 2001, 02:30
Put the Jet Blast url




and read JB threads as they SHOULD be written! :D

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Gash Handlin
29th Jul 2001, 04:50
Absolute classic :D :D :D :D :D

apparently currently there are:

Currently "Bust-a-****" Gamahucheing The raunching Jerks: (25) THIS FORUM ONLY
Guest - There are 22 ballbusts (1 invisible) and 2 other ****lapps on the raunching ****s within the fisting last 10 ****s.

I'll be amazed to see how much of the above gets through the filter

And could someone please tell me what "Gamahucheing" means?

[edited coz apparently quite a lot and I don't want to get banned]

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29th Jul 2001, 05:03
Jesus H. Christ !!.
I have seen the light.

And it rhymes too.

henry crun
29th Jul 2001, 06:45
GH: I have seen the word spelt slightly differently and it meant a bj or a c**ks***er

29th Jul 2001, 07:07
Bloody sensational SLASH ;)

Where the Hell do you find this sh!t :D :D :D


Feeton Terrafirma
29th Jul 2001, 07:57
Slasher mate,
You obviously have time on your hands as well as something in them :D

Cyclic Hotline
29th Jul 2001, 08:54
Oh dear, that was all very upsetting.

I think I'll have to go and lie down now! :eek:

29th Jul 2001, 10:50
Omigawd, I thought I had just altered all of pprune! :eek:

Tricky Woo
29th Jul 2001, 13:09
I could hardly tell the difference.

Tricky "Bastard" Woo

pax domina
29th Jul 2001, 18:10
Mind, running the Tech Log through it yields some really incredible results. :D :D :D

30th Jul 2001, 07:25
Yeh Pax, and try runnin OCBs posts through it too! :D

30th Jul 2001, 10:55

Always a pleasure... thank you! ;)

tony draper
30th Jul 2001, 11:23
Heh,heh someone put a few threads from another forum I frequent thru that last year and posted it back. as you can imagine it caused the admin some grief. :eek: