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The Invisible Man
20th Feb 2004, 23:58
Being such a diverse population here in JB, I was wondering where and when you all took your holidays/ vacation.

I'm off from 2nd April till 12th April, in which time I will, along with others on two narrowboats, be tootling our way around what in canal terms is called the Cheshire Ring. It will take about 7 to 10 days depending on our hangovers and progress at a steady 3/4 mph. Some absolutely gorgeous scenery and believe it or not some very interesting people.

I was concidering hold a floating Mini Bash ( dont think its ever been done before....unless you know different). at various towns/ villages around the route. We are taking oodles of drink so all would be welcome.

So where are you guys going???


The Invisible Cat
21st Feb 2004, 00:01
While you are in Cheshire, will you come and visit me ?

21st Feb 2004, 00:08
Feel like a D-tour?

floating bash country (http://www.witteveen.nl/pontje/)

in case the cat decides to come along maybe I can recommend this place

bash site for TIM with TIC (http://www.niagaraparks.com/webcam/webcam.php)


21st Feb 2004, 00:21
TIC - you little slut, you! :*

Appetite slated, reverting to form, you'll climb onto anyone's lap. And don't blame me for stepping on your (invisible) tail. And wipe that :D off your face...phussy!

21st Feb 2004, 01:44
Regrettably, not Fortress America - until recently my favourite country for 50 years. But I've been down this road in a previous thread.

21st Feb 2004, 05:16
France again. This year Britanny (mmmm - oysters).

Self catering in a rented house - well in theory. In fact we shall eat out every day.

21st Feb 2004, 05:19
Caravanning, 2-3 days here and there, plus the odd week or so int' Farmers field..Stress Freeeeee

21st Feb 2004, 05:35
A week touring in Norway at Easter, I'm following the Norway thread with fascination cause I still haven't got my itinerary planned. Going over most likely to stay with a friend in Wales for short time in summer plus a few weekends in Ireland here & there studying rocks etc then off touring western US for September, & back to Germany at Xmas to experience their delightful Xmas markets.

You only live once as they say, don't ever want to be caught on my deathbed saying "if only I had". :\


21st Feb 2004, 05:46
I'll definitely be working then, but if I weren't, I might be tempted to visit Cheshire. Never been there so I don't know what I may be missing...

The Invisible Cat
21st Feb 2004, 05:53
Never been there so I don't know what I may be missing...
Invisible Puddycat !

21st Feb 2004, 19:08

I'm going "home". I've spent 10 1/2 of the past 12 months in a bloody hotel room, they've ranged from five star to flea pit.

Still, I'll have to remember to pay attention to the Policemen...

One week left...YIPPEE!!


21st Feb 2004, 20:34
Leaving 3/20 to spend a week at Key West, Fl. with friends. Beer, fishing, beer, snorkeling, beer, deep sea diving, beer, chasing beach bunnies, beer, repeat. :cool: :ok: :E

21st Feb 2004, 22:10
Spent 3 weeks in New Zealand in November last year - absolutely superb; stunning scenery and the Kiwis must be the friendliest people in the world. This year we'll be slumming it in a quiet part of Tenerife, eating, drinking and catching some rays.

22nd Feb 2004, 00:07
Matty has plans to go sailing round the med on a yacht with other half (and her parents)

Should be interesting to say the least.


Boss Raptor
22nd Feb 2004, 00:14
Cuba...3 weeks of sun at someone elses expense re-writing a 5 year old study on Sustainable Tourism...which I could have done from the office :ok:

Travelling around with my safari suit and clipboard...nerd heaven :rolleyes:

Anthony Carn
22nd Feb 2004, 00:34
We have to apply for our preferred weeks off about a year in advance. We apply for several blocks, indicating which has highest priority, then in descending order of priority. We're only allowed two weeks maximum per four months. Any unused weeks are lost for ever.

We are'nt told which of our preferences we've been given until closer to the date.

The dates given can be deleted at short notice.

Two consecutive weeks reduce our days off entitlement for that month. In addition, to add insult to injury, monthly flying and duty hour limits are not adjusted to account for the time on holiday. So you work yer @rse off for the rest of the month and lose days off.

There ya go.......try planning a holiday around that little lot. :mad:

It's called give and take --- we give, they take. :mad:

PS -- It's usual to end a working block on late finishes (2230 eg) and start a working block on early starts (0500 eg). This does wonders for the start and end of one's "holiday". :mad:

PPS -- :mad: :mad:

Shaggy Sheep Driver
22nd Feb 2004, 05:27
Cheshire Ring - luverly:) Best bit is Trent and Mersey, especially 'heartbreak hill', and the Macclesfield canal (Bosely Locks not too far from SSD abode).

Have you tried 3 counties ring? It's even better:ok:



22nd Feb 2004, 06:35

Now you see why I chose to work in IT & not in aviation :}


22nd Feb 2004, 08:42
Shall be in Detroit in July, shall be in Sweeden in June, shall be in Russia in May and Ireland in April, oh yeah I'll be in York next weekend, anyone fancy a yorkshire p!ss up? :}

Anthony Carn
22nd Feb 2004, 14:48
Now you see why I chose to work in IT & not in aviation
To be specific, my post demonstrates the stupidity of working for a bunch of selfish [email protected] Aviation is an excuse for them. They tell us they need holidays frozen to enable them to plan ahead, then they singularly fail to plan ahead anyway.

That's a good choice of career, Coconuts, for the safety, regular sleep pattern, decent meal breaks and going to the loo when your body wants to. Aviation sucks, despite what the wannabees think (sorry, dream) :ugh:

22nd Feb 2004, 21:41
Sorry Anthony to see you feel so let down by your choice of career :(

But to be fair I don't think it just applies to your job. I was offered a job in aviation in operations, nothing as lofty as being a pilot of course. Let me see with it's irregular shift hours, bang would have gone my night degree & anything else I needed to take up on a regular basis. With its weekend work gone would have been alot of my weekends & day trips away. Okay so I might have got reduced or free flights (hardly matters when flying in Europe now & not a good basis for taking up a job given the very limited number of long distance flights I take a year) on standby of course (even worse, how could I plan anything on that basis). I flew with the airline I was offered a job with to the US last year, had to ring them for something & the guy on the other end couldn't help pointing this out when I told him I'd been offered a job there to which I retorted "Would you be able to take a month off to go on holidays". You know the answer to that one. :rolleyes:

The rest you said about my job is true well barr the danger of tripping over the wires criss crossing the office someday. ;) IMHO ya work to live, not live to work. Never want it written on my epitaph "Here lies Coco who was a damned good worker, bless her, da companies mighty grateful, did **** all else with her life".

So don't feel it's only you mate & just remember there's more to life than work. Hope it works out better for you in the future & you can get a better balance in your life. :)



The Invisible Man
23rd Feb 2004, 02:11

Yep done three Counties, and the Avon ring, both brilliant. Be coming down Bosely Locks just before Easter if you want a drink or ten I'll pm you name of boat.

Do any of you guys get discounted travel and use it. I get discounted holidays with a well known company and I can't be mithered with all the hassel of check in, coach, hotel, etc etc.

I'd rather go boatin' :O