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Tom the Tenor
20th Feb 2004, 23:00
Hi, Guess this should really be in the Night Stop forum but there are so few postings there I am landing here for a little whille.

The Mum of She Who Must Be Obeyed was saying to us last night how much she would love to visit Norway. This was news to us so we checked the FR website and prices to Oslo Torp are good for later in the year.

What is Norway and Oslo like and is there fjord like scenery nearby to Oslo? The trip would be for just 3 to 4 days max.

Thanks! :)

20th Feb 2004, 23:28
Gotta see the crinkly bits, old slarti got an award. :p

20th Feb 2004, 23:50
Gotta see the crinkly bits ORAC that's no way to talk about Tom's mum!

21st Feb 2004, 00:10

Havent been to Oslo however I have been to Bergen and Fjord Norway.

The Fjord areas tend to be on the west coast.

I would advise you check the www.fjordnorway.com website out and also try Fjord Line website too.

An absolutely fantastic country/ scenery and people.

Jinkster :ok:

Flip Flop Flyer
21st Feb 2004, 05:05
You will find that Norway is blessed with some of the most spectacular scenery in the world; a highly developed society with excellent infrastructure. Norway is indeed one of the few, if not the only, country with no foreign debt. It is one of the richest countries in the world, and that fact will become obvious the moment you get there.

There is, however, a price to pay. And that is just that; the prices are not for the faint hearted. Don't expect to take 4 people out for dinner and spend anything less than 2000NOK, which is roughly 300EUR. That'll be at an average type restaurant mind you, nothing fancy. Alcohol is even more expensive .... A pint will set you back around 7EUR depending on the location. If you smoke, bring ciggies with you.

As Jinkster mentioned, the really deep and dramatic fjords are found on the west coast. Domestic airtravel will bring you almost anywhere, at a price, but remember that Norway is a rather large country. The Oslo Fjord is also an option, but I don't know if tour boats operate this time of year. Skiing is an option this time of year, and the nearest resort is very close to Oslo.

Whatever you do, bring loads and loads of money. Put it this way, regardless of how cheap you can get a ticket to Torp with Ryan or whatever, a week at the Seychelles is cheaper than a week in Oslo :hmm:

21st Feb 2004, 05:54
Gotta see the crinkly bits
Not referring to falps I hope Orac...:D :D :D

21st Feb 2004, 06:14
This thread has been perfectly timed. I'll flying into Haugesund at Easter, will be in Norway for just over a week. Can anyone who knows the country suggest the best itinerary to make the most out of my stay there, I'll be relying on public transport, totally unsure about it which makes it hard to plan an itinerary. I'm more interested in dramatic scenery, than spending loads of time in big cities, main reason why I'm flyng into fjords & not Oslo. Would appreciate some help.



21st Feb 2004, 09:39
Nice country Norway. Sounds bloody expensive.

So come on over here. We've got fiords, hundreds, and thousands of miles of coastline. Islands all over the place. Mountains galor, skiing is superb as is the flying. Most folks can speak reasonable English. Prices - compared to Europe are dead cheap - for anything. Ciggies for GBP 2.50, a pint for GBP 1.50. The seafood is ultra fresh, the salmon is superb, the steaks thick. Zoom.com, at this end is advertising flights to London for Can $ 199.00 return, that's about GBP 80 but your mileage may differ. Vancouver just voted one of the three best cities to live in the world. Temperate rainforest climate at sea level - flowers are blooming all over the place, grass is green. Not at all like Nova Scotia at the moment.

"Visit Supernatural British Columbia - We're cheap."

21st Feb 2004, 11:14
Oslo is a fantastic place, so much to do so little time, recommend just for the holy sh1t value that you go to the Holmenkollen, Oslo's ski jump. i had always watched it on TV and not until you get there and see just how STEEP the drop is do you realise just quite how crazy these people are that launch off the end of it!

I found Oslo to be one of the freindliest cities I have ever visited,
the people are truly great, very warm and welcoming.
Yes it is expensive, but well worth it. The Fjords are magnificent, if you can, take a 172 or other high wing light out for an hour or two sightseeing, it will blow your mind!


21st Feb 2004, 16:07
"Most folks can speak reasonable English".

Quelle fromage!! :}

21st Feb 2004, 17:20
"Visit Supernatural British Columbia - We're cheap."
Thanks for the offer & advice Rollingthunder but I did all that last year & much as I loved it I really would like to concentrate on this trip now ta. ;)

I was looking at the brochures the Norwegian & Haugesund Tourist offices sent me in bed this morning & to be honest with you I'm as confused as ever. I'll have to start now seriously making an effort at becoming unconfused.

This expensive biz is concerning me, wonder how one can do Norway without totally breaking the bank? :(


Tower Ranger
21st Feb 2004, 18:00
Went to Norway about ten years back , flew to Oslo and then took the train to Bergen. It was quite a long trip ( I may have had a drink) but some very dramatic scenery. Bergen is beautifull though one of the wettest parts of Europe. Yes it was very expensive to eat and drink but the people are extremely friendly and know how to party............

21st Feb 2004, 18:05
i had always watched it on TV and not until you get there and see just how STEEP the drop is do you realise just quite how crazy these people are that launch off the end of it!

Absolutely spot on DanAir. My sentiments exactly when I saw the thing!

Tom - Flaps is obviously the one to dispense wisdom about this fine country. The fact she hasn't responded yet leads me to assume she's whipping some SLF into shape at this present time.

Why not go to Hell??

It's a town near Trondheim....

CarltonBrowne the FO
22nd Feb 2004, 05:03
While you're exploring the fjords, don't forget to look for Slartibartfast's signature...

22nd Feb 2004, 22:59
Highly recommend seeing Flam, spectacular scenery abounds.
Train from Oslo-Bergen is excellent, change at Myrdal for Flam - you'll probably want to stopover if time permits. Then either boat/bus/train onto Bergen or back up to Myrdal and continue on mainline.

Try link for some ideas;

If using rail then check the Norway Railpass offers and do the sums - you might save a fair bit and it adds to flexibilty.

22nd Feb 2004, 23:47
Thanks for that link Smoketoomuch, reckon it will come in mighty useful.

Is it worth going up to northern Norway with such little time, if so, where?


23rd Feb 2004, 00:07
Coco - Depends how long you're staying I guess. Bodo is the place people head for, but its a long way. It's north of the Arctic circle which I suspect is its main attraction - it's a way of ticking off a 'to do' item.
I planned to visit but got distracted by the delights of Flam, Bergen etc and didn't make it. No regrets, and friends who have been didn't seem that impressed.
Stick to the fjords further south is my advice, its what Norway is for, and Flam is fjords at their best. Most of the pictures you see of fjords seem to be taken around Flam, and theres some good walking and cycling opportunities too.

Edited to add a bit more - must be pining :)

Charlie Foxtrot India
23rd Feb 2004, 00:16
Pining for the fjords? What kind of talk is that?

Tom the Tenor
23rd Feb 2004, 02:56
Thank you all for the fabulous replies. Much food for thought there. The idea of a Norway trip is kind of growing on us!

Thanks! Remember the Busy Bee F-27s? They were great too!

8th Mar 2004, 05:54
Hi, thanks everyone for their advice especially 'smoketoomuch'. I've only a month to go & I'm so bogged down in my job & getting my essays submitted for my degree I don't know if I'm coming & going. I've some guide books on Norway on order from the library but I'm so bogged down with study books I'll have to bribe them to allow me have more than my allowance, I'm over it as it is & I never buy books, never see the need to!

The result of this all is I'm as confused as ever. I desperately need the advice of someone who's knows Norway really well, like Flaps or someone hint hint.

My schedule is I'm arriving in on a Friday into Haugesund & flying out the following Sunday week so I've about a week to sample the delights of Norway. Could someone in the know please tell me what the perfect itinerary would be giving I'm most interested in beautiful, dramatic scenery rather than cities though I plan to spend some time in Bergen. Is it worth spending much time in Haugesund? Where besides Flam in the fjords is worth seeing, is it worth going as far north as Trondheim, I mean where do the fjords & all the dramatic scenery end. What about Voss & Balestrand? I'll be reliant on public transport BTW?

Would appreciate more advice. Ta!


P.S. Whoever put this as a sticky, thanks very much, that was mighty helpful & sweet of you :ok:

8th Mar 2004, 06:37
Coconuts, definately suggest Bergen as a stepping stone to visit both fjords and mountains. Both busses, trains and ships depart from here to various fjords on the west coast.

I kinda agree with the comment about Bodø, not much to see there around easter, the midnight sun season is far better and more beautiful. (Born and raised in Bodø)

You might try this link (http://www.bergen-guide.com/sightseeing.htm) for further info, friends from BC are raving about the "Norway in a nutshell" tour.

Welcome to Bergen!

And Tom the Tenor, FR is not flying to Oslo. They fly to Torp (ENTO) which is the airport at Sandefjord, still hours by coach to Oslo.

ATM specialist.

8th Mar 2004, 06:39
Tom, if your MIL has a bit of stamina, the Norway in a Nutshell (http://images.google.com/images?hl=no&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=Norway+in+a+nutshell) trip as linked to by Smoketoomuch is excellent!
Flåm (http://images.google.com/images?hl=no&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=Fl%C3%A5m) rail track breathtaking; in fact most of the country is so shockingly beautiful that it makes up for ... well never mind that now. ;)
Price levels are actually slowly coming down as we drift in direction EU, but what you should avoid like the plague are fancy looking restaurants. Always check out the prices on the menus posted outside every restaurant before going in. And if you can do without wine with your meals for a week, then do so. Far better to bring a few bottles of whatever you fancy from the tax free shop in the UK and have an aperitif/nightcap in your hotel room.

Coco, drop the north if you only have a week. Scenery around Bergen gorgeous, and I found walking up Prekestolen (http://images.google.com/images?q=Prekestolen&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=no) in Stavanger a lot of challenging fun.

SLF, I'm sure Mr ORAC wasn't. :p

8th Mar 2004, 06:53
Ta very much Flaps & ATMspecialist, blimey you're from Bergen mate, how well timed, welcome to PPRuNe :ok:

What I need to know also are the transport connections between Haugesund regular, like how late do they run in the evening, is it worth taking the coastal steamer up instead, could I overnight in Bergen on the Saturday & still be on time to get morning transport down to Haugesund for my early afternoon checkin on the Sunday. How far are Haugesund & Bergen apart, how long does the trip take?

Ta for your advice mates :D


8th Mar 2004, 07:14
Thanks, Coconuts.

There`s a fast ship service (catamaran) runs between Stavanger and Bergen a few times daily, travel time from Haugesund to here is about 3 hours. Can`t find a website for Flaggruten in English, but the timetable in English is here (http://www.hsd.no/templates/PageNews____2516.aspx). As you see, no early departures southbound on Sunday, I`m afraid. Ship docks smack in the middle of downtown both places.

Same company also runs busses twixt the two cities, `fraid I don`t see any early Sun departures there (http://www.nor-way.no/nbeweb/show.do?implId=179&url=ruter/t/400.htm) either. (Sorry that table is in my tongue, but I hope you can understand it). I would go by ship, they are quite big as you can see from the pix, and have all amenities. (Only busses I enjoy travelling on are built in Toulouse... :D)


11th Mar 2004, 02:04
For those who have a bit more time, check this out:


The ONLY complaint I have about Norway is the food in the dining spots. Excellent seafood, but little else. The meat dishes I have had were not very palatable.

Picky, picky, I know.

12th Mar 2004, 03:18

I got an email from the Haugesund Tourist office today. Should anyone else be interested in doing a similar trip they advise me firstly to take a bus from Haugesund bus station to Stavanger & then take a fjordcruise to Lysefjord which takes approx 3 hours.
Website for Stavanger is www.visitstavanger.com.

Like everyone here they advise me not to much further north than Bergen, between Stavanger & Bergen I'll find everything I need & transport between the two cities is easy.

They mentioned Avaldsnes on Karmoy, just south of Haugesund. It is best known as the royal residence of Harold Finehair & other kings from Norse sages. Located there are a reconstructed vikinghouse, etc etc. Some town called Skudeneshavn is supposed to be worth a see. www.karmoy.kommune.no, then click on touristinformation. It is easily accessible by bus from Haugesund. A daytrip to Rovaer Island, 25 mins by boat from Haugesund has been recommended. www.rovar.no

Still have to get more info about further north & where in the countryside I'll lay down my bags. I tend to plan my trips like a military operation to get the most out of them, this one is no exception :O


12th Mar 2004, 07:40
All the natural sights have been mentioned already so I'll add a man made one you ought to see if you get a chance. Try to visit a Stave church - wooden churches dating back to the twelfth century in some cases.


The prices are as spectacular as the scenery. Munch's "The Scream" was a self portrait after buying a round of drinks. :uhoh:

14th Mar 2004, 04:44
I'm been humming & hawing recently about changing my scheduled trip to Norway from Easter to early June. While I've been doing research for my holiday I've noticed a few things, some trips don't run that time of year, 'The Norway in a Nutshell' trip is curtailed, its suppoed to have a high altitude bus trip to Stalheimskleiva, but for safety reasons this doesn't even start till May, would I be missing out on much? Many places I'd planned to stay aren't open though I could seek alternatively more expensive arrangements. Although I'm used to holidaying in winter at slightly lower latitudes & its never bothered me since there was no snow or rain I'm a bit concerned also as what the weather will be like in Norway at this type of year, would I freeze all together or would June be a better time to vacation.

I see Ryanair have a fairly good deal if people want too change flight arrangements, their email came into my suppposedly spam free PPRuNe addy, saw it after I had to rummage through all the other spam [email protected] :mad:

Trouble is when I went on the FR site & entered my booking code & credit card details the damn thing didn't seem to work :rolleyes:

Should I stick with my original schedule or would I get more out of my holiday in June?

Thanking you


14th Mar 2004, 09:30
June would certainly not have any curtailed excursions or trips. Problem this time of year are roads closed for winter, nobody clears them.

And, wx would be far nicer too. But hey, we`re beautiful any time of the year.


14th Mar 2004, 11:46
ATM did you get the Private Message (PM) that I sent you cause you never responded?

I've emailed them in Flam today to get the low down. Whatever I decide I'll have to figure what on earths wrong with the FR site first :rolleyes:


14th Mar 2004, 12:00
Coconuts, sorry about that, just saw the PM.

I`ll get back to you soonest.


Edit to say: Response sent.