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20th Feb 2004, 19:57
On my tuna thread Lord Draper mentioned interesting hound food.

Now we have a small Houndinblack at home, and the aforementioned Houndinblack has a favourite snack.

Mind you Houndinblack also loves sweet potato and lime pickle with poppadoms but won't touch poppadoms without lime pickle.

20th Feb 2004, 20:11
Hound food thread.
"On my tuna thread""

Oh Lord have merci, don't tell me you have more of this shite??

Windy Militant
20th Feb 2004, 20:15
I thoght hound food was clapped out old nags, other hounds and on very rare occasions a bit of fox :rolleyes: ;)

20th Feb 2004, 20:21
I know a bloke who used to be a vet in the lake district and one evening when he had been too busy to shop, made a caserole for guests from a tin of his hounds food.
Went down well and nobody died (although some were a bit worried when they found out). He gave up vetting and started to study 'Tick Borne Lime disease'. I always think it sounds rather like a 50's british film

20th Feb 2004, 20:25
As if the hound food title was not enough, last reply was from someone "from: In the dog house"

I shudder to think what we will have next.


The Invisible Cat
20th Feb 2004, 22:13
peak a meeeeeaaaaaaoooooowwwww

Hissss !

20th Feb 2004, 22:23
OH NOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo.................

They're back! :{ :{ :{ :{ :mad:

20th Feb 2004, 22:36
I used to make dog food curry when I was a poor hard-up impecunious student. PAL was best as it had meaty chunks rather than Pedigree Chum :yuk:



20th Feb 2004, 23:02
This is sounding like Tricky Woo and Drapes.

Come on, IFTB, you must have owned a mouse that loved pilau rice or a cat that would only eat cabbage.........confess your pet's sins.

20th Feb 2004, 23:15
I did once own a turd eating macarel if that's what you are looking for?

Ascend Charlie
21st Feb 2004, 05:53
Speaking of which, in 1975 in a village in Irian Jaya, i had cause to use The Facilities, which were on the end of a pier, in a room with no roof.

The facilities were a hole in the floor, with a stencil of a foot on each side. Well, I did the deed, and watched with fascination as each Richard the Third hit the water, and was attacked by a school of fish. Might have been mackerel, but they were just 5hitty little fish to me.

On departing the room, I walked back along the pier to see a group of fishermen catching these fish to take home and eat!

Not sure what bait they were using....

21st Feb 2004, 05:55
Maybe you should have a closer look at the "finish the sentence" thread at the bit about the mackerels???? :yuk: :yuk:

21st Feb 2004, 08:21
Speaking of which, in 1975 in a village in Irian Jaya, i had cause to use The Facilities, which were on the end of a pier, in a room with no roof.

Ascend was that Sentani perchance?

Ascend Charlie
21st Feb 2004, 08:29
Don't recall the name, but it was near an oil rig run by the French. Served excellent fried frog's legs.

21st Feb 2004, 22:07
Oh the shame, I just caught Houndinblack begging for, and eating, pomegranate.

The damned creature is mad as a toaster. :O

21st Feb 2004, 23:28
My hound is particularly fond of nuts.

Almonds and Brazils being his favourite - cashews follow closely.

Vet'nary says they are also very good for him.

Before anybody asks - we only give him them with the shells OFF (he's good with a can-opener, but crap with nut-crackers).

Oh - also loves those Chinese Fortune Cookies (we take the paper out to see what will happen to him).

Having said that - reminds me - he likes most UK Potato Crisps and USA 'chips'. Sour Cream and Onion being a favourite, there.

22nd Feb 2004, 02:48
Ex's puppy used to live off curry and JD&coke, true batchelor's dog :rolleyes:

You did NOT want to be ANYWHERE near the wagging end after the hot stuff had worked it's way through. :uhoh: Not only was it foul, but he (the dog) seemed rather pleased of his party trick and insisted on wagging his tail and wafting the gas everywhere :*

Boyfriend wasn't much better. . .

22nd Feb 2004, 17:01
Judging from the timing of your last post, houndinblack should right now be on the point of depositing the pomegranate meal. Stand clear !!!!!!!!!!!! Pomegranate seeds go straight through the tubes and are liable to exit with some velocity. A bit like squeezing watermelon seeds or cherry stones.
Since there appear to be a number of dog lovers on this thread, surely someone must be able to shed some light on the mystery of the disappearance of dried white dog turds, a subject that was exercising the minds of many JB Pruners some months ago.

22nd Feb 2004, 20:01
I did hear that it has two factors.

1) less chalk filler in dog food, hence less white capability.
2) less dog's eggs left lying around by owners as these days they tend to clear up after their hound.

23rd Feb 2004, 01:22
My hound is particularly fond of nuts.

Yes, I bet he often licks them in public (lucky devil)