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29th Jul 2001, 01:59
Does anybody know of a hotel that I could use in New York between 1-4 Dec 01 for me and the doris, where we wont get done by the homies that isnt going to cost 200 squid a night, close to the attractions.

Also when does the Christmas lights get turned on? I have heard that they are something very special, and a way into a birds pants.

Any first hand experience of the lights, hotels and attractions would be most helpful.

thanks all

Monty :)

30th Jul 2001, 16:22

A hotel in New York for less than 200 a night? You must be joking???

Ok, it can be done, but only if you want something very basic. I stayed in a hotel called something like the Murray Hill Inn. I think it was on E. 34th St - it was somewhere around there, anyway. It was the cheapest hotel I could find with a private shower in the room.

The area is called Murray Hill, and according to the guide book "you could walk through Murray Hill without even noticing it, but unless you're visiting someone there you wouldn't really want to bother." That summed it up pretty nicely. But it was less than 5 min walk from Empire State Building, two different subway stations, two McDonalds, a Dominos Pizza and a Subway sandwich bar! I stayed there in Feb 2000, and back then they wanted $110/night+tax, but they are open to a bit of price-haggling. Prices may have gone up since then, of course.

You can find the phone number in the back of the Rough Guide To New York. I'd recommend the Rough Guide as an excellent guide book to show you around the city, as well as for finding hotels.

Sorry - don't know about the lights.

Have fun - it's a great city!


30th Jul 2001, 21:16
Lighting is scheduled for November 28th this year.


31st Jul 2001, 00:37
trolleydollylover, are you connected with the airline industry in any way? If so you should be able to get good discounts through your airline. If not let me see what I can do. My wife used to be in the travel and hotel business and still have some good contacts. But in any case, yes you can get good rooms in good hotels for way less than 200 pounds a night. I'll get back with you later. :) :)

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31st Jul 2001, 00:42



That should keep you busy for a while!!
We did 3 days in New York in the spring.Flights with Air Miles and hotel on the internet.We chose Hotel Pensylvania which is bang in the middle of everything with the Empire State Building just around the corner and Times Square a short walk.Our room was $100 per night through the internet.Trying to book an extra night whilst IN the hotel itself was $200 per night.What did we do??Went to an internet cafe and booked over the internet for....you've guessed $100 p.n.
Silly in't it??
Pensylvania is O.K.Stayed in better places.It is huge and they are revamping the rooms but its as good as it gets for $100 and all rooms are on suite.
Have a good trip yer lucky bastard.

:D :D :D