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20th Feb 2004, 18:07
I know that the subject of speeding comes up on a regular basis and of course, those of us who admit to speeding from time to time jump on the subject with gusto - equally, those who also speed but take a holier than thou also jump on the topic with equal gusto.

anyway. ... .. . something I have not seen mentioned is the way people seem to remove their brains when ever they become pedestrians in car parks. I saw a great example of this last evening. I arrive in car park and turn into an aisle prior to turning into space. Coming down this aisle towards me were a man and a women busily talking and it became obvious to me, that they were paying attention to nothing other than themselves. As I got closer, they still didnt react to the presence of my car coming towards them and so with them about 15 feet away, I stopped. They carried on walking and got to within a few inches of my front bumper before realising that they were about to collide with me, and jumping away. Of course, I was at fault in their eyes and was greeted to a few choice names even though I had been stationary for 4 or 5 seconds by then.

I have seen this type of behaviour on a regular basis, usually in car parks. What is it, do people get out of cars and suddenly decide to take no responsibility for their own safety?

Anthony Carn
20th Feb 2004, 18:17
Only car parks ?

Lucky you ! I meet them at work, at airports, on the aircraft, in shops and supermarkets, on the pavement, on the roads, living next door to me, on the telephone etc etc.......... :mad:

Zombies, thumbs up bums, brains in neutral.

I really am convinced that the UK "Government" is putting something in the water supply. :uhoh:

20th Feb 2004, 18:20
Picture this: When I was a p!$$ poor student I was piloting my elderly shed out of a road that I knew well. It was a tee junction leading from a quiet cul-de-sac onto a main road where you had to look both ways. You couldn't pull out too far into the main road owing to it being quite narrow (kerb hugging traffic). The presence of walls on either side meant that you really had to crane your neck in order to see if the road was clear. Anyway, this particular day, I was doing my ostrich routine. Having determined that there was no traffic coming from either direction I began to move out but I felt that something was wrong with the car and put the clutch back in.

There was a young couple walking accross the road in front of me! Where the f:mad: did they come from?!?

They called me all manner of things and I realised that if I had actually squished them, the plod would have fried me alive :{

NB. In Britain you are supposed to walk *behind* a car in such a situation but these two a:mad: :mad: s had wandered accross my path anyway.

20th Feb 2004, 18:34
This thread brings back memories, about a year ago I was sat in my car, having gone through town, down a narrow street, I was at the end, a T-Junction trying to pull out into a busier street. I'd been sat there a good 10 or 15 seconds waiting patiently to pull out when I noticed something in the corner of my eye and almost instantly heard the collistion. Some stupid tart, had just walked straight into the side of my car! Not the front wing or anything, but the back pax door! I'd been sat still for ages! She started a torrent of abuse in my direction, I was pretty shocked so didn't offer much back. I did realise how stupid she must've looked when I saw people on the other side of the road almost doubled up in laughter at her.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
20th Feb 2004, 18:41
NB. In Britain you are supposed to walk *behind* a car in such a situation but these two a s had wandered accross my path anyway.

Are you? I thought pedestrians on the footpath of a major road had priority over traffic emerging from a side road, just as cars on the major road have priority.

Might isn't right, though from the arrogance of some motorists towards pedestrians in these circumstances you'd be hard pushed to know it.:(


20th Feb 2004, 19:02
And idjits on bikes too.

Last night, sitting about 6 feet behind bus which was at pedesterian crossing on normal (not dual) carriageway. Bus starts to move, I drop clutch and slightly inch forward when in right hand peripheral vision, I notice movement and stop. It was a good job I did as flashing between bus and myself was prat on mountain bike with fruit bowl on head, going like the clappers across the road and down a side street. At the speed he was going he had commited himself to the space between me and the bus several seconds earlier and had I kept moving, a good outcome would be dented car and customised mountain bike (and I wonder if he had insurance ?). This was not some tearaway teenager, but a middle aged geezer in a suit who I am guessing had just come from the station.

Yep, something in the water - it cant be anything else !!!!!!!!!

Send Clowns
20th Feb 2004, 19:13
Cyclists are particularly stupid in Ringwood. I haven't seen a cycle light in the 8 months I've lived there. They often cut into the road in front of me.

The area outside where I live can be very dark, seeming more so as there are much better-lit areas around. Coming out of the well-lit house with my eyes unaccustomed to the gloom I have actually nearly walked into a cyclist who was wearing dark clothing and, oblivious, cycled off the pavement across the road I was crossing. I couldn't see him until the last minute or hear him due to backgound noise. How am I supposed to avoid f**kwits like that in my car. Yet it would shock people if I hit one then sued him.

20th Feb 2004, 19:19
Shaggy Sheep Driver, I am aware that pedestrians have right of way over cars at junctions but I was stationary and the eejits should have applied common sense (as I always do :O ) and gone around the back of my car. Only this might have been too much like hard work :hmm:

As I say, if I'd actually damaged them, I'd be looking at a ban. (and to some extent, rightly so :ugh: )

20th Feb 2004, 19:24
Realise I'm inflicting thread drift here, but the mention of cyclists raises my hackles.

Because the traffic is [email protected] in the City, various bicycle dispatch rider services sprang up a few years back.

These people are maniacs. They ride on the pavement, ignore all traffic-lights, regard pedestrian crossings as a sort of shooting gallery, think alleyways are a neat short cut and ignore one way street signs.

I nearly got pranged by one yesterday because I only looked one way on a one way street. The idiot was silently approaching me from behind going the wrong way up the street. What do I get? Foul abuse from the moron -- which was reciprocated BTW.

They also give 'proper' bike riders, of which there are few now after the congestion charge came in, an unfair reputation.

Tossers.:mad: :mad:

20th Feb 2004, 19:33
And we do nothing to stop them from breeding!!

20th Feb 2004, 19:41
I only looked one way on a one way street
But pedestrians could have been aproaching from either direction.
approaching me from behind going the wrong way up the street
That sounds like you were also going the wrong way:confused:

20th Feb 2004, 19:46
noisy - so the issue here is not brains but manners :)



20th Feb 2004, 20:02
No Whirly,

I must have been looking right when they came along from the left- I wouldn't have seen them unless I'd been looking in the right place at the right time. It really shook me up at the time that I had been about to become an article in the local paper.


(Although of course, I am infallible)

20th Feb 2004, 20:04
As a very keen cyclist I feel I must defend myself here. The one thing which gets on my nerves are cars who don't give way to me, I cycle down a busy main road on my way to work and have to turn right about half way down said road, this obviously means crossing from the inside of busy road to the outside where the lines are painted so I can wait for a chance to turn right. The problem is despite signaling for about 30 seconds before turning no [email protected] ever gives way to let me cross to the outside of the road! it would take about 3 seconds and then they can continue on past me but it seems nobody is ever willing to do so which means I end up getting off my bike and crossing the whole of the busy road. Another thing is motorists who turn left when I'm on the inside of the road and in lane to go straight on, yet they still think they can sneak round me and cut me up :* drives me fecking mad, It's only a matter of time before one swings round and knocks me off my bike. It appears it's not only padestrians and cyclists who are brain dead :p

P.S. I have to go and repair a puncture in me front tyre after riding over a bottle some teen yob smashed on the cycle path of all places :*

20th Feb 2004, 20:09
One of my mates used to be a dispatch rider angels, lived in a house full of dispatch riders who all made more in a year than most execs. Not one of them had insurance or road tax as they reckoned the police didn't have a hope in hell of catching them, would have been severely embarrassing to one of them if they had been caught.

They ride like maniacs because they can and because they get a lot of money for it. :ok:

20th Feb 2004, 20:20
I am a cyclist myself and to an extent agree with G-ALAN however I also get really mad about the crowds of serious cyclists who take to the roads around where I live at weekends, wearing lurid outfits and almost invariably riding 2 or 3 abreast holding up traffic. Oooo I am off on one now. About 3 weeks ago, I came across a heard of 5 or 6 of these animals going down a single track road. All but 1 of them pulled over and let me past (thanks you sensible riders), the other prat carried on down the centre of the road despite shouts from his buddies deliberatly holding up someone he didn't know from Adam.

Ooopps topic creep

20th Feb 2004, 20:43
Yintsinmerite you make the observation about pedestrians in carparks having their brains removed.I believe that it is everybody but myself was appears to be brainless or brain dead its all the same to me.

I find that having to drive into and park my motor in a carpark ie
Morrisons,Tesco places me in a potentialy dangerous enviroment.
People walk in front of you ,behind you and down the side of you all this whilst your car is moving.

Some drivers don't park their cars they abandon them.Half of them don't know how wide or how long their cars are.You can laugh till you cry just watching their attempts to park.Which is alright until they try parking next to you.

So all right it may be something in the water but for my peace of mind please get someone to remove what ever it is in case I get another dent in my bodywork.


Flying Lawyer
20th Feb 2004, 20:44
London cyclists! :mad: :E And it's not only the mountain-bike riders in London's conspicuously unmountainous terrain.

Setting off for work along the King's Road last year, I had to brake sharply to avoid hitting a cyclist riding in that 'urban terrorist' style which has become all too familiar in London - complete disregard for traffic lights, road signs, one-way streets, people on pedestrian crossings etc. I gave only the briefest 'parp' on the horn and the rather smart looking lady cyclist in her late-ish 40's who looked as though she lived locally and had been a Sloane Ranger in her younger days, treated me to a torrent of abuse which wouldn't have been out of place coming from Victoria Beckham. When I pointed out there were gentlemen present, she waved at me. I say 'waved', her hand didn't actually move. It was stationary, palm towards her with the middle finger extended upwards. I suppose it's possible she was apologising?

Going back to the point Yintsinmerite raised, I admit I suffer from 'double standards syndrome.' I find pedestrians inconsiderate when I'm driving and drivers inconsiderate when I'm walking.

BTW, have you noticed hardly anyone waves an apology on the roads these days? - in the UK anyway. It costs nothing and immediately calms tempers. I can honestly say I'm not guilty of that. If I inadvertently cut someone up, I always make a point of apologising. If I planned it, my apology is even more profuse.

Send Clowns
20th Feb 2004, 20:55
Where would you have stood legally had you hit her, FL? Could you have won had you sued her for damage to the car and for distress, given adequate support from witnesses? If I hit someone in the circumstances I would want to sue, if only because these people are pushing up our car insurance costs and so costing us all money.

20th Feb 2004, 21:04
Morons are morons regardless of their transport weapon of choice.

I'm off across the river to see if Mr. Vickers will sell me one of his shiny Challenger II's. Then we'll see who wants to get in the way!:}

Only last month I had an opportunity to deplete the moron gene pool slightly, but failed.

Wanting to pull into a car parking space at a motorway service station, I had to wait until the woman stood in the centre of the unoccupied space I had chosen decided to actually look around her. When she finally did so after about 10 seconds, she politely moved aside to let me in with a little 'sorry' wave. As I pulled into the space next to her badly parked Saab, the back door flew open and moron child proceeded to disembark.

Fortunately (or not, depending on your point of view), I always manoeuvre into spots like that with one foot partially releasing the clutch and the other providing little dabs of power or brake to keep it smooth and controlled. Lucky for moron minor I had my right foot over the brake pedal at that second and stopped as soon as the door flung open.

The door only just missed the fornt of my car, and if moron minor had been any further out of the car, he would have been damn close to getting his leg broke.

Sometimes you just have to despair.:rolleyes:

Windy Militant
20th Feb 2004, 21:13
Hmm I see an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone here. To sort out the Pedalisto's we pay the unlicenced uninsured illeagal immigrants to run them down. No insurance so they can't claim so no rise in premiums and we get something instead of just paying benifits for nothing, Coushty!

Right lets see Nomex overalls, tin hat, flakjacket. Where the
bl:mad: dy hell have the ceramic plates gone. ;)

20th Feb 2004, 21:19
Fecking joggers at night or in the morning 'fore sun up who insist on trying to blend into the night by wearing black. Everything black. Black leggings, black shirt, black hat, you name it. They jog on the road prefering it to the pavement for some fecking reason. Many a times I have had the pleasure of near missing the blighters.


20th Feb 2004, 21:40
Flying Lawyer's double standards are SO representative.:O

Having said that, at any intersection in Oz pedestrians have right of way over turning traffic. The Book says nothing about light-controlled intersections being different. Nothing about intersections where the peds have "Walk" and "Don't Walk" signs.

So here you are waiting to turn left, waiting for the feckin peds to clear, but they don't. They keep walking, even start walking, when the sign says "DON'T F U C K I N WALK"

Then your light goes red.


And stupid kids on unlit bikes at night, riding on an unlit road at night and you want to turn.

Contribute to Darwin's theory. Run 'em down, I say, but only if your light's green. Else it'd be against the law!


20th Feb 2004, 22:31
under_exposed -- think you've missed something here. I was walking UP a one-way street (on the pavement), that is, against the traffic flow. The moron was cycling along the road in this one-way street going against the traffic flow.

I stepped into the road to cross, having observed zero vehicular or cyclistic traffic in front of me, IE travelling in the correct direction on this aforementioned one-way street.

I repeat. The moron was going against the traffic-flow on a one-way street.

I had just entered the street without other pedestrians behind me. I was able to observe other pedestrians on the other side of the street.

Come up to the Smoke and see how narrow some of the streets are, that's why they're one-way -- except for cyclist dispatch riders.


chaffers - the motor-cyclist dispatch rider (which I assume you're talking about since you talk of tax, insurance etc) is not very common nowadays, the morons having taken over because they're cheaper.

20th Feb 2004, 22:45
Angels, my mistake I assumed you were driving.
Please accept my apologies.

Flying Lawyer
20th Feb 2004, 23:11
In theory, you can sue a negligent cyclist for the cost of repairing damage to your car. In practice it's probably not worth the hassle unless a lot of damage is caused - and even that assumes (a) they haven't quickly disappeared off into the traffic/over the pavement/ the wrong way down a one-way street etc which is highly likely in London and (b) if they do stop, they're prepared to provide their name and address.

There's been a curious but definite change in recent years. I used to ride a bike at university and always assumed (without looking it up) that I had to comply with traffic signs - I've probably still got the little red triangle RoSPA badge I got when I was about 10 in the back of some drawer. (Anyone else remember the 'Cycling Proficiency Test'?)
Maybe I was wrong - I still haven't looked it up - but these days, I'd say about 90% of London cyclists seem to think red lights don't apply to them and even more ignore pedestrian crossings, some even weaving between pedestrians already crossing.
I appreciate drivers are generally not sufficiently conscious of people on two wheels (I ride a motorbike in the Summer, and it can be hairy) but the majority of London cyclists are an irritating, inconsiderate and often dangerous menace.
City types are no better than the urban terrorist dispatch riders as far as red lights are concerned. The only real difference is that they pay a little more regard to one-way streets - and are less likely to hit you if you dare to complain about having to jump out of their way.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
20th Feb 2004, 23:17
If I inadvertently cut someone up, I always make a point of apologising. If I planned it, my apology is even more profuse.

Like the BMW driver who forced his way into the lane I was in; there was about a car's length between front of my car and the back of the one in front (slow moving traffic). Mr BM went for that gap, I had to brake to avoid running into him, then he looked in his mirror and waved a 'thank you'. A couple of hundred yards further on he was back in the lane to my left, and as I drew level with him I lowered my passenger window, stopped for a moment beside his open drivers window, and said calmly "I didn't let you in back there; typical of BMW drivers you forced your way in". Window up, and away. It won't stop him doing it again but it made me feel better:ok:


20th Feb 2004, 23:27
It probably gave him a good laugh as well. You gotta do a better one-liner than that. :rolleyes:

20th Feb 2004, 23:43
Well it's friday evening folks, remember to be kind to Pizza delivery boys; they have a crappy underpaid job and they get to ride the prince of motorcycles, the Honda Cub.

Onan the Clumsy
20th Feb 2004, 23:51
approaching me from behind going the wrong way up the street That sounds like you were appearing in a low budget gay porno movie :ok:

FL yes I remember (and passed) the cycling proficiency test.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
21st Feb 2004, 00:51
Bronx said:

It probably gave him a good laugh as well. You gotta do a better one-liner than that.

Bronx, the object was just to tell him, calmly and politely, that I was aware what he was doing and I wasn't impressed. Delivering a smart one-liner would just have wound him up so he might have felt the need to catch me up and retaliate. That way lies road rage. I'd rather not go there.


21st Feb 2004, 01:05
It probably gave him a good laugh as well. You gotta do a better one-liner than that.

I always rate the slow sarcastic clapping of hands for people who carve me up.

21st Feb 2004, 01:10
Brains removed in car parks I thought this was an advert of some kind.............:ooh:

21st Feb 2004, 02:17
I see so many people without handicapped stickers parking in handicapped spaces in parking lots. Is it a mental handicap perhaps? I usually let down two tyres of said people.

surely not
21st Feb 2004, 02:40
Once you've avoided the dumb pedestrians you have to contend with the incompetant parking of the 4x4, Volvo and BMW brigade:mad: :mad:

Don't marked parking spaces apply to these tw#ts? Why do they park at angles taking up two spaces, or only halfway in the space, or both of these? Can't they see out of their fecking windows? Don't they feel embarrassed at their incompetant parking?

Before anyone says they parked that way because someone else did so first I have seen enough of these buffoons parking to know that this isn't always the case.

Thank you for listening, I shall now go and have a calming drink before continuing with a rant about the numbskull cyclists who haven't figured out how to attach lights to their bikes at night.

21st Feb 2004, 03:54
Why is it that after parking in a virtually deserted car park, the next driver parks right next to you, and usually so close that there's hardly room to open the car doors? Especially inconsiderate at this time of year, when cars are inevitably covered in road grime, and it's almost impossible to avoid brushing against them. :(

Like others, I've also got one of those cycling proficiency badges, tucked away somewhere. :p

21st Feb 2004, 05:15
According to "Europeland", if you clobber a cyclist, at night, with no lights, riding on the pavement, and crossing the road in front of you, guess what? yep, it's YOUR faoult ...WHY??:confused:

21st Feb 2004, 05:23

It's only a matter of time before one swings round and knocks me off my bike.

For my part, I do try to be courteous to all road users, cyclists included, even one idiot who owes me his life. I met him when I was on the one-way on-ramp to the motorway, from which cyclists are forbidden. He was exiting the motorway against the joining traffic (How did he ever get there? Best not to ask) with his head between his knees and his *rs* in the regulation elevated position and was pedalling like mad. His eyes were focused on his toes, I imagine. I stopped. He lived.

If as you acknowledge it is only a matter of time before one swings round and knocks you off your bike, why do you continue to ride your bike there? Is it to prove a point? I do not for a moment dispute your right to ride your bike there; just the sanity.
G-ALAN vs Two Tons of Steel.

Day by day I see young mothers ride bicycles with a trailer attached some six inches above road level. In the trailer is a baby. What is between the ears of these mothers?

surely not
21st Feb 2004, 05:25
sorry Chiglet, why is this the dault of Euroland and not our own Parliament?

21st Feb 2004, 07:41
Shaggy Sheep Driver

Sorry. I misunderstood your object.
I didn't realise your 'typical of BMW drivers' remark was meant "politely".


21st Feb 2004, 17:09
Going back to the carparks......

T*****s who leave their shopping trollys in parking spaces. Gets me every time:mad:

21st Feb 2004, 18:13
Under exposed

Angels, my mistake I assumed you were driving.

Thanks, and please accept my aopologies for being miffed, I'd just learnt I was working the Saturday shift and was not a happy bunny!

Onan - OMG, I see what you mean. Off to see the Freudian shrink.

21st Feb 2004, 18:29
I do appreciate courteous drivers, believe it or not I find bus drivers are the most courteous towards me, probably because they can sympathise but it's the brain dead van drivers I find are the worst (apologies to any van drivers, I don't mean to generalise :p ) I do understand there are cyclists who are also devoid of a brain cell or two, it makes me cringe when I see them hammering through red lights at junctions and weaving all over the road, some of them probably deserve to be run over and what that guy was doing on the motorway is anyones guess.

It's not at one perticular spot that I find drivers cutting me up, it's generally when they're turning left and I'm on the inside but still in the proper lane to go straight on, I've learned to overcome this by moving into the middle of the lane before the turn so they can't pass, it seems to work pretty well. The bike is my only mode of transport to and from work at the moment (I'm not paying 10 a week on train fares, and the bus is even more expensive!) I take a bit of a de-tour now to avoid busy roads, it adds about 5 mins to my journey but it takes me along the side of the river and through a beautiful park and as mentioned it avoids the busiest of the roads. I don't understand either why people carry kids on bikes! It's completley insane and makes me quite angry when I see them.

21st Feb 2004, 19:56
Sounds to me that the problem here is that there are too many rules and regulations and not enough common sense and courtesy.

Think of your average supermarket. Lots of people pushing trolleys about the place. More or less hurried. No right or wrong side of the aisle. Parking all over the place. No mirrors. No turn signals. No traffic lights. No speed limits.

Yet everyone manages to reach the toll booths in reasonable order. Could it have something to do with the fact that everyone drives the same trolleys and are equally vulnerable? Or that cyclists are extremely rare?! :)

23rd Feb 2004, 02:27
Phnufflet and I have just come back from Amsterdam and I can tell you, Schipol Airport on a sunday lunchtime is full of people with removed brains. Some just because they are ignorant slobs who have never had brains, and some because they have spent much of the previous 24hrs traying hard to disconnect parts of their brains with various stimulants - hell, its like the night of the living dead. Zombies marching together on a mission to find the Easy Jet gates.

23rd Feb 2004, 02:43
Funniest thing I ever saw reference our "car-park" no-brainers walking in front of cars was with a friend of mine who had a very powerful car, with a very loud turbo and dump valve. Damn thing sounded like a jet taking off.

One day there were 3 "chavs" just wandering along getting in the way, and had no intention of moving and oblivious to all. Matey engages clutch, takes car out of gear, rolls up behind them head lights and spotties on full and floors it. The little [email protected] shat themselves. Great stuff.

23rd Feb 2004, 22:35
Speaking as a self-confessed Volvo driver (who often wonders at the miraculous invisibility granted to his car by bronze paintwork judging by the gits who appear not to see me on an almost daily basis), car park rage has been neatly removed from my life by the simple expedient of parking in the middle of two spaces far away from the doors of the supermarket - there's never anybody parked an inch away from me on my return, and I've stopped picking up scratches in the paintwork.

There are similar tactics for dealing with the insaner breed of driver intent on cutting me up or overtaking at high speed on a blind bend etc. - just let them do it. I've developed quite a sixth sense for idiotic behaviour and often just back off a little bit if I suspect an imminent cut-up or madman on my tail. Hey presto less stress and less chance of violent death.

It ain't rocket science, and it may not be macho but it works.

24th Feb 2004, 00:10
""often just back off a little bit if I suspect an imminent cut-up or madman on my tail. Hey presto less stress and less chance of violent death.
It ain't rocket science, and it may not be macho but it works""

I agree 100 percent with you.
It takes a bit of practice and, like trying to stop smoking, not every day is successfull, but a true statement it is.

But it was not the contents of the thread.
I too do wonder sometimes what people have done with their brains when you see their behaviour (in car parks).

24th Feb 2004, 00:12
While I like your idea of parking away from everybody DB, I have seen this done before, and some smart-ass go and park right next to them out of sheer badness. Sometimes you can't win ;).

Shaggy Sheep Driver
24th Feb 2004, 00:29
Another thing is motorists who turn left when I'm on the inside of the road and in lane to go straight on, yet they still think they can sneak round me and cut me up drives me fecking mad, It's only a matter of time before one swings round and knocks me off my bike. It appears it's not only padestrians and cyclists who are brain dead

This used to happen to me a lot when I used to cycle to work. I remember one silly woman overtook me then turned immediate left into the supermarket car park. The only place for me to go (other than under her car) was an even sharper left turn into the same supermarket car park where we had an 'exchange of views' The sad thing is I really don't think she knew she'd done anything wrong. Brain dead cyclists and pedestrians tend to get themselves killed. Brain dead motorists like her tend to kill other people:(

I have to go and repair a puncture in me front tyre after riding over a bottle some teen yob smashed on the cycle path of all places

And folks wonder why cyclists sometimes avoid cycle lanes and ride on the road. As long as you don't ride in the gutter, the road surface is generally free of such obstacles. Cycle lanes seem to attract broken bottles.


Flying Lawyer
24th Feb 2004, 00:38

What a very interesting post. I thought your story about taking up two spaces was very funny, and then .....
Thinks. :hmm:
Doesn't just park away from everybody else, but takes up two spaces?
+ a Volvo driver?
:uhoh: He's serious!

Ever wondered why Volvo drivers have a certain reputation?
Or why those who mention they drive a Volvo tend, like you, to "confess" that they do?

One of the motorcycle mags years ago had a strip cartoon series about a driver from 'The planet 'Ovlov.' Motorcyclists tend to think they're more at risk from one particular make than any other single make on the road, and the theme was the driver didn't care about anyone else as long as he was alright. ;)

Still, well done for being bold enough to admit what you drive. :D

24th Feb 2004, 00:54
Flying Lawyer - ;) - think of it as the car parking equivalent of checking how much fuel's in your aircraft by both reading the gauge and dipping the tank.

Otherwise as Jerricho suggest some git will try and park next to you even when you're 500 meters away from any other car... however a dramatic diagonal sweep into two spaces pretty much precludes that possibility.

Doesn't work in really busy carparks like (shudder) Ikea but you save so much stress doing things this way you've got excess capacity for dealing with the less common horrors.

Edit - always thought bikers were more at risk from Volvos purely cos Volvos tend to crumple less when hit by mad bikers attempting to convert energy into bone fractures, thereby multiplying said bone fractures beyond mere badges of courage and well into screamingly agonised death.

simon brown
25th Feb 2004, 22:19
Why is it everyone pigeon holes themselves acording to the situation. When we are in our cars we are all motorists, when we are on foot we are all pedestrians, when we cycle we are cyclists.

People are just stupid whatever activity they are engaged in

When I get into my car all pedestrians and cyclists are B*****ds

When I'm on foot, all motorists and cyclists are B*****ds

When I'm cycling all motorists and pedestrians are B*****ds

When I'm in a bad mood, everyones a B*****d

Flying Lawyer
25th Feb 2004, 22:29
simon b
It's a condition called 'human nature'.

In the case of many 'dispatch rider' bikers what you say is probably fair comment, but it doesn't apply to the rest of us.

However, you missed (or dodged ;) ) my main questions:

Ever wondered why Volvo drivers have a certain reputation?
Or why those who mention they drive a Volvo tend, like you, to "confess" that they do?

Why do you think?

simon brown
25th Feb 2004, 22:55
We can extend this arguement to the Petrol station forecourt.

You can always spot a F***witt, when there is a line of 3 vacant pumps, F***witt with 2 vehicles behind always stops at the first. He is filling up with unleaded which is availiable on all the pumps. Due to the conjestion you now form a large queue that could be avoided if F***witt had had a bit of common sense and moved forward to the furthest one.

A pump becomes availible on the other side, so instead of taking it I go past and reverse tight infront of F***witt to the pump in front.

F***witt tells me he cant get out, as the queue hes responsible for has moved up behind him. I tell him he could have done if he'd exercised a little common sense hed have been first in to the first pump and first out. And besides by me being in front of him someone else can use the one on the other side.

It wasnt my intention, but I then find myself hosing 45 petrol into my car in a leisurely fashion and then decide in a lengthly fashion what chocolate bar I should have, before allowing a couple of pensioners to pay for their petrol in 10 p pieces infront if me in the queue.

F***witt has learned an object lesson in common sense.

25th Feb 2004, 23:21
How about this for brains in a car park?

In the summer, I took myself and my Triumph Bonneville to a country show. Motorbikes were all asked to park in a particular spot under some trees where some temporary hard standing had been arranged - the rest of the car park being grass.

After going around the show, I returned to my bike to find a family having a picnic immediately behind it. And I mean immediately behind - like inches.

I suggested that they move since when I start the engine there would some exhaust fumes all over their luvverly picnic. I was told to f:mad: k off, they're weren't going to f:mad: king move and that I should push it out of the way.

So, I said, "OK, certainly, my good man, not a problem if you wish to have a picnic in the motorcycle park" whilst putting on my crash helmet. I sat on the bike and made to push it away but started it instead and rode off like a bat out of hell.

I think they were a few vouchers short of a pop-up toaster ;)



child of the village
25th Feb 2004, 23:58

You are right about the driver of a motorised vehicle to be responsible for all damages.. Sounds ridiculous but unfortunately it's true.. I have been on the receiving end of that one..

Even worse is the fact that here in the Netherlands, if one goes thru a GREEN light in a traffic junction and some bassard runs a RED light coming from the right, and despite all measures taken the two of you collide... The person that has run the red light gets finned for breaking the law, BUT you (your insurance) is responsible for all damages as you where supposed to yield for traffic coming from the right... :mad:

Flying Lawyer, anything like that in the law on the island?:confused:

26th Feb 2004, 01:19
I've just thought of another F*ckwit example.

As an occasional visitor to Santa Pod, the drag strip, one often gets to see a display of the ultra f*uckwit and their comeuppance . Santa Pod has an occasional visit from jet cars - basically, a couple of pram wheels attached to a chassis with an hefty great jet stuck on top. Santa Pod, has an area called the shed immediatly behind the start area. When jet cars appear, everyone is warned to 'leave the shed because it is gonna get a bit nasty in there'. Most do, and all that are left are the f*ckwit delegates who stand proudly looking at the car . .. until it starts up, throwing clouds of white smoke at them followed by a few practice afterburns. After that, nobody stays, and those who didnt heed the warning are generally choking so much, they miss the run anyway.

I love watching that show !!