View Full Version : Good on the Irish

20th Feb 2004, 10:02
So the Irish have decided to save their precious lungs while destroying their livers. Nothing like a pint with ciggie...........stupid legislators haven't they got more pressing matters to deal with? Fark!

Ireland will introduce a tobacco ban on March 29, making it the first country in Europe to outlaw smoking in pubs, bars and restaurants.

Those who defy the ban will be liable to a fine of up to 3000 ($5500).

Health Minister Micheal Martin said: "I am pleased that the way is now clear to enforce this important legislation, which has the overwhelming support of the majority of people in Ireland.

"There can be no dispute over the damaging effect of tobacco and second-hand smoke. The speculation and debate are over."

20th Feb 2004, 15:51
Well New York did it so obviously we had to. have to say im really looking forward to seeing it being enforced in the pubs

Ascend Charlie
20th Feb 2004, 15:56
We've had it in Oz for some time, and it is wonderful - we can go to a pub and come home without our clothes and hair stinking of cigarette smoke.

You will enjoy it - assuming you are not a (bleccchhh!) smoker.:yuk:

20th Feb 2004, 16:01
Definitely not a smoker, id say the pints will taste alot better without the fumes

20th Feb 2004, 18:52
No debate? I've never heard of a conclusive link between passive smoking and cancer et al (many studies have juggled the figures to show a higher relative risk) but I have heard of many studies which find no link whatsoever.

I wonder whether Irish pubs will empty in the same way that the New York ones apparently have, as I recall they report that business has been half what is was before the ban.

There are several pubs around here which ban smoking, and do very well out of it too. Very much the exception that proofs the rule though I think you'll find.