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20th Feb 2004, 08:21

The Invisible Man seems to be a bit paranoid tonight.
He believes PPRuners are encroaching on his privacy when all he wants is to be left alone.

But what if he suddenly desired to be the noticed.
What should he do or indeed what would any of you do to be the
centre of attention?

The Invisible Cat
20th Feb 2004, 08:27
Eat live mice on the persian carpet

The Invisible Man
20th Feb 2004, 08:38

I just wanted a bit of peace and quiet today and a little solitude. The buggas wouldn't leave me alone all day no matter what I said or did........ and then from nowhere.......along comes a friggin cat.

I'm not paranoid, I dont want attention, I just wanted to be left alone.


The Invisible Cat
20th Feb 2004, 08:42
Not even a pussy purring on your lap ? :D

The Invisible Man
20th Feb 2004, 08:46
Mods help....

This is severe stalking, and what this about a pussy on my lap. !!!:\

20th Feb 2004, 08:48
I'm sorry Mr Invisible Man that you still want to be left alone but this thread is about being noticed.
So kindly go back into your corner and be quiet.


The Invisible Man
20th Feb 2004, 08:51
Sorry ILS32 or should I say mum ( Mornington Crescent )

nite nite :zzz:

20th Feb 2004, 09:05
Oh Invisible Man you've made your Mother so happy.
As you well know its along time since i've seen you.
So good night and god bless.

The Invisible Man
20th Feb 2004, 09:16
Have you seen or heard from that Bast**d of a dad of mine ( Lukeab1) his maintenance for me must be due.

( I hope they dont employ psychiatrists (sp??) at Pprune.... we could all be sectioned for being barkin mad...... but it makes me larf and larf !!!):D

The Invisible Cat
20th Feb 2004, 09:43
They do employ Invisible Psychiatrists who pretend to be cats ...

20th Feb 2004, 17:55
Yes TIM I have heard from your father and he is well.
He asked about you and hopes you are well.You well be pleased to hear that he has now finished his degree course at Oxford.

He is now a fully qualified psychiatrist.Isn't that wonderful news.
You would not believe this but he is specialising in treating invisible cats who have psychiatric problems.

Must end this now as I can hear a cat in the kitchen.I cann't see it so I will have to look for it.

xxx Mother

Jerrichos MIL
20th Feb 2004, 18:03
Te pretend being someone's mother when you are obviously some kind of dodgy mechanical thingie having to do with airplanes, is proof of a severe personailty disorder.
Where is that head shrink then?

Some people do take their motherly responsibilities more serious than others. :*

20th Feb 2004, 19:55
How dare you Sir!

Once again the fact that I am the mother of TIM has been brought into question.Its so hurtful some of the things that have been said about me.You do not realise the scimping and scraping that I have had to contend with to get my TIM into the position he is now where everyone looks upto him.The hardships that I have had to endure you would not believe.

My reputation has once again been impugned. If only I had sufficient money to take you to court.I would make you suffer the false accuser that you are.I cann't continue writing as the light is fading,so I shall lie on my bed and cry myself to sleep.

Freda Proot(Mrs)

20th Feb 2004, 20:06
Stand in the middle of any busy city on a saturday afternoon with yer k**b hanging out of your trousers.

(mind you, probably would'nt work for me)

tony draper
20th Feb 2004, 20:14
One wonders why you carry a kerb round in your trousers TC?


20th Feb 2004, 21:26
Oh thanks Mr D, :ok:

My english speling is a bit poore, so I thought it was a krab, which might be quite dangereous.

Or maybe not :}