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Arm out the window
12th Nov 2001, 03:42
I went to the hardware store the other day because I needed some garden hoses and connections (it's been very dry here recently).

There was a good range of products such as Nylex and Gardenmate, but I ended up electing to go for the Pope fittings because of their reported reliability.

The liberal use of these handy products will save me a good deal of labour in the garden, I conservatively estimate.

12th Nov 2001, 03:46
Shouldn't garden hose fittings be Baptist? :D

12th Nov 2001, 05:57
Dunno about hose fittings, but my car is equipped with a Catholic converter. :D

12th Nov 2001, 12:27
I've got some very cheap hose fittings for the taking. Managed to flush a cranky 'red bellied black' outa' my garden whilst watering last night. :eek:
Had to use the 'pope' to keep the mongrel thing occupied while making a Liberal swing to the verandah! :( :D

henry crun
12th Nov 2001, 13:03
Am I right in assuming a 'red bellied black' is one of those nasty venomous spider thingies. :)

12th Nov 2001, 14:11
No, think you will find he means a nasty venomous snake thingey...... ;)

The nasty venomous spider thingey would be a red back........ :)

You realise that this thread is against all the rules, it is BOTH political AND religious.... :eek: :rolleyes: ;) :D

12th Nov 2001, 14:56
Thats right lame, I hope the characters in the "Tower" don't get too hosed off about it.

Pigboat: ..Catholic converter, I like it. :D

12th Nov 2001, 21:31
I bought a "Cohen" hose and the nozzle came off and won't go back on... ;)

12th Nov 2001, 23:28
I am a bit worried about the Pope being involved in hose technology.

Surely that involves male and female fittings?

13th Nov 2001, 02:11
Yep, but since the whole point is to marry the female part to the male part, and there isn't a diaphragm in the way that prevents everything getting through the pipe and helps your little seedlings germinate, there's no problem!

Whilst we're talking gardening, our resident expert sends this warning for the time of year:- Please make sure that your nursery bedding is warm enough. Should the frost get to the buds, it's very unlikely they'll grow. I thoroughly recommend John Innes. Should you find you can't get your seedlings to perform as normal, just email me and I'll do my best to ensure that your little flowers get fertilised. email me at:-
[email protected]

henry crun
13th Nov 2001, 02:52
I find that my seedlings perform better than normal with the application of a little hormone rooting powder. :)