View Full Version : Rude Rainbow Script!

19th Feb 2004, 20:05
Remember that email going around with a comedy script for Rainbow, full of innuendo (plucking Twangers and the like!) well either someone is a great impersonator or it's a real script


obviously requires sound, but worht it! I defy anyone not to find this funny!

I should add that it's 16Mb!

21st Feb 2004, 03:38
A mate of mine that used to work for the now defunct Thames Television in the sound department worked on this programme. apparently this is not unique as they used to make one of these each year as an in house Christmas special. Personally I think it's pricless :D

Ian Corrigible
22nd Feb 2004, 01:31
Jeppsbore - The background to the vid was actually an informal competition run between the VT departments of the various ITV network stations each Xmas; the Rainbow pi$$-take submitted by the Thames team won the year it was entered, but it was - alas - just a one-off.

Kirstey - Thanks for digging this up.


22nd Feb 2004, 09:43
I've still got my copy of 'Memorex White Christmas' - the greatest collection of out-takes, ever.

All sorts of wondrous cock-ups. Though I think my favourite was Robin Day introducing a lady interviewee (forgotten the name) with the line, "You've become a bit of a parliamentary cult". But he didn't quite manage 'cult' properly. The look on her face was magic.

Anybody remember a post Barry Bucknell programme called 'Hammer it Home'? 'Twas surely created by somebody just for taking the pish. The plot was Mrs Average Housewife being advised by Mr Useful DIYer. Conversations generally went along the lines of:

Mrs: What are you doing today?

Mr: Painting. Easy, as long as you do it smoothly. You need a brush, course - mine is six inches. If you've never tried it before, maybe you should use a four inch one. And a bit bendy isn't too bad - though it's got to be firm enough to poke into the can.

And so on and so forth. Brilliant stuff.