View Full Version : Can you escape the red room?

tony draper
19th Feb 2004, 19:53
:uhoh: I can't :*


Ignore the install Japanes text thingy.

19th Feb 2004, 20:11

well I have a cd case, a power cable, a gold key, a silver key, a normal key, a box of mistery, a ring and a cassette tape.

Got the cd player to work, opened the drawers can get the key in the door but the handle doesnt turn.

I am bored now...

No I cant btw.

got a small metal stick now too.

stick and ring with the box but I think i need another ring...

ok got another ring but I cant find another battery...

Now I have found the battery, but I dont understand what is on the tape - strange thing this mr draper I will return to it later...

tony draper
19th Feb 2004, 20:33
Ah! yer shouldn't have said owt,most folks in JB would spend a week figuring out how to open the draw.


PS, Reminds me of the old text games on the Amiga, like the Hobbit, used to drive me mad that did,

"You wait,time passes"

Arrghhhhhhhh " eat Gandalf "


19th Feb 2004, 20:38
yup - been there done that - look a little over an hour to complete!

server seems to be down right now, but here: http://www.datacraft.co.jp/takagism/index_e.html you can find many more 'Rooms' :)

19th Feb 2004, 20:55
What a fustrating little challange! Took about 20mins to get out. Once the doorknob 'falls' off it's easy ;)


19th Feb 2004, 20:55
25 mins of furious clicking and Im OUT !!!!!!!! A bit manic with no real logic but good fun nevertheless :8

20th Feb 2004, 01:43
oops- sorry posted the wrong link