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19th Feb 2004, 03:56
Saw an article on the BBC news earlier this week relating to Ryanair's next new aircraft deliveries and that they would to be an even greater "cost effective" spec.

Allegedly the BBC reports that the latest B737s will have

* No window blinds
* No reclining seats (basic spec one position)
* No seatback pockets

All this in the name of cost effectiveness?
how much of a weight / cost saving does that have?

Wouldnt it cost more to have aircraft without window blinds, special order? We are getting really basic now.

Did anyone else see the report?

19th Feb 2004, 04:51
As I believe that the order for the 737’s is the biggest for the type on Boeing’s books by far, Ryanair are in the position of calling the shots, with a typical airline order being for a dozen or so of type and Ryanair’s weighing in at over 100.

As you are probably aware the seats would be from a third party supplier anyway.

I’d take a guess the logic is as follows with regards the seat choice: -

· Lack of ability to recline means less to go wrong, so reduced maintance support overhead in time and money

· No Blinds – again reduced maintence, and no need to check the blinds are open during the evening / nightime landings by the hard pressed cabin crew

· No seatback pockets meaning reduced cleaning requirements during turnarounds

The anticipated cost saving will have been worked out to the last Euro by the Ryanair beancounters, but over the lifetime of the aircraft I guess we are looking at big numbers.

The upside is of course the more durable leather seats, a tip doubtless picked up from jetBlue and others.

19th Feb 2004, 06:03
But wouldn't such an unusual spec mean that the aircraft will be less sortafter on the used market later, therefore depreciate more - possibly negating some of the savings?

Wee Weasley Welshman
19th Feb 2004, 07:25
Surely no window blinds on the sun side during turnaround necessitates the use of air conditioning to a longer/greater/higher degree? Subsequent fuel burn would soon account for each $4.50 blind methinks...




19th Feb 2004, 11:05
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