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19th Feb 2004, 02:47
I can whack a golf ball 280 yards with a 3 iron but cannot connect with a wood. Could be the reason I gave up golf. Nice stroll in a park otherwise.

19th Feb 2004, 03:08
Funny you should bring that up at this time. I am getting ready to head out to the club and play golf.

I didnít, because of my flying schedule, get to play much golf for about ten years. Then about five years ago I changed jobs and been able to get back to playing golf a couple of days a week. However something happened during those ten years, I got ten years older.

So now, like you, I canít hit a wood to save my arse. I can hit a 1 iron a good 270+, 3 iron 240+, and etc. but a wood, forget it!

But what the heck, I can still be on a par 4 in two and a par 5 in three. Thatís good enough for duffer like me.

Anyway, Iím off to the club.

:ok: :ok:

19th Feb 2004, 05:43
One of my partners hits a golf ball 280+ with a 5 iron :mad: .
Me, 220 with a 3 wood [If ALL things go to plan]

19th Feb 2004, 08:20
I don't play golf at all. :(

19th Feb 2004, 08:57
If some of the figures being bandied around here are true, it is a powerful argument for the immediate reigning in of technology when it comes to golf equipment.

The only other alternatives are poetic licence, faulty measuring equipment or (heaven forbid) a touch of hyperbole??


19th Feb 2004, 09:03
Well, the balls were landing just short of the 300 yd marker (driving range) using un-poetic bog standard clubs.

Left- handed.

19th Feb 2004, 09:13

True man's game isn't it ;)

19th Feb 2004, 09:28
I can hit a golf ball 240 yards with a three wood but the last hundred are on the next fairway... :(

Apparently its against the rules to tee-off from the previous tee, so I was obliged to give up the game.

19th Feb 2004, 11:31
Chiglet, your playing partner must have a magic 5 iron and 280 with a 3 iron would put anyone at the top of the yardages on tour.

Buster Hyman
19th Feb 2004, 11:54
Well, the balls were landing just short of the 300 yd marker (driving range)

And you were just near the 250 yd marker!!! ;) ;) :P

Well, I have to agree with most of the above, I can whack the living suitcase out of a ball with my 3 iron (yardage unknown) but my "Metal" woods are as shiny as the day I bought them!:(

19th Feb 2004, 11:58
I used to be able to play a three iron until people started telling me that they were difficult to hit. I should not have listened but they turned out to be right so I replaced it with a seven wood.
Now that I can hit.

19th Feb 2004, 13:20
Ahh, but that's like only having a licence to drive an automatic, Innuendo. There are few things that feel better in golf than a sweetly struck three iron, so even if it only happens three times a year, I'm persisting with it!

RT, I'm sorry to have to break this to you, but not only don't you hit a three iron 280 yards, but you need glasses too; that was the 200 yard marker old mate!


19th Feb 2004, 13:43
My goodness, I don't need binoculars to see the the 300 yard marker and I assure you I can whack the hell out of a golf ball. Rest of the game, other than putting is dismal.

Anthony Carn
19th Feb 2004, 14:54
"Well I can hit it 400 yards".

"Can not !"

"Can too !"

"Not !"

"Can !"

"Not !"

"Can !"

"Well, I can hit it..........squillions of yards !"

"Can not !"

"Can !"

etc. :bored:

[ All this talk of "back holes" is very worrying, too. :uhoh: ]

Fishing / tool length / 0-60 mph times arguments are somewhat similar, I guess. :rolleyes:

19th Feb 2004, 15:39
I'm glad I'm not the only one never have mastered the wood.

I even had multiple private lessons during which I could connect and keep the ball straight.
Could never repeat on the fairways so stuck to the irons. Took a little longer, but at least the balls stayed out of the rough. (Well, OK out of the deep rough). (Oh alright, I didn't lose as many with the iron as the wood.):(

Sadly not been able to get a round (golf) in for years since I stopped shift work. Only thing round now is me :ugh:

Look on the brightside. Every now and then you make that connection just right, get the swing + follow through perfect, the sound is sweet and the ball just FLIIIIIIIES down the fairway exactly where you were trying (hoping) to put it. At moments like that you could take on Tiger Woods. Trouble is that shot's one in a thousand for you and common place for him :(.

19th Feb 2004, 15:51
I don't play golf at all.

Madam BD, I applaud you. Damn tedious game.

Buster Hyman
19th Feb 2004, 16:43
Are there any Pprune golf tournaments? Or, does it just delay the drinking?:rolleyes:

19th Feb 2004, 17:12
My only goal is to hit my drives past the ladies' tees.

19th Feb 2004, 22:22
Oh sure, brag Capt. K..............:E

20th Feb 2004, 09:39
Binos, I absolutely agree with you and a well struck blade is almost orgasmic. However, if I am not to be constantly getting my wallet out at the 19th, I am afraid the seven wood it is for the sake of the scorecard and my finances.
Pity really, I am sure I could still hit the three iron if someone had not told me how hard it was.