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Peter Barron
19th Feb 2004, 02:10
Can anyone confirm that the AN-22 is back in England.
I think I have heard it twice in the last two days flying over my house in Slough, seemed again to heading towards Brize, but because of the weather I was unable to see it.


Willie Winglet
19th Feb 2004, 02:19
A work colleague tells me that the AN-22 belonging to the Antonov Design Bureau has been in and out of Bournemouth/Hurn a couple of times recently, and was noted over Alton on Monday night. Apparently it's been transporting some engines around.

19th Feb 2004, 04:53
The old boy was in on a charter for Cyprus Airways AOG A330 in Athens, picked up 2 engine cowlings. One in BOH and the other in BFS then onto ATH....

VEEPS :ok:

19th Feb 2004, 06:12
As noted on the AN-70 thread, it rattled my crockery at 1930 on Monday night! More please!

19th Feb 2004, 07:01
It flew over Southampton on Monday, around 1940 and then again at around 2115. Unusual but gorgeous noise :)

Love to see it in daylight next time, if it ever comes this way again :)


19th Feb 2004, 14:58
Did I hear it growling over Central London on Tuesday afternoon?

20th Feb 2004, 04:04

Yep that was the old boy enroute BFS-ATH


20th Feb 2004, 04:26
Thought my ears couldn't have been deceiving me.

A familiar noise which I remember from my Bear chasing days....

Jack Davidson
20th Feb 2004, 05:09
Yep its back.

UR-09307 was at EMA last Wed/Thurs on a job for RR Derby.

Great sound!

22nd Feb 2004, 04:06
Came in to Belfast Int'l (Aldergrove) on the night of Thursday 21st Feb. First time I have heard it (at home as it happens) - thought "what the **** is that??") Fantastic noise! Departed next day - all thirty two propellers of it.

24th Feb 2004, 05:24
Always treat the old girl with TLC and respect she deserves. If you don't she is liable to vent a gallon or two of fuel. Well done to ADB for spending the time and effort to keep her in the air. She is the last of her kind with a commercial certificate.

24th Feb 2004, 13:49

Pasted after a google search on the reg number.

Even I would go out of my way to have a good nose at this one, but I have vowed never to go to BFS again :E

Anyone know if she is on any scheduled runs, or the usual freightdog wherever / whenever?

27th Feb 2004, 06:36
Hi Tiger_mate,

'Page not found for your link'. Any clues?


27th Feb 2004, 13:41

Put the registration into a Google search and there are loads of photos. The above link is one I think is really good but for whatever reason, the link does not work from here, so here is another one of her at Amsterdam. Not my photo, so if its yours; hope you dont mind it being here.

27th Feb 2004, 17:57
There are some 230 pics of AN-22s on Airliners.net, here's a cracker:


Oscar Duece
27th Feb 2004, 18:42
So how unique is the An22's capacity.

Could the Belfast have done the job / earnt a similar living in this hemisphere. ?

27th Feb 2004, 19:26
AN-22 Figures:

Cargo hold length 26.4 m
Cargo hold width 4.4 m
Cargo hold height 4.4 m
Cargo hold volume 650 m3
Maximum payload 53 t
Range 5000 km (max payload)
MTOW 250 tonnes

Belfast Figures:
Cargo hold length 27.43 m
Cargo hold width 4.90 m
Cargo hold height 4.09 m
Cargo hold volume 311.49 m3
Max payload 35 tons
Range 1600 km (max payload)
MTOW 100 tonnes

henry crun
28th Feb 2004, 03:43
wub, if I multiply the cargo hold lengthxwidthxheight, I get the following whole numbers.

AN-22 511 m3
Belfast 550 m3

Why are my answers so different to yours ?

28th Feb 2004, 07:15

Floor length 26.400m
Floor width 3.820m
Max width 4.840m
Height 4.400m

Details from manual


28th Feb 2004, 19:01
Henry Crun:

I just lifted the figures from a couple of web sites without really analysing them, but here are some conflicting details for the Belfast and details from the AN-22 operator's site:



5th Mar 2004, 15:14
I think she came over south Essex last night about 10:00, heading ssw out of Stansted. Something going over above the cloud with a most peculiar engine note, a sort of low rumbling but with a high-pitched note in the packground, almost like a circular saw.

No comment
5th Mar 2004, 17:08
Getting jealous of you guys now! Would love to see the old girl, is she the only one flying now?

6th Mar 2004, 17:41
There's an AN-22 up a pole (sorry - up lots of poles!) at the Technik Museum in Speyer not far south of Frankfurt, well worth a visit, also for the town and cathedral. It must have been a most spectacular site as it landed at the small Flugplatz across the road from the museum.

Go to http://www.technik-museum.de/, click on Speyer and Archiv 2001. The museum also houses one of the TU-144s which is also in that Archiv.


15th Mar 2004, 18:24
Yes, that lovely An.22 is back in the UK, at RNAS Yeovilton tonight and primed for an early departure tomorrow :D


15th Mar 2004, 18:43
She has a Lynx on board for delivery to Oman. I wonder if they might all go the same way, in which case Yeovilton will see several more visits.

15th Mar 2004, 19:15
I hope so :D


16th Mar 2004, 16:46
In STN now:ok:


vintage ATCO
16th Mar 2004, 22:13
Went over the top of Luton today at about 1430, Yeovilton to Stansted. Wonderful sound :ok:


17th Mar 2004, 13:36

South East bound out of ?Stansted? at 0710 today. Marvellous sound, first time I've seen one.

vintage ATCO
17th Mar 2004, 21:45
Can someone try and give a heads up when it's about next. I might be inclined to jump in the car and go see it :eek:


18th Mar 2004, 05:01
LUX 2 Morrow
VIE nexr week

26th Mar 2004, 21:50
VP8 - Looking at previous postings you obviously seem to know alot about the movements of the AN22 . In view of world security issues you could be doing more harm than good. Think about what you are releasing for all to see.

27th Mar 2004, 01:02

If any body wants the shed they can have it but they are going to have to go through at lot of bad Ukrainians!!

If you want secure info try the spotters pages with info from handling agents....


Negative 'G'
27th Mar 2004, 15:19
Ah Mr Veeps,

I've just realised who you are :P! Do you still work for HL ?

Neg G :D

27th Mar 2004, 16:51
HL - Heavylift who are they??

Didn't they go bust??:E


5th Apr 2004, 15:32
Just curious, but does anyone have a link to a decent sound clip of this beast - for those of us unlikely to be under her flight path.:8

5th Apr 2004, 16:05
Thers on on here somewhere I seem to remember taken in flight;)


5th Apr 2004, 20:13
Not that I can find unfortunately. Couple of piccie links and lots of talking about the sound, but no actual sound.

Suppose I'll just have to make it up.:D

24th Apr 2004, 11:06
Just noticed something very large, very high, and sounding very unusual (a kind of high pitched whining buzz, kind of like a cross between a turboprop and a garden strimmer) chugging across the skies overhead St Ives in Cambridgeshire. I'd estimate FL200+, heading roughly 030, noted overhead St Ives at 11.50 BST, 10.50 Z. I couldn't for the life of me identify the beast, but having looked at a photo of the An-22 in a book I have here, the plan view appears quite similar. Have I just seen (and heard!) the An-22?

24th Apr 2004, 13:25
I'm convinced I heard AN-22 passing over S.E London / Kent fringe at 21.30, around about the 5th Mar. She has a unique sound I couldn't compare to any other craft, something I haven't heard before or since. My description would be something along the lines of an enormous swarm of queen bees, with a deep droning bass note underneath. I'm convinced it was AN-22 as it lingered for quite a while, I don't think she's a particularly speedy aircraft.

If anyone can find that link to the sound recording I'd be most obliged.


24th Apr 2004, 18:55

Sorry M8Y the old boy is still in maintenance in Kiev


20th May 2004, 23:18
She's airborne again, I think I saw her heading west out of ICN this morning.

Peter Barron
21st Jun 2004, 09:39
Just heard that the AN-22 was back at Stansted last week.

Did anyone see it or know if it is still in England.


21st Jun 2004, 11:18
There's an 'Antonov' due to depart RNAS Yeovilton on Thursday, morning. probably to carry a Lynx to Oman.
Going on what happened last time, it will probably fly down to VL on Wednesday.

goffered again
22nd Jun 2004, 20:10
It's the AN124 this time though.

22nd Jun 2004, 21:29
I'll still come down and see it. Haven't seen one of those for years :)

20th Jul 2004, 20:10
Presumably that lingering doodlebug drone I heard an hour or so ago tonight just to the east of BEagle Towers was the old boy off on another trip?

20th Jul 2004, 21:51
I believe that it flew into EMA a few days ago.

21st Jul 2004, 08:23

That would tie in quite nicely with what I heard, east of London at about 6-7ish (can't remember the exact time) on 20th. It was a big, low drone that seemed to fill the sky, heading off to the south-west.

Annoyingly the sky was really clear with lots of high white clouds, so any aircraft should have stood out against the cloud. Could I see it??

bacardi walla
25th Jul 2004, 11:12
Late in 1999, I had the displeasure of flying on the AN22 between CAI and KIX (direct) in a little under 12hrs. I say displeasure because although it's a wonderful aircraft in it's own right, it's :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: hard on the ears. That said, it's one of the most easy aircraft I've ever flown (yes flown) and is up there amongst the Boeings in terms of handling etc.

Where is she now VEEPS ?


25th Jul 2004, 15:20

Gostomel just got back from Urumchi;)

Want a pole meself but no joy so far.....


bacardi walla
25th Jul 2004, 15:46
VEEPS privileged indeed as I was on a 124 heading East and climbing across the London TMA years ago.....:)

26th Jul 2004, 18:19
Just a little comparison,

Avro Shackle 3400 HP 6 blades each balde absorbing 583 Hp

AN22 15000Shp 8 Blades each absorbing 1875 Shp

Power unit's aint half come a long way !:8

26th Jul 2004, 19:32
I suppose that's the difference between turbo and 4banger!!


27th Aug 2004, 11:24
According to the Spectator's Balcony, it's back again... (thanks Bristolre). Hope some of you can see it...

Thread... (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=1492015#post1492015)

No comment
27th Aug 2004, 12:06
Into MAN later today picking up an engine for FCA. 1600Z arrival?

Spot 4
27th Aug 2004, 20:07
Delighted to see her this evening at 18:55L just south of the Wrexham beacon climbing southbound. Heard it for some time above cloud before actually seeing it, the sound is `very` differant although at first I wondered if it might be an Electra out of Liverpool. White fuselage with blue tail, and if it was from Manchester the rate of climb is poor.

Also saw the Beluga whilst yomping around the Welsh hills of Llangollen this afternoon, have seen her before but still it makes me stop and stare.


Sir George Cayley
29th Aug 2004, 18:23
It landed at MAN about 45 mins ago

Makes a funny noise

Sir George Cayley

Peter Barron
6th Oct 2004, 12:03
Has anyone seen it lately.
Does anyone know when it might be back, still waiting to see it.

7th Oct 2004, 15:05
Still in GML having a couple of new props fitted:ok:


Peter Barron
7th Oct 2004, 15:51
Can I have the old ones then :p

Where is GML :confused:

7th Oct 2004, 16:55
UKKM - Gostomel, Ukraine.

Peter Barron
7th Sep 2005, 11:29
Has anyone any news on the AN-22.

Has it been to England lately, is it coming back to England at anytime.


7th Sep 2005, 12:24
Still in Gostomel under deep servicing to extend it's life.....


Peter Barron
7th Sep 2005, 13:00
Thanks VEEPS.

Have you any idea when it will be back in the air, how long has it been out of service now.


7th Sep 2005, 15:21
Don`t know how many are flying but AN-22s are a regular sight in Baghdad

8th Sep 2005, 20:30

Are they Russian Air force as they are only ones flying at the moment??? or are you mistaking AN12's for the 22??



8th Sep 2005, 22:54
Think Veeps is right - AN12s seems more likely. Hope to be wrong though.

Thought I heard the grind of the -22 the other day but was disappointed. Looking forward to another crockery rattling overflight, the lower (and more shards of smashed "porcelain" as I like to describe my cheapo plates) the better.

I like piston props best, but over the top turbines are all right too!

9th Sep 2005, 08:07
Not unless the AN12 has grown triple tailplanes. You really can`t mistake the shape or the noise. It may be the same one making a regular delivery from somewhere local like Dubai. Again it might have been Russian military but markings appeared to be civilian.

9th Sep 2005, 11:07
Expect you are right, but the AN-22's actually only got two fins! Can't see anything recent on Airliners.Net, but I've not really looked hard.



12th Sep 2005, 11:19
Do the military still use a big cock (ahem) ? Thought the AN22 was THE AN22, i.e the sole flying survivor? Should'nt be flying pre- early '06 was last I heard....

13th Sep 2005, 15:42
This any help??

Anorak on
The following An22s was noted during a recent visit to Tver AB :
RA-08834, storage ramp, complete
RA-08836, storage ramp, complete
RA-09305, storage ramp, complete. Minus one prop
RA-09312, storage ramp, complete
RA-09314, storage ramp, complete
RA-09319, storage ramp, complete
RA-09320, storage ramp, complete
RA-09322, on flightline
RA-09324, storage ramp, complete
RA-09327, storage ramp, complete
RA-09328, storage ramp, complete
RA-09329, on flightline
RA-09334, on flightline
RA-09335, storage ramp, complete
RA-09337, storage ramp, complete
RA-09338, storage ramp, complete. Minus two props
RA-09339, storage ramp, complete
RA-09340, storage ramp, complete. Minus one prop
RA-09342, airworthy. Nice and clean inside.
RA-09343, on flightline
RA-09345, storage ramp, complete

Anorak off


13th Sep 2005, 16:33
So do any of these fly? Are they in military marks??

26th Sep 2005, 07:30
AN-22 c/n 0434 81250 routed north bound through Cairo on May 30th to Moscow having gone South several days earlier. The report quotes UR-09309 but I'm sure this should be RA-09309

So the mighty Anteus was around Baghdad then but inRussian Air Force guise!!


Peter Barron
30th Dec 2005, 10:07
Anyone got any news on the AN-22, is it back in service yet, its been a long time since I have heard anything about it.


30th Dec 2005, 15:20
He's still in maintenance....

Will ask in New Year what's happening and get back to you:ok:


Peter Barron
30th Dec 2005, 15:30
Thanks VEEPS, I do hope its back flying next year.

Do you work with it to be able to get this information


Peter Barron
27th Mar 2006, 10:20

Any news yet:confused:

28th Mar 2006, 12:41

Back in office on Friday will ask what latest info is ;)