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18th Feb 2004, 20:23
I figure there are a lot of well travelled people on these threads, from lots of different places some of whom are even married.

So, what are your thoughts, don't worry too much about the costs, granted trips to the moon etc. are probably out of my price range. But anything goes, winter, sun, sports, beach, trekking, cruise, the list is possibly endless.

Just looking for ideas, somewhere around autumn time.

18th Feb 2004, 20:28
It might not be everyones ideal 'honeymoon' spot, but I love the Gulf Coast of Florida...Clearwater in particular!

I've never even been near the Seychelles but they are supposed to be lovely.

18th Feb 2004, 20:38
It was so long ago now (*sigh!*) but we had a fabulous time at Galley Bay, Antigua - a more exclusive all-inclusive place, where you could also rent a yacht complete with sailors so all you had to do was lounge around sunning yourself and could get access to fabby snorkelling.

.... maybe I should put pressure on Mr S for a 10th anniversary trip ....:D

Actually on reflection if "autumn time" does mean Sept then I suspect you could be into the hurricane season in the Carib - maybe take one of the other bits of expert advice here rather than mine!

18th Feb 2004, 20:59
Let's see, a northern autumn I assume, so a southern spring, let's say September?

That is the perfect time of the year weather-wise to be in the Whitsunday Islands or the stopping off point, Airlie Beach. Our beloved moderator Flaps40 will probably advise you of the effect the photos I sent her had on somebody stuck in a grey northern winter. :)

This link (http://www.oztravel.com.au/travel_mall/hotels/Waters_EdgeAirlie_.html) is to the accommodation I am currently, and alas temporarily staying in to give you an idea.

This one (http://www.airliebeach.com/) will give you a general overview, and still more here (http://www.thewhitsundays.com/)

IMHO, this is one of the great dirty weekend destinations, so for a honeymoon it warrants a lot of thought.

Good luck!

18th Feb 2004, 21:12
Big vote for Tobago. You can jump a BA from Gatwick all the way there, and the place is great. I recommend one of the all inclusives (we stayed at Grafton Beach), and didn't want to leave.

18th Feb 2004, 21:26
This place boasts a theme park.. (http://www.gileschichestermep.org.uk/Album/2002/Clipstone%20Colliery.jpg)

wildlife.. (http://www.poochpalace.com/welcome/whippet.jpg)

Quality cuisine (http://k-ryosha.jp/photo/13/black_pudding.jpg) available from varied local eateries. (http://www.rallygb.co.uk/stages/s14c1.jpg)

Yep, come to Barnsley.

18th Feb 2004, 21:27
You beat me to it, Binos. Surely no more beautiful place on the face of the planet.


18th Feb 2004, 21:29
Found Africa to be a beautiful and romantic destination. Safari in Kenya followed by Mombasa. Seeing the Sun rise over the Masai Mara was unforgettable.

18th Feb 2004, 21:38

My personal favourite has to be Here (http://www.komandoo.com). It's absolute heaven on earth!!!

Have been there quite a few times, so if you need more info, feel free to PM me.




18th Feb 2004, 22:40
Was a few moons back....but 1week on Ko Samui (before it got commercialised with an airport :rolleyes: ) followed by 1 week at Phuket - raised a lot of smiles after we got back did that one :E

Think Mrs DM and I would probably settle for a month or six exploring Oz.

One week there with her was enough to get hooked.

Got to be some of the best scenery/beaches/weather in the world.

Oh and the peps are always SO helpful and friendly. :ok:

18th Feb 2004, 22:41
My idea of the perfec' holiday is to take a passport and a credit card (to buy the tickets and whatever was required when you got to your destination) with a "covers-all" type of visa (if ever one existed), going to LHR and choosing from the list of destinations on the departures board (in the international terminals, NOT T1!). No luggage, no forward planning, no rush, just choose when you get to the airport ;)
Travel is supposed to be an adventure after all.....

Not sure what the security folk would make of all that nowadays. :confused:

18th Feb 2004, 22:59
The HugMistress and I went to Venice - the most romantic, beautiful city in the world.

I notice one or two people have mentioned all-inclusive resorts. At the risk of hijacking the thread here, please may I make a plea for people not to use such places? Most - thinking specifically of one chain here, but others are almost as guilty - employ no local labour. They bring in off-island workers, many being Americans who are told to "cultivate" a local accent. These are usually paid off-island in US$. Several resorts have been developed using grant aid on the basis of providing tourism and jobs for the locals. These promises are rarely delivered. They tend to try as far as possible to keep people in the resorts - hence the all-inclusive tag - and make it difficult to rent cars, jeeps etc. to go outside. Tales are told of beggars outside, and expensive deals. In general, all the profit of such resorts is made in the country where the company is registered - Cayman Islands and the Bahamas are popular for obvious reasons.

Having lived in the region for some time, I have seen how these awful places strip the area and bleed it dry of genuine tourism. People see the nicely ordered, beautifully-swept pools and terraces, with a steel pan band and a bottle of rum or two for some local colour and people then fool themselves into thinking they've seen the "real" Caribbean.

The true Caribbean is, mostly, very poor. You can have an amazing holiday for not much money. The less-developed islands are generally very crime-free (in most islands crime seems to follow tourism - there are places in Jamaica or Trinidad where you don't stop to change a punctured tyre) and places like St. Kitts, Saba, Statia, Nevis, St. Vincent, the BVI, Montserrat, Anguilla etc. are just beautiful.

If anyone remembers the film "Water" with Michael Caine as the governor of a small Caribbean island, it was filmed in St. Lucia, but modelled on Montserrat. The place is portrayed as being loopy, colourful, crazy, chaotic, underfunded and generally "calypso" in outlook. The real Caribbean is just like that.

Oh - and the people are the friendliest you'll meet anywhere in the world.

18th Feb 2004, 23:07
Interesting. Everyone here is opting for foreign climes. I've been to over 50 countries -- probably about average for this bulletin board -- but why not somewhere in your own country?

We went to the Lake District (begnning of May, so off-season). The wx was crud, but who cares?

I must admit I was based in Hong Kong when I got married, but I would still recommend the Lakes when it's not packed with other tourists.

Happy memories -- and good luck to you and yours Cool-Hand.

19th Feb 2004, 03:33
Goa, India.

If its July/Aug/Sept, fly to Bombay, take a DAY train to Goa. Awesome ride.

Or Kerala. they call it God's own country, and thats no idle boast.

In the US I loved Yosemite Park - beautiful! the Niagara is a standard destination yet still awe-inspiring.

19th Feb 2004, 03:43
I agree with Groundbased, the Masai Mara is a very, very special experience (try to avoid the wet season though).

If you like kilometers of white sand and palm trees try Praia do Forte resort in Salvador, Brazil.


19th Feb 2004, 03:52

Nuff said.

Flying Lawyer
19th Feb 2004, 03:53
Stockpicker's recommendation of the Galley Bay Hotel, Antigua is worth considering. We've just spent a couple of weeks there. Small hotel, rooms on the beach, superb food, excellent service - we couldn't fault it.
If money's no object, then (I'm told) the Jumby Bay Hotel on it's own small island just off the coast is even better.
The Ladera, St Lucia is very special. It's on a hillside a few minutes above the beach with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea between the famous Pitons.
Antigua has miles of beautiful unspoilt beaches, but nothing else worth seeing apart from English Harbour. St Lucia has good beaches and is a far more beautiful island with a much better atmosphere.
Hugmonster knows the Caribbean far better than I do, but I'd strongly advise against Montserrat. About 2/3 of the island (the most beautiful part) has been uninhabitable since the 1997 volcanic eruptions, and the Northern third outside the exclusion zone isn't attractive.

Avoid the Butlins-type 'resorts' in the Caribbean ('Sandals' or similar) which seem to attract Brits by the 747-load. Unless you've got a supply of sleeveless vests with soccer or lager logos, you and your future wife each have a few tattoos, and you've got an ear-ring, you'll feel rather conspicuous!


San Ysidro Ranch at Montecito, a few miles inland from Santa Barbara, California. Luxurious bungalows spread out in lovely grounds. Tranquil, romantic, and outstanding cuisine. Long-established, Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier got married there and, if it appeals, you can even ask for the bungalow where John and Jackie Kennedy spent their honeymoon.
Rancho Valencia about 20 miles north of San Diego, and even closer to beautiful La Jolla. Less expensive than San Ysidro, but almost as beautiful with bungalows set in orange groves - and the best climate in the world.

Mauritius: Very pleasant island, beautiful in parts but not the paradise the brochures claim.
A water-bungalow in the Maldives: But choose your island very carefully.

www.tripadvisor.com is a very useful site for realistic reviews of hotels worldwide.

19th Feb 2004, 05:21
I too would put a vote in for St. Lucia. A wonderful and beautiful island, but I would recommend check out the real part of the island away from the tourist areas. It really is an eye-opener, and the people are just so friendly.

For those that don't want to travel so far, I would recommend Vienna. What an amazing place to relax and there is just so much culture and places to explore! Also, it acts as a fantastic base for days trips to other cities like Prague which are fairly easy to get too.

Vienna is always the place I go when I need to relax and chill out, which is why I'm heading there next week....can't wait!

19th Feb 2004, 15:57
Isn't there a town in England that rejoices in the name of Maidenhead?
Probably fallen out of favour as a honeymoon destination these days.


19th Feb 2004, 17:01
Indeed there is, separator - I used to live there. A girl I know on seeing me asked "How's Maidenhead?" I answered; "Intact". It was worth it just to see her blush!

Flying Lawyer - I disagree with you about the northern part of Montserrat - but then, I'm biased! You're right about Jumby Bay - megabucks required! For those who have voted for St. Lucia, I'd go along with them all the way - a beautiful little island. It had a bit of bad press not long ago with a BA crew having some sort of incident, and prices there are beginning to rise. But on the whole, it is a wonderful place to go.

19th Feb 2004, 17:31
Hi mate


I posted these links over on the SLF & Pax thread but I'll do it again especially for you.

Both are American companies specialising in cut price touring holidays, cruising & for the first tropical resorts. They sell only top companies trips. I got a great deal from them at much less than if I'd gone through the normal channels in Britain.


The freephone number from the UK is over on that forum in the recent thread I started on American flights.


Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon you lucky devil you ;)


19th Feb 2004, 19:03
Just wanted to say thanks so far to all that have replied.

Some excellent suggestions that are all being investigated, the only one that I've written off is Barnsley, but that's because it's just too near to where I'm currently living!! (profile out of date)

Thanks again :ok:

19th Feb 2004, 19:50
We did 5 nights in a castle on the side of a Scottish Loch - we didnt live together before we got married and wanted to get back home. Fantastic weather and a lovely relaxing time, it was April.

then had a fortnight in Barbados in the following September which was a big disappointment.

Nice just to relax on the honeymoon after all the stresses of wedding preparations and you might not be too keen on sightseeing immediately after the nuptials!

Circuit Basher
19th Feb 2004, 20:36
Coolhand - adding my congrats to the thread!

When Mrs CB & I 'tied the knot' (or at least, the noose got slipped over my neck!!), we'd been living together around 10 yrs and had had several decent overseas holidays and wished to go somewhere where we could take the dogs (we had 3 at the time!). We rented a log cabin just outside Welshpool and had a great time - I even managed to log the only hour I've ever had in a PA38!!

Different things appeal to different people - it suited us not to have to have a great rush to the airport after the wedding!

Good luck, whatever you decide!