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18th Feb 2004, 17:04
The US military intrusion into this piss poor country a few years ago and installing a puppet pro yankee has backfired wonderfully.
Not only do they look inafective at sorting out the fiasco but the French are offering to sort it out their own back yard.

Boss Raptor
18th Feb 2004, 17:35
Again.... :hmm:

tony draper
18th Feb 2004, 19:09
Yeh, those nasty yanks should have let them choose another Papa Doc, place has been a shithole for the last sixty years, best thing would be to nuke it and leave it fallow for 500 years then move people in who know how to run a country, like Europeans.
I can think of a few other places that would benefit from the same treatment.

18th Feb 2004, 20:03
Aristide was, and remains, a socialist. he has never been a US puppet.

He was elected in 1990 with over 70% of the popular vote being being deposed by a military coup. His reinstatement was supported by all the states in the region, as well as by France.

In fact, the few remaining socialists in the world ( :} ), not only still support him, but believe the US backed his opponent and financed the coup against him! It would seem the his reinstatement only happened because Clinton got his arm twisted and went along with France and the U.N. (Terrible, they should have known nothing good would come of that.. ( ;) )

They also seem convinced it's the USA and France who want to depose (http://www.socialistworker.org/2004-1/485/485_08_Aristide.shtml) him.

You allegation would seem, therefore, to lack much credibility and to be an excuse to indulge in, yet another, gratuitous attack on the USA.

18th Feb 2004, 21:23
Yet another vestige of the French empire going to rat$hit.

It will join the ranks of Algeria,French Indo-China, French Somalia, Chad, etc

I suppose the French will again expect the UK and the US to take the lions share of any peace keeping or humanitarian efforts.


tony draper
18th Feb 2004, 21:29
Nasty rail accident and explosion in Iran,people must be franticaly trying to figure out a way of blaming the Amercans for that as well I suppose.

18th Feb 2004, 21:33
Funnily enough both sides are asking for external intrusion from anyone, each for their own aims of course. I say let the French send in their l'armee and lock them in there till it's sorted....or not. Just leave the rest of us alone and hands off the Dominican Republic Garlique Lande!


18th Feb 2004, 21:33

The term "vestige of the French empire" seems to be very well chosen. Haiti has been independent since 1804, and has been under US economical influence at least since WWII.

Now just remind me whose empire Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Sudan were part of ?

Lots of former colonies are enduring hard times, putting the blame on former colonial powers is a bit easy, to say the least.

19th Feb 2004, 00:09
You are very right Bre901, much better to blame the United States.

We are damned if we do and damned if we don't.

Yeah, yeah, just don't confuse me with facts, America did it!


(Not personally to you Bre901)

edited to add: I have been to Haiti more than a few times, don't even want to go back.

19th Feb 2004, 07:26

I was not blaming the US, I was just answering someone blaming France.

It is the Duvalliers' system that f:mad: ed the country beyond repair.

19th Feb 2004, 22:03
I realized that Bre901, that’s why I added a little note to you in my post. I was addressing the “always blame America for everything” crowd.

I operated in and out of Haiti while the country was ruled by Papa and Baby Doc and then during and after the so-called invasion.

Didn’t see a lot of difference. However, I have not been back in about seven years.

James Michener wrote a book called “Caribbean” quite a few years ago that, I think, explained why Haiti ended up as it did.

Take care.