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9th Nov 2001, 19:43
So how about it? Now is the right time to start an airliner. Cheap planes, cheaper crew and available slots all over. Everyone is quitting - so now is the time to fill the void. Perhaps it aint so cheap to get the pax but hey, Who cares?

Any suggestions on how to make this the Airline of Airlines?


The path to success is to take massive, determined action."
- Anthony Robbins

9th Nov 2001, 20:23
Contact The Guvnor, he's yer man.

9th Nov 2001, 20:38
Commander it all sounds so easy :eek:

And where do you expect to find the Capital for such a venture :rolleyes: Cannot see many investors at the moment


9th Nov 2001, 20:48
You dont need capital, or aeroplanes, or even staff, all you need is a vivid imagination, eh Guv?

9th Nov 2001, 21:00
Didnt Guvnor join the Taleban?

9th Nov 2001, 22:22
God! Why don't you pilot people ever listen?

What actually happened was some of my ever admiring fellow Ppruners were trying to ban me from spinning my incredibly interesting and profoundly engrossing tales of airline operation and spectacular business acumen. This in effect, my adoring minions, is the so called TALE BAN.

The Guvnor
9th Nov 2001, 22:34
No, Notso Fantastic made such an emotional plea for me to stay I relented.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand...


As a very special offer - exclusive to PPRuNers - I can offer you up to four, yes FOUR beautiful Lockheed L1011-100s with just two careful owners.

These aircraft are in a pristine (well, they were when it was installed) 393Y configuration and have been hand flown by careful British pilots since new (with the help of the autopilots, which generally work).

These aircraft must go by the end of the year to a loving home - or we will, reluctantly, have to go back into the saucepan business.

As a PPRuNe special, we'll throw in a FREE AOC, C of A and registration of the aircraft in the country of your choice!*

Just think, you could be in business in a matter of days. Show that Michael O'Leary or Richard Branson how an airline should really be run!

We also promise to donate 10% of any profits on the sale of these magnificent aircraft to the PPRuNe fund - so not only are you starting an airline; you're also helping fellow PPRuNers achieve their lifetime's ambition.

Come on, who'll be first with the bidding? :D :D :D

* we give you a list of countries to choose from

9th Nov 2001, 22:34
Are u THE GUVN0R who was going to set up Celtis Airways?
Anyone Anyone!

9th Nov 2001, 22:51
Perhaps you are referring to the lucrative business venture I set up with some Triad colleagues, supplying kitchen utensils manufactured from ailing airliners. I sold that venture to the Wongs of Hong Kong years ago - it is now known as Celtic Wongs.

:D :D :D

The Guvnor
9th Nov 2001, 23:08
Very true ... and the aircraft it operates are of course TriadStars.

How was your time in Africa, Speedjeans?

9th Nov 2001, 23:35
In fact I seem to recall they were Wokheed Triadstars!

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: