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9th Nov 2001, 16:02
1) Donut Machine - Not the crappy ones you see in Myer and Grace Bros but the ones you see at Donut King and some coffee shops. Just so in the morning you can flick it on, have a shower and wake up to hot donuts covered with as much cinnamonn as you can handle. It also gives you a chance to legitamatly go "Mmmmmm Donuts" a la Homer Simpson style. And hot donuts go really well with...

2) Soft Serve Machine - Self explanitory really, mmmmmm soft yummy vanilla ice cream

3)Juice Machine - Again, not the crappy Myer one but the real heavy duty Juice Bar juice machine. Again, how nice to wake up to refreshing freshly squeezed juice of whatever you like/make up/can think off

Anything other appliances people would love to have in their home??

tony draper
9th Nov 2001, 16:14
A Holodeck would be nice. ;)

Biggles Flies Undone
9th Nov 2001, 16:27
Something to do all the housework without whining (even though it doesn't have a motor) ;)

10th Nov 2001, 07:42
Viking gas range. Oh yeah baby!!

10th Nov 2001, 18:15
One of them fast chillers like they have in the speakeasy on the top floor of the Sheraton. Gets a warm tinny down to drinking temperature in twenty seconds without freezing it. There's never a cold one in the fridge when I get home with a raging thirst.

Come to think of it, Mrs B doesn't drink, so where do they all go to? Mmmm...

Through difficulties to the cinema

Feeton Terrafirma
10th Nov 2001, 18:19
Hmmm where to start?

Prolly my first choice would be a time machine. I just need a few extra hours a day, so it doesn't need to be a big flash model, just a plain old domestic one will do fine.

Next would be a molecular transporter. I realise that a few pilots might not be required after I got one of these, but I'd use it sparingly, really. Couldn't give up driving my car!!

Now if I had a few spare hours and instantaneous transport across the planet, what would I do with it?

Melanie where are you? ;)

10th Nov 2001, 18:41
A kind of TV with an electric typewriter attached so you could talk to your mates around the world...er.

10th Nov 2001, 21:22
The juice machine sounds great, but what I'm looking forward to is the day I finally get to replace my cheap coffee maker with one that you can set on a timer! I want one that you just dump the beans and water in and set the timer, it would be a great alarm clock!
Then I want to get one of those neat little clothes pressing machines, just put your pants and shirt in it the night before and viola....makes you look like a million bucks! Not exactly a kitchen appliance, but I like it.
hmmmmmm, looks like I need to find a catalogue! :)

10th Nov 2001, 21:52
One of them big hot plates as fitted to 99% of all roadside kebab wagons. Great for cooked breakfasts.

11th Nov 2001, 02:09
A remote control for adjusting volume from Mrs Loki and the lokettes (actually, a mute button would be a useful feature)

brown trousers
11th Nov 2001, 03:58
I want one of those Doner Kebab cookers :confused: (dont know the technical name) in my kitchen to save me taxi fares trailing around Manchester looking for a kebab house open at 4 am. :D

Oh....and a mini-bar fridge for my bedroom ;)


11th Nov 2001, 05:54
A cee-ment pond in the back yard, like those with money's got.....

11th Nov 2001, 06:39
Since I'm not exactly the world's best at playing chef ... a food replicator. Maybe I'll write to Paramount and ask if they can spare me one off the Star Trek set.


henry crun
11th Nov 2001, 06:51
A pair of toenail clippers that will collect the clippings before they sprong off and hide in the carpet.

tony draper
11th Nov 2001, 06:55
I'd settle for some shampoo that gives you dandruff. ;)

11th Nov 2001, 08:00
A Toaster, A DVD/VHS combo player, A Digital Camera, A Satellite Dish, A Cell Phone, A Garmin GPS, A David Clark headset, An ICOM handheld radio, A new Video camera, A Stereo system, A new TV, A Les Paul guitar and amp...

Santa Please Read This!

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Cardinal Puff
11th Nov 2001, 13:39
henry crun

The electronic type fiddlers with the unnatural have a device you could put to use to trap those errant chitinous bits. It's a small side cutter with a kind of springy lip thingy on one blade to keep hold of the bits snipped off and prevent them pinging off the lightbulb. Also good for threatening mice with castration.

12th Nov 2001, 07:47
I want one of those zappers that open the car doors fitted to my house, save a bit of fumbling around when coming home with a flight bag, pizza and a carton of beer.