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9th Nov 2001, 15:05
A man is on a fishing holiday, just him and his rod and a bit of peace and
quiet. He's been sitting in the same spot every day for a week, and every
day he's seen another man on the other side of the lake, quietly fishing.
After a week he wanders round to the man to engage in a bit of angling
related banter.
"On fishing holiday are you?" our man enquires.
"Nah, I'm on my honeymoon", says the second man.
"Honeymoon?", says the first geezer,"...shouldn't you be with your wife
making love to her like a frenzied weasel?"
"Can't do that mate," says the newlywed, "....she's got crabs, herpes and
ripping vaginal lesions"
"That's unfortunate," replies the fisherman,".....but can't you go brown and
give it to her up the 'Queen Mum'?"
"No chance, says the hapless bridegroom,"...she's got anal chancroids,
bleeding haemorrhoids, and a bad case or bacterial dysentry".
"Sounds nasty," comments our man,"...but surely she can give you a blow
"I'd rather not", says the newlywed,"...she's got foot and mouth, coldsores
and her teeth are green and rotting".
"She sounds horrific," comments the fisherman,"...why the [email protected] did you marry

"For the maggots"

9th Nov 2001, 15:39
That's disgusting!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

9th Nov 2001, 19:45
....but has a disturbing ring of truth about it :eek:

10th Nov 2001, 12:44
yuuuuk......how sick are u, man!!??

10th Nov 2001, 13:15
Well at least he wasn't fishing with 'baited breath' :)

henry crun
11th Nov 2001, 01:58
A man was on holiday in the Caribbean and, liking the warm tropical weather,
settled down for a day's sunbathing.

He fell asleep, and after a whole day
his legs became sunburnt beyond belief. He could hardly stand the pain, so
he decided to go to a doctor for treatment.

The doctor looked at his lobster-colored legs and shook his head. "You must
realize that this is only a small village medical facility," he explained.
"I've really got nothing at all to help you. However, try taking this just
before bedtime..."

The doctor gave him one tablet of Viagra.

Puzzled, the man asked, "I've got acute sunburn. What's a Viagra tablet
going to do?"

"Not a thing for the sunburn," the doctor replied "but it will keep the bed sheets off your legs."

11th Nov 2001, 15:22
I use Viagra eyedrops, they make me look hard.

12th Nov 2001, 04:24
that reminds me, there is a new type of AIDS about, called HEARING AIDS,
Caught by listening to too many a---holes