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17th Feb 2004, 20:04
Does anyone know the origin/history of the bullseye markings on the side of RAF aircraft ?

I am sure this is dealt with elsewhere in this forum, but I cannot spot it.

17th Feb 2004, 20:41
Copied from the French, I think, in WW1. The RFC started out with Union Jacks painted on the wings but they were too easily confused with the Iron Cross at a distance.

Flying Lawyer
19th Feb 2004, 03:30
Click: Origin of the RAF Roundel (http://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/hendon/research/faq/roundel.cfm)

I heard recently that the MoD has applied to register the RAF roundel as a Trade Mark, the object being to raise revenue for the RAF by licensing its use on various products, including clothing.
Lambretta (apparently an Italian clothing company - I thought they made motor-scooters) and the Arcadia retail group have objected to the MoDís application on the grounds that the logo has been in public use since the 1960s when it became a symbol of Mod culture. Remember ĎModsí?

I can understand why the RAF might wish to control use of the roundel to stop it being used on inappropriate products Ė arguably the MoD should done so years ago - but havenít we reached a sad state of affairs when the reason is the necessity to raise money to help finance the RAF?

19th Feb 2004, 03:56
Sadly, it cost the MoD money.... they lost the case and had to pay about £1900 costs, IIRC. The judge agreed that the roundel had been in general public use, etc, etc.

Of course, the answer is for the RAF to change the roundel - just go to the Type B (that is the one without the white, isn't it?), along the lines of Arsenal FC altering the design of their cannon slightly, and copyrighting that.

Can I claim the £3,000,000 design consultancy fee that it would/will cost the MoD to employ someone to spend eight months to come up with that idea??