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17th Feb 2004, 19:54
Bit of a dilema this morning, in general most parts of my anatomy have always behaved themselves, apart from the odd broken bone.

This morning I was just dropping the kidsinblack off at their holiday club when.....



I had to walk into a crowded room with a certain part of the anatomy as hard as Chinese arithmetic.

It has never happened to me before like this.

Is it a sign of impending middle age?

17th Feb 2004, 19:59
Sounds more like you're approaching puberty.

17th Feb 2004, 20:01
A nurse aquaintance of mine once descibed the methof of dealing with a patient who was involuntary stuck in gear...

She would tip the top of his podger with a cold tee spoon, similar to cracking a boiled egg.

She didn't mention his age though so can't help you there.


17th Feb 2004, 20:04
Hey, be thankful that people could notice.

I've know this guy........... the only man in the world that could walk into a wall with a wood and break his nose.

17th Feb 2004, 20:18

Do we really want to know how you know??

Was caught out in swimming pool once.

Talk about difficult decision......climb out of pool or swim it off?

Decided to swim as fewer people had their heads below the surface than above.
GF was already on poolside going to change asking why I was not getting out.....she didn't half laugh....and walked off! :rolleyes:

17th Feb 2004, 20:22

:{ :{ :{ :{ :{

It's me!

17th Feb 2004, 20:29
Jerricho guess that must be a result of hanging around with the MIL:E


17th Feb 2004, 21:18
Be thankful she only pulls his leg.

Onan the Clumsy
17th Feb 2004, 21:42
MIB I thought you were skiled in the art of covert operations. Couldn't you just have slipped out unseen?

18th Feb 2004, 01:13
Let me get this right......

You walk into a room full of kids and get a perk on?

I'm saying nothing mate! :D ;) :D ;)


Onan the Clumsy
18th Feb 2004, 04:36
VFE There's nothing wrong with having a special fondness for goats.

18th Feb 2004, 06:05
Well, if you're Welsh then it's to be expected surely? :p


18th Feb 2004, 06:06
First condoms were made from sheeps intestine, the Welsh just couldn't get them out of the packet.

Sorry if you happen to be Welsh, but I couldn't resist

Boss Raptor
18th Feb 2004, 06:12
Your middle aged and you are complaining about this :confused:

Let's just say I know when I am stressed :ugh:

Rupert S
18th Feb 2004, 06:52
one option is, of course, amputation. I hear some people can complete an amputation on only 10 minutes. Give it a go! :ok:

18th Feb 2004, 08:02
A guy at work was on nights and had nodded off between calls on the ambulance station.

The alarm sounded and off he went on the next emergency call... with a serious case of morning glory that would not go away right through the call. His first aid bag concealed the 'trouser tent' and he got away with it, as far as the patient and relatives were concerned.... :8

18th Feb 2004, 10:12
Re-adjust it and think unsexy thoughts? :confused: