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17th Feb 2004, 18:02
I know nothing, and don't suppose that this chap reads Pprune but received the following Email second hand. Can anybody help him?


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Subject: Flying to Lundy Island

I am trying to research the flight made by my mother, Mary Crocker, from a small North Devon airfield to Lundy Island in the mid-1930s. She always claimed that she was one of the first people to put a plane down on the island.
Have you any idea where I might find more information?
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Mike Ashman

17th Feb 2004, 19:06
Atlantic Coast Air Services started flying between Barnstaple Airport (later RAF Chivenor and now Royal Marine Base Chivenor) and Lundy Island in 1938, perhaps it was on one of these services?

22nd Feb 2004, 03:51
I have a book at home, entitled Lundy by Air, which details all this. Unfortunately, I'm not at home for two qweeks, but will try to remember to post the info when I get there. There were regular flights in the 30s and the first landing was during WW1.