View Full Version : Missing AERAD MEA/SSA info on charts,Why?

17th Feb 2004, 01:32
Why oh why does AERAD offer such a lousy service regarding MEA info on its non-uk navigation charts. Why is the MEA not included on charts outside the UK. On my Tehran overflights it would be good to have something more refined that a Grid Mora in case of depressurisation.
Also,it seems to be the same case with the reference point for the 25nm SSA, Nav aid or ARP? Outside of the UK this info is usually lacking! Why and what point AERAD when JEP has all that info and more!!!!

17th Feb 2004, 21:43
I dunno, but have you asked Aerad (aka European Aeronautical Group)?
I find them very approachable and willing to listen.

Max Angle
18th Feb 2004, 00:16
I find them very approachable and willing to listen. They don't seem very willing to listen when you point out that their new spec. approach plates are hopeless compared to the old BA Aerad style ones. Hard to read at night, cluttered and bordering on a safety hazard in my opinion. I think the font has changed slightly on some of the recently printed ones but they represent a big step backwards from the old ones. I would choose Jeps. now every time if it was up to me.

18th Feb 2004, 06:18
You should try the SAS Flight Support layout (now part of EAG) instead :-) They always include a MOCA altitude as well as the grid MORA. But maybe EAG makes different types/layouts (old AERAD-style)?
Jeppesen sucks BIG TIME! Plates cluttered with lots of totally useless information, no logic in layout and presentation, and what is that "Briefing strip" all about, the info is then presented twice. Why? (TM of course; what'd you expect? They're American...) CRAP, I say. Take one quick look at the SFS (now part of EAG) plates and you'll know exactly what to do. With Jeppesen you'll have to search everywhere for the required info because they don't always have a standardised place to put it. They don't even publish DME vs. ALT tables all the way in from initial descent point (normally only from FAF to MAPt), making it very difficult to fly CANPA approaches. Jeppesen still depict the old dive-and-drive stepdown profiles. Looks like the graphics designer had a heart attack while drawing them. Useless! The DME arcs don't include track mile info, so descent planning is difficult without battling with some insane rule-of-thumb when you've got better things to do. And try to locate your SID chart in a pile of similar-coloured Jeppesen charts at Schiphol, CDG, Arlanda etc. Hopeless. With SAS Flight Support plates - juct look among the white ones. IALs and STARS/ASIRs different colours (yellow for IALs, because yellow is better to look at/more visible at night. An eye for detail...).
Jeppesen's charts are made largely to prevent greedy lawyers from coming after Jeppesen in case some stupid businessman in an old C-172 kills himself because he wasn't current on IFR flying - (and I heard they're even filing against Jeppesen because the Cessna pilots involved in the Linate accident used Jepp plates - how stupid is that?)
SAS Flight Support make plates for airline pilots. Logical, clean, with only the necessary info presented.

18th Feb 2004, 21:08
Gosh, Xunder, I wouldn't get that worked up about it!

Max, I put in my complaints about every 2 months to Aerad and they usually result in changes being made. Actually, that's my complaint with Aerad - you can't rely on their accuracy. Jepps are accurate, but horribly cluttered. SFS I haven't seen.

Sorry to be so well-balanced - I'll get it seen to!