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16th Feb 2004, 21:07
It seems that plucky little Norway, home of the famous Blue parrot is in trouble and needs our help.

I'm offering to go and provide my services, anyone else interested?

Norway In Need (http://www.aftenposten.no/english/local/article.jhtml?articleID=653746)

16th Feb 2004, 21:38
Given that they give us a nice chrimbo tree every year for Trafalgar Square, I think we owe it to them.....literally.

Since Norway is not in the EU I shall have to prepare export documents for the 20,000 durex that I will need.


16th Feb 2004, 21:41

16th Feb 2004, 22:36
timmcat - shouldn't the above post be on the innuendo thread??


16th Feb 2004, 22:49
....nah, let's nuke the [email protected]:E


16th Feb 2004, 22:54
That wouldn't help those demanding Norweigan ladies.

Anthony Carn
17th Feb 2004, 00:37
I detect a solution to any casting problems for the "PPRuNe the Porn Movie". :E

Boss Raptor
17th Feb 2004, 02:42
Bloody expensive booze at Vinmonopol ...loads of blond birds...never done a real blondie...ok sign me up :cool:

17th Feb 2004, 03:24
Chaps, your willingness to help out much appreciated. Most kind indeed.
However....... something rather crucial was lost in the translation of this article from Norwegian to English. :rolleyes:

The English version says: Some 91 percent of the Norwegian women questioned said they need to be sexually satisfied, compared to 75 percent of their European counterparts.

Can't blame you kindhearted gents for percieving a pressing need in the local population. However, the original version says the following:Some 91 percent of the Norwegian women questioned said they expect & demand to be sexually satisfied, compared to 75 percent of their European counterparts

So sorry, but women here just a tad more demanding than elsewhere in Europe. As a result of which, the Norwegian male's repertoire is very high quality. Both in finesse and prowess. Anything below standard would see him removed from the warm bed sharpishly, no joke in these climes.

So guys, unless you are sure that you can at least equal your run-of-the-mill Norwegian, best to stay in the UK. Where women are more forgiving of your inadequacies.
Saves your pride from getting hurt and yer @arses from getting kicked.
:E :E :E

Boss Raptor
17th Feb 2004, 03:47
Ah I see they are just more horney..seems still a good idea we visit to give 'em a bit of variety :ok:

17th Feb 2004, 04:00
I just got the vision of a big buxom norwegian mama, broad shouldered with horned helmet on head, full leather, whip and/or spiked steel ball on a chain and saying;
(sotto voce') "I want you, and I want you NOW. Take me before I kill you!"

Gawd, those viking types must be into pain!

17th Feb 2004, 05:47
I am prepared to die for the satisfaction of my people, after all, we Northerners are just Vikings that didn't go home so we could re enter the motherland's gene pool.

Now, where is that strapping blonde whose dad owns a fish processing plant?

Anthony Carn
17th Feb 2004, 15:47
................best to stay in the UK. Where women are more forgiving of your inadequacies.
No male is inadequate, given a good woman.

I can only speak for myself, but demonstrating my adequacy has been the easy bit. It's getting the opportunity with your typical UK woman thats the tricky part (though not that tricky). Go to any other country, in Europe at least, and the attitude moves into the 21st century.

Hence the UK male obsession with Scandyhooligan, French, Italian, Spanish etc etc women. Proper women, with the right attitude.


Boss Raptor
17th Feb 2004, 17:33
Fully agreed there think women (if u can call most of them that) in the UK have lost the plot :*

17th Feb 2004, 22:05
Aw Guys I'm not so sure its that bad,

I'm always satisfied, by the time she realises she's been had (pun intended) its all over,

heh heh heh