View Full Version : Why isn't Pakistan part of the axis of evil?

16th Feb 2004, 10:47
Gen. Pervez Musharraf pardoned the Pakistani hero and nuclear huckster Abdul Qadeer Khan after an embarrassing debacle, praising the scientist's service to his country.

The president warned Wednesday that "the greatest threat before humanity" is the possibility of a sudden WMD attack. Not wanting nuclear technology to go to North Korea, Iran or Libya, the White House demanded tighter controls on black-market sales of WMD, even while praising its good buddy Pakistan, whose scientists were running a black market like a Sam's Club for nukes, peddling to North Korea, Iran and Libya.

Bush likes to present the world in black and white, as good and evil, even as he's made a Faustian deal with Musharraf, perhaps hoping that one day -- maybe even on an October day -- the cagey general will decide to cough up Osama.

Boss Raptor
16th Feb 2004, 19:47
Because America has already sold them F16's and other things (supposedly to re-inforce the region against Iran/China/India etc.) so it may prove a bit complex for Mr. GW Thicky to explain that away...dont forget you are only in the 'Axis of Evil Club' if the Americans say/think so and you have specifically upset them :E

16th Feb 2004, 20:07
Boss, the F16s were never delivered, because the US Congress withheld them to punish Pakistan for secretly developing nuclear weapons......

It would seem that Musharraf is now cooperating as far as possible, indeed the assassination attempts against him would seem to indicate he has gone as far as possible. The evidence they have turned over would also seem to have been responsible in part for Libya's change of tack and to have revealed much of the information now being used by the IAEEA.

You use the best tools for the job, and the present tools seem to be achieving the best results with Pakistan, a hard line approach would achieve less effective results. A diiferent approach is being being used with Iran, another with North Korea.

A stick and carrot approach works, but only if if they think you might use the stick......

Boss Raptor
16th Feb 2004, 20:58
Think at least the first batch of F16's were delivered as detailed and pictured below;


16th Feb 2004, 21:35
They got their first 40, but deliveries stopped as soon as Congressbelieved that Pakistan was developing the bomb. They got no spares to support them thereafter, and the remaining 70+ they ordered were never delivered.

I believe the remaining airframes are now being taken from storage for use by USN Aggressor squadrons due to their low hours. Pakistan F-16s (http://www.f-16.net/reference/users/f16_pk.html).

17th Feb 2004, 02:31
We`d have to boycott all those corner shops, and the whole commercial infrastructure of the UK would collapse.

surely not
17th Feb 2004, 03:05
Loki, I think the Indian, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi communities might be upset at seeing their businesses being lumped in with the Pakistani enterprises.

I guess Ol' GWB feels he can handle the Pakistanis and keep them in line. Didn't the USA have a similar thought about Saddam H some while back??

Mac the Knife
17th Feb 2004, 03:16
'Cos they play cricket and the other bu*g*rs don't!


surely not
17th Feb 2004, 04:43
seems fair to me, don't trust a nation that doesn't play cricket.

Hmmmmm does the USA play cricket?

17th Feb 2004, 05:05
Pakistan has agreed to the proposed pipeline from the Russian Caucus oil fields, and The Taliban said no to it. The Taliban was replaced with Hamid Karzai, after we went to war at a cost of millions of dollars, and hundreds of lives.

Do a search for the facts.

17th Feb 2004, 05:37
I don`t buy any of this "axis of evil" cobblers any more than I did the rubbish from the other propagandists who brand the USA as "The great satan"

Perhaps it works for the less informed people of the world, whether they are in Iowa or Damascus according to which label is being used.

I think we should congratulate Pakistan and India for the tentative steps they are at last making to resolve the Kashmir issue.

surely not
17th Feb 2004, 06:42
Absolutely right about congratulations to India and Pakistan. Considering the deep seated distrust between them any effort at a peaceful resolution to the problem has to be applauded and supported.

Boss Raptor
17th Feb 2004, 17:29
I have tried to find/explain a definition of 'The Axis For Evil' and it's difficult as the goalposts/coverage seem to have moved somewhat since it was first referred to;

First it was a group or state which actively supported terrorist groups, Iran, Sudan etc.

Then was added groups or states which support insurgents/rebels in another state, now this is where it starts to get good as in past scenarios like Nicaragua and Afghanistan the US/CIA has done exactly this...

Most recent...states which have undeclared/illicit weapons of mass destruction such as North Korea, Iraq...oh and Pakistan and Israel...funny how the latter doesn't get mentioned isn't it when not only have they tried to make nuclear weapons there is ample reason to believe Israel made them and have them ready and waiting in some numbers :confused:

How convenient it is to be both judge, jury and executioner...self appointed :hmm: