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Rupert S
16th Feb 2004, 05:14
Following a conversation between myself and Falps, we have decided that, at the moment, fund raising could only do PPRuNe good and so we came to the conclusion that the best way to raise the required funds would be to let all the prooners see a few carefully selected other prooners in "PPRuNe the Porn movie"!
Who's with me!?

16th Feb 2004, 05:22
Rupert your fantasies have carried you away again.
Money urgently needed for chat, very true.
PayPal (http://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/ema/index-outside) just in case........ and the addy is [email protected]

To imply that anything was mentioned about porn is obviously a blatant lie and a misinterpretation of my proposal to raise money by giving people the unique chance to buy their very own sampler embroidered with the PPRuNe logo.

FlyBlue is currently shopping in Amsterdam for suitable yarn, and Danny and Rob are attending a "How to learn needlepoint in 2 days" weekend in Somerset.

That'll be a 10 fine for spreading disinformation young Rupert. :E

16th Feb 2004, 05:36
Who would we cast as Ben Dover then?

And how about me in a supporting (!) role?

Rupert S
16th Feb 2004, 05:59
i'm sure that was covered by my avatar, falps. :E

16th Feb 2004, 06:35
it shall here on in be refered to as pr0n.

I bagsed being the guy that drives the Bang Bus.

16th Feb 2004, 06:45
I bagsied being the calling handyman with the big tool.

(Or is that .....who is a big tool?)

16th Feb 2004, 06:47
i'm sure that was covered by my avatar, Rupert,

You appalling little man - passing the blame onto an innocent little penguin - HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!?!? :D ;) :D ;)



surely not
16th Feb 2004, 07:21
Can I be on the selection panel choosing the girls?

16th Feb 2004, 08:28
Put me down to do the auditions!

16th Feb 2004, 09:13
The man who drives the Bang Bus has to have eyes in the back of his head, tobzalp. As jobs go, its not all its cracked up to be.

16th Feb 2004, 09:37
Id be happey in an acting/directing role.

Dont forget we'll need fluffers.....can I be in charge of auditioning them? :D

Buster Hyman
16th Feb 2004, 10:17
Surely there's a role for me somewhere?

The Invisible Man
16th Feb 2004, 13:19
I could be the filthy voyeur, who plays on/with the organ !

You'd never know I was there !!!


16th Feb 2004, 15:17
Move over on the bench there, Invis , there are more than one voyeur volunteer here .... :mad:

The Nr Fairy
16th Feb 2004, 16:34
Can I bring my chopper along ?

16th Feb 2004, 16:38
If you are short of prooners use this agency.......

http://www.adultstaffing.com/ (http://www.crayola.com)


Rupert S
16th Feb 2004, 17:28
Flash, I think you should remove that link. You can all be camera men, actors, voyeurs for all I care. I'm managing the thing and I get a nice big cut of the profits :ok:

tony draper
16th Feb 2004, 17:45
Is it going to be the usual proon porn movie, or are there going to be women in this one.

16th Feb 2004, 17:45
Ahhhhh, you may want to manage the project, but don't forget all the sundry expenses associated with a production like this.

Legal expenses and advice - Flying Laywer - obvious
Script writers - Carnsie, with that rare form of wit and humour and Ozzy cause it sounds like he's been there and done that!
Props - I'm sure Mr Draper has some interesting things lying about we could use!.
Make-up - Trying to think who the biggest girl is around here - Onan perhaps :p.
Medical/Health - Buster Hyman, yet another obvious choice.
Catering - Binos, as only a true Aussie knows how to cook a BBQ......and Wino can provide the drinks if there's any left.
Animal Control - Shaggy Sheep Driver, yet another obvious choice.
Film - under_exposed
Lighting - Techchick (if she stays sober!)

How's those profits looking now? ;)

16th Feb 2004, 18:01
Do we need a carpenter for looking after all the wood?

Buster Hyman
16th Feb 2004, 19:16
Medical?Health....Hmmm....I could do that!

"Bend over & think of England!.....Miss! :E :ok:

Tuba Mirum
16th Feb 2004, 20:46
Put me (and a few carefully selected friends) down for the incidental music.

Do you think the theme from "Ground Force" would do the trick? :ooh:



16th Feb 2004, 21:04
Put me down for a small part :(

16th Feb 2004, 22:06
For all the cameras/ sound/ light, you need a man who's got a really big wrench. I can provide that wrench!

16th Feb 2004, 22:41
Who's going to be Best Boy, Dolly Grip, and Gaffer?:E

Ozzy (check the gate, rolling, and.......action......)

Anthony Carn
17th Feb 2004, 00:19
The script (subject to co-writer Ozzy's approval).

Act #1, scene #1

"Hi toots!"
"Hi, big boy!"
*slobber, slobber..........*
*pop, pop...........*
"Wowee, glad I got big hands!"
*Fondle, tweak*
"My, that's a hard one!"
*slurp, slurp.........*
"Lie down!"
*lick, lick..........*

.....to be continued.

Waddya think of it so far? Great story, innit! :cool:

17th Feb 2004, 00:28
Act #1, scene #2

close up on action....cut to train entering tunnel
"oh yeah, oh yeah"
cut back to action, zoom out
"mmmm yeah, ooooohh"
"do me, do me"
"yeah, oh **** yeah"
cut to mushroom cloud
cut to the money shot
"oh God, mmm yeah, ooh"

Ozzy:E :ok:

Rupert S
17th Feb 2004, 00:40
oh my stars, I've created a scandal.

17th Feb 2004, 01:00
Yup Rupert S..Yah gotta be careful when you start a thread such as this in JB. You was wisely warned by Falps too...but did ya listen? :hmm: :suspect:

Good job you didn't though...! :E

17th Feb 2004, 01:39
Me and my group of teamsters demand our wages doubled right now, or this production is doomed!

surely not
17th Feb 2004, 01:39
Clearly Anthony C and Ozzy have watched a lot of these movies and will make excellent script writers!

17th Feb 2004, 02:24
cheers, Jerricho,

count me in:E :E :E

17th Feb 2004, 05:28
I'm saying nowt..:O

17th Feb 2004, 05:37
Tuba - Incidental Music - OK,

But Myself, Pigboat, Cooda and Binos will co-ordinate the sound track!!!!! :ok: :ok: :ok: :E :p

18th Feb 2004, 13:18
Why do I always end up as an extra in the gang-bang scenes? Next time I want a grunting part, or at least a little moaning...

18th Feb 2004, 14:36
Life is hell, Blacksheep! All I get to do is voyeur from the bench .... :{