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PZL Pilot
16th Feb 2004, 00:02
“The History and Development of Air Atlantique” – this Tuesday 17/2 – Loughborough University. Commencing 19:30hrs.

Loughborough Students Flying Club is hosting a presentation given by Stuart Powney of Atlantic Airlines titled – “The History and Development of Air Atlantique”. This is open to all, anyone in the East Midlands area who is interested, please feel free to come along, there is no charge and refreshments are provided!

'The history and development of Air Atlantique' charts the progress of one of the very few privately owned aerial operations in the UK. From the early days as an Air Taxi Operator with one small Cessna twin, to the current Group fleet of close on fifty aircraft. The rise and rise of oil pollution control capability, coupled with a significant reconnaissance and surveillance ability is worthy of its own space. Indeed, the sight of a Lockheed Electra spraying from something less than fifty feet can only be described as "awesome". That and a few more surprises come to light during this talk.

Please click the link for a map of the university campus, the venue is in ‘U’ block (Brockington Extension located in ‘Central Park’) room U0.20. Temporary passes will be issued at the gatehouse. The presentation will commence at 19:30hrs. http://www.lboro.ac.uk/about/map/


-Dan Nutt
Loughborough Students Flying Club

16th Feb 2004, 05:43

I would love to have gone, however getting down from Scotland at such short notice might be a bit of a problem.

I have an interest in the company, with a view to working for them one day, sooner rather than later as a mature cadet!! The presentation sounds like a great forum for getting to know where they have come from and may be going to, giving the proposed expansion of Coventry Airport!

Do you know if they are going to hand out notes or other literature? If so, could you grab me a copy and I’ll PM you a forwarding address, paid for of course. If there are no hand-outs, I don’t suppose you could do a quick review for me and others with an interest.

It would be appreciated.



PPRuNe Pop
16th Feb 2004, 15:21
This is NOT the forum for discussions on wannabes. You can do that on the appropriate forum.

I will close this one and leave it for information only.