View Full Version : Did anyone here know him?

8th Nov 2001, 22:52
Even though it is JB, thought since he was from London, some might know him. Somewhat sad event.

SEBASTIAN, Fl. -- A 23-year-old British skydiver was pronounced dead Thursday after crashing into the roof of a home in this southeast Florida beach town.

Craig Chesworth, of London, was skydiving shortly after noon Wednesday when he missed the drop zone and crash-landed onto a nearby home. The parachute then carried him to the ground, where a neighbor saw him and called paramedics.

Chesworth was flown to Holmes Regional Medical Center in critical condition. He was taken off life support around 2:30 a.m. Thursday, Indian River Sheriff's Detective Chris Gregory said.

The incident marks the second skydiving accident to occur in the area this year. The first happened in May, when a 33-year-old skydiver fell to his death.

Gregory said Chesworth was in Sebastian on vacation and had made 165 previous jumps.