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tony draper
8th Nov 2001, 00:39
Just been a very good documentry about TWA flight 800 on the Channel Four Going Critical series.
Looks like they used MS Flightim, to graphicly demonstrate the condition of the Aircraft moment by moment, from the explosion until the impact with the sea.
Now I have no doubt that this would be of interest to the Air Investigation organisations and those with a profesional interest in aviation but it seems a bit over the top for the casual viewer, and would be very distressing for the relatives of those who died.
It was a well made and as far as I can judge a honest documentry, the whole seies has been good.
Still, that kind of graphic detail makes me feel uneasy somehow.

8th Nov 2001, 03:43
Lots of aviation stuff on telly tonite....

there was something about the effect of sept 11 on airline industry on BBC2...nothing really groundbreaking addressed there.

then there was Going Critical....that was very interesting....plus very useful demonstrations.....see how the fuel tanks blow up in slow motion!!!!

then those who have discovery.....a programme on Concorde's Comeback......

who need Discovery Wings??? ....I Do!!!!!


8th Nov 2001, 04:16
You've posted in the wrong place, The only thing Jet Blast has in common with aviation is all the hot air blowing out of the a........

But you're right, good night on TV for aviation stuff, so why was I watching that Julie Walters thing, am I getting soft?

8th Nov 2001, 08:35
Obviously I didn't see the program in question, but I hope it wasn't the nonsense 're-enactment' of TWA800 which TV Noos showed ad nauseam at the time. The one in which a nose-less 747 is shown sedately climbing for several seconds after the event, seemingly oblivious to the drastic aft shift of the c.g., a 300kt wind blowing into the cabin, severed hydraulics, control runs, probable FOD and GKWE.

I don't think anybody knows how a 747 would react to such a catastrophe and I doubt any sim could be programmed with all the possibilities.

ISTR this animation was produced by the FBI who were initially headed the investigation. After someone with a bit of knowledge had a word with the Chief Plod, it was withdrawn and never seen again. Until now...? I would have hoped all copies were rounded up and destroyed, like the legendary Donna Mills t*tty scene.

(Sorry to be serious in JB. Well except for the last bit - drool, slobber).

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13th Nov 2001, 17:32
It was far from nonsense. A very professional re-construction by the NTSB of the conditions under which jet fuel becomes explosive. -Nearly empty tank, heat from the air conditioning unit, vapour evacuated via the wing-tip vents as the plane gained altitude. A short in the wiring loom which caused a spark in a build up of sulphur on the fuel guage probe. Pilots last words on the flight voice recorder referred to the flow guage going wild. Explosion in the middle fuel tank, detected by the deformation of the main wing spar found in the crash debris. Chilling stuff, when there are so many old 747s flying around.