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15th Feb 2004, 06:40
To all women out there who were horsey-mad -

Norman Thelwell died last week.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/photo_gallery/3473509.stm (http://)

May he rest in peace having depicted a generation of pre-pubescent pony club girls.


15th Feb 2004, 08:36
Sad to hear. I have a small book of some of his earlier cartoons around here somewhere ... absolute classics.

15th Feb 2004, 19:12
Was that what he was all about? A girl thing? My sister gave me two books for my birthday when I turned fifteen. One was by Susan Sontag called from memory "On Photography", and the other was a book of Thelwell cartoons.

I still don't know which one I understood least. :confused: I blame my sister for my current state. :(

15th Feb 2004, 19:21
Sad to hear he is gone. I recall his cartoons in either "Eagle" or "Lion" comics (in the UK) when I was a kid.

Happy days...or should that be Happy Daze??

Onan the Clumsy
15th Feb 2004, 21:39
Didn't he build that bridge on the M6?

16th Feb 2004, 00:40
Onan - that was a viaduct (with fabulous expansion joints - if I remember rightly)

Onan the Clumsy
16th Feb 2004, 00:43
My dad knew a bloke who fell off it. He was climbing up with a theodelite strapped to his back and when he got to the top, it snagged on something and he fell off. He survived and my dad asked him "So when you fell off, was it like they say? did you see your whole life flash before your eyes?". The response was "No I just thought 'I've bloody well fallen off that sodding bridge.'.".

It would be good to be a realist all the way up to the end.

16th Feb 2004, 00:53
Isn't a theodolite someone who lives underground? ;)

16th Feb 2004, 05:06

No way, it is a sugar-free theodo :p