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6th Nov 2001, 13:24
News just in :

"The Guvnor,that well respected intellectual who single-handedly tries to cause further misery to the airline industry,has this morning departed to Pakistan.
It is rumoured that he is not satisfied that his inane remarks annoy 99% of the PPRUNE collective.He has decided to make his way to the front line and do further damage by joining the Taliban.
In London this morning,BA announced a 5 million profit and said;"Now that The Guvnor has left these shores,we fully expect the British airline industry to make a quick recovery".

6th Nov 2001, 13:28
Well then, so long Guv. But are you sure they want to have you there :)

Minesagrolsch, are you accompaining him?

6th Nov 2001, 14:28
I phoned Tally Ban and he said he didn't want me!

NOW why has it shrunk again?!?

The Guvnor
6th Nov 2001, 14:34
Strange, and there was Rod on the phone not 20 minutes ago saying: "G'day Guv, I understand you're the only bloke round here with balls big enough to successfully run BA. I have to do a runner off to South America where my next victim, er, employer awaits. Fancy the job? Yours for a gazillion quid a year plus luncheon vouchers!"

Couldn't care less about the money, but the LVs tipped it for me. :D :D :D

Shouldn't this be on JetBlast?

6th Nov 2001, 15:21
In your Dreams :D :D :D :D

The Guvnor
6th Nov 2001, 15:36
... nightmares, you mean! I'd rather run an op in Africa! :D :eek: :D

6th Nov 2001, 17:12
It was in his dreams and when he woke up he found that he had soiled his bedsheets!

Notso Fantastic
6th Nov 2001, 17:41
<cry><weep><wail><moan>.....Things will never be the same <guffaw>....I shall miss him, but my aim will be better when he comes back......who will I bitch at now? Woe is me.....

The Guvnor
6th Nov 2001, 17:54
Sorry boys, but having just read me old mate Notso Fantastic's post about how much he's miss me I've given Osama a call and told him I'm not going to be able to take the job of running Air Qa'aida after all.

In any case, their business plan didn't make a lot of sense. What's the point of only running one way flights? And what city centre airports have runways that can take 767s? :confused: :eek: :confused:

Notso, my dear boy, I shall look forward to the many beers you'll be buying me at the Chrissy Bash. Cheers! :D :D

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6th Nov 2001, 18:40
Fellow Guvnor - I am not sure that your attempts at humour are in the best of taste.

I hope readers will differentiate between us!

NOW what am I saying?!?

6th Nov 2001, 23:00
Too late Guv, I hear that Anne Thrax is running Air Qa'aida :D

7th Nov 2001, 13:21
To The Guvnor (the real one)

In any case, their business plan didn't make a lot of sense. What's the point of only running one way flights?

I have watched you spouting your self important bullshit for as long as I can remember here on Pprune and I have never once been drawn in and taken the bait but the above is the most offensive, tactless crap ever to spout from your **********.

Maybe if you had lost one of your good friends on the 11th of September you may have thought twice about posting something so tactless that it should at last earn you an immediate ban. You have the brains of an amoeba and the intelligence of a trouser leg.

I think the above lack of professionalism and tact shows why you will never run a real airline and I wish it had been you who had had a 767 fly up your arse that day.

Whilst what you said may have been an attempt at humour, it isn't even close to being funny and speaking as one of the many thousands who lost a friend or loved one that day all I have to say go away you pathetic insignificant little excuse of a man.

I can just about put up with the crap you seem to love spouting on an hourly basis, but that was unforgivable.

You are scum, pure and utter scum and I am furious :mad: :mad:

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7th Nov 2001, 14:16

There is a big red notice on the entrance to this forum which says.
Humour has been an effective way of dealing with stress and trauma since Adam was a boy.

The term "If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen springs to mind" :eek:

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7th Nov 2001, 16:11
757 - I'm sorry but I agree with sirwa. Your comments are way over the top.
Before you start flaming me, if you check back on some of my previous posts you will see I lost six friends and colleagues on September 11 and it still hurts -- as if it makes any difference.

8th Nov 2001, 14:15
Sorry 757 I would second, actually, third that. Bit OTT.