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15th Feb 2004, 06:22
As I now live a long way from Gods Own Country/ Land of Milk & Honey etc and the pigeons are normally late down 'ere I have just learn't of folk singer/comedian Tony Capsticks death in October, I never even new he was sacked from his Radio Show, used to listen to it every time whilst at Uni, got me through many a dark day. Anyway I just wonderd if anybody here has heard of him, remembers him? I was a bit shocked to read he was sacked, anyone care to comment???

I'll also admit that I own a copy of his hit song "Sheffield Grinder/Capstick come home":D

15th Feb 2004, 07:22
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My dad told me once that on one of Tony Capstick's sunday morning shows where he would do requests for people's birthdays/ anniversary etc, he got a request that he obviously didn't like and said something along the lines of..

"Mrs Jones would like to wish happy anniversary to her husband and would like me to play whatever song. Well, I can't stand that song so here's something by The Who..."

Is it true?

As for his sacking, I don't know whether or not it was anything to do with him being convicted for the nth time for drink driving but it wasn't soon after that when he was sacked and not long until he died.

15th Feb 2004, 08:11
Been to his local (Rockingham Arms, Wentworth) its only 10min from me. Never saw him their but my Mum and Dad have.


16th Feb 2004, 02:03
Nice bloke, very funny. Sad news.

16th Feb 2004, 02:08
As a by-the-by, The Rockingham Arms was just voted Best Folk Club in Radio 2 Folk Awards last week