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5th Nov 2001, 13:31
Wondering just WHIH?

Especially to keep everyone in the picture on the War on Terrorism or Something…

WASHINGTON - US pilots reportedly bombed something in Afghanistan, and then returned on a low level flight and shot whatever it was up. Pointing at satellite imaging of the bombing raid, defence spokesman Digdon Bruchetti said:
"You can see here that there's something down there, right there and a bit over here, and on this next photo you can see that we've bombed it."
The pilots could not confirm exactly what it was they had bombed, but they were "100 per cent sure" that they had bombed it. According to flight logs, the bombing mission was completed by a low level flight during which gunners shot up whatever it was down there. "On the before photo you can't really tell what the hell it is there," reporters were told. "But here in the after photo you can see that whatever the hell it was, it isn't there any more."
"Yessir," the defence representative said. "Whatever that was, it sure didn't stick around much."

OMAN - Tony Blair, on a morale-boosting visit to UK troops, sought to remind them why they were in British army uniform:
"It's not just about defending your country," he told soldiers in the Omani desert.
"It's about the fact that you like all this gun and boot stuff, and basically you couldn't find another job."
Blair told soldiers that they shouldn't forget this, if they were called on to fight. A Blair aide briefed reporters on the speech.
"Tony got them to think through why they are here," he said.
"What he underlined was, remember your family, remember that you are going to fire those guns you've got in someone's face, and remember that it's either that or being on the dole in St Helens."
The aide, who would not give his name, said: "In plain language Tony was basically saying that those guns are pretty sexy and this is about getting to do sexy things with them."

WASHINGTON, DC - The FBI, now clearly in control of the terrorist threat, warned the public that it had "pinpoint, credible" intelligence that something quite bad would probably happen sometime soon, somewhere in America.
"Big and very credible intelligence reports make clear that new attacks of some kind or other against US interests of some sort at home or some place else in the world are really very possible some time really quite soon," announced a breathless Attorney General John D. Ashcroft at a hurriedly-called news conference.
In a subsequent statement, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III declined to comment on how or where the attacks might occur, when or why. Or on whom.
"We are not prepared to go into the small print on this," Mueller said.
But he confirmed that the reports produced by his Agency were "very, very big and really extremely credible".
The FBI assured Americans that it was doing everything it could to avert the possible attack, or whatever it was.

So now you know exactly what is going on, or not, as the case may or may not be :confused:

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