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5th Nov 2001, 02:28
Draper asks: "who the f*cks Harry Potter?"

... and well he might, although you'd need to be living on the planet Zog not to have heard.

Haven't seen anything approaching this level of hype since ET. Anyone else find it just a little bit tacky and over the top ?

5th Nov 2001, 02:34
It's called a license to print money. The film cost a typical hollywood amount of US$75 million and Coke as a sponsor has paid up US$100 million to have the brown sugar drink featured. That is a US$25 million profit before the first ticket is sold?
I still have some hope for Lord of the Rings.

5th Nov 2001, 03:08
Crikey !

That's one helluva lot of rotten teeth :eek:

5th Nov 2001, 04:00
I don't know what has happened to the BBC's news values. They are recycling cheap publicity stories about the Potter movie without any editorial perspective. Eg: spurious story that companies have bought up all the tickets, leaving kids (bless 'em) unable to get in, but, no worries, A.Spokesman says there will be plenty. Next day, planted story about props being stolen off theset, and sold on the Internet as 'desperate' fans offer thousands for the mementoes. All rubbish, and the BBC falls for it every time. Either they are lazy, or stupid, or there is s more sinister explanation involving $$.