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14th Feb 2004, 07:03
Ok folks,

The great 6 Nations is upon us again.

Tomorrow Ireland play France in Paris , England play Italy in Rome and Wales play Scotland in Cardiff.

Predictions please?

Mine are:




Anyone going to the games? I'm heading to all home games and over to London.

The Sweaties and Leekists will be coming over here to drink Dublin dry!

Ah rugby and Beer, is there any better combination??

Some great quotes......

"In our country, true teams rarely exist . . . social barriers and personal ambitions have reduced athletes to dissolute cliques or individuals thrown together for mutual profit . . . Yet these rugby players. with their muddied, cracked bodies, are struggling to hold onto a sense of humanity that we in America have lost and are unlikely to regain. The game may only be to move a ball forward on a dirt field, but the task can be accomplished with an unshackled joy and its memories will be a permanent delight. The women and men who play on that rugby field are more alive than too many of us will ever be. The foolish emptiness we think we perceive in their existence is only our own." - Victor Cahn

On trying to stop Phil Horrocks-Taylor: "Every time I went to tackle him, Horrocks went one way, Taylor went the other, and all I got was the bloody hyphen." - Nick England

"Rugby is a good occasion for keeping thirty bullies far from the center of the city." - Oscar Wilde

14th Feb 2004, 11:29
Wales to beat Scotland by a 12 clear points.

England to beat Italy by 20+ clear points.

France to beat Ireland by 3 points

14th Feb 2004, 18:27
Erm, Wales / Scotland to be the wooden spoon decider.

Shame to have it so early in the competition really, should give the fans something to look forward to....

14th Feb 2004, 20:00
This weekend...

Ireland to win (ok I don't really expect them too but I'm voting for them nevertheless)

Wales to win

England to win

surely not
15th Feb 2004, 19:30
My vote for the final positions at the end of the tournament:

1st France
2nd England
3rd Wales
4th Ireland
5th Scotland
6th Italy

15th Feb 2004, 21:42
Well I'm two out of three so far.

And barring a miracle, I think England will win by 30 points minimum.

And don't get cocky, Wales you're dead meat next week against a superior Irish pack!

15th Feb 2004, 23:13
Have to agree the Welsh pack looked shaky this week and we had very poor lineout ball - but Sidoli will probably be back for the next match :cool: .

So My predictions for the 21/2 Feb are :

Wales to beat Ireland by 10pts
France to beat Italy by 25 pts
England to beat Scotland by 30pts

16th Feb 2004, 00:18
Jesus, you'd know you were welsh mate!!

You could only get 23 points against the worst scottish side in living memory at home and still concede 10 points??

Look at the score the last time Wales came visiting to Dublin!! 54-10 with many of the current players playing that day. And you had Howley and Scott Quinnell!!

Ireland by 15, pack will be too strong for you.

Ah well, all my predictions were spot on. Impressed with England, did enough without hitting top gear. Robinson is an outstanding player.

16th Feb 2004, 00:46
Well deserved man of the match (and sans finger-nail).

I'll predict England for the Grand Slam.
2 - France
3 - Ireland
4 - Wales
5 - Italy
6 - Scotland (and wooden spoon)

Sorry to all my Scottish friends but your team's hey-day has passed. However, it will come again but, if yesterday's performance was anything to go by, it'll be a long way off.



21st Feb 2004, 06:07
OK Folks! Its round two!

Post your predictions here!




Come on guys, lets have 'em!

21st Feb 2004, 16:59
Ok, here's mine for what's worth - same results but different margins






surely not
21st Feb 2004, 17:34
Scotland 9 England 62

France 56 Italy12

Ireland 18 Wales 24

21st Feb 2004, 18:07
Something's just not right here. You're confronted with the start of the six nations, yet I type this after just watching my super 12 team (auckland) get pumped by ACT. winter everywhere at the moment? Can't be, it was 38c in Canberra where the game was played. not to worry F1 soon!

surely not
21st Feb 2004, 23:21
At least with Rugby there is a chance of a close finish, unlike F1 which has to be the most boring sport around at the moment.

24th Feb 2004, 02:19
Well there goes that Welsh revival we were promised!!

I was damn close with my prediction for the Ireland game.

Different story for Ireland V England in Twickenham though, I'm just looking for a great performance by the Irish. England are just still too strong though.

surely not
24th Feb 2004, 04:45
Think I'll give up on score predictions!

24th Feb 2004, 05:34
Final positions will be:

1st - England
Joint 2nd - France/Ireland
4th - Italy
5th - Wales
6th - Scotland

So there!

24th Feb 2004, 17:01
Great work OneWorld!! One point away from the Irish result!! Hope you had money on that!!

Italy 18 Scotland 25
Wales 12 France 35
Ireland 20 England 25

On the basis of last weekend performances; England are suffering from the post-world cup winning blues and were flattered by 2 lucky tries, ireland can still beat anyone on their day, scotland and italy will be fighting it out for the wooden spoon.

24th Feb 2004, 17:56

You make your own luck as they say and whilst England certainly did not hit the heights on Saturday they were still good value for their win. This despite a much improved Scotland display from the weekend before.

I was at Murrayfield for the game and there was a great atmosphere in the place. Complete contrast to the last Scotland V Eangland encounter I saw - football's Euro 2000 play-off at Hampden Park in 1999.

Good results on both occasions, however :ok: :ok: :ok:

24th Feb 2004, 18:38
You know Mullers, I didn't have any money on it!! I would have got good odds on that spread as well.

I agree, I thought England did enough without hitting top gear and thats a worry and they still put up a record score against the sweaties!

Mullers, I'd take that Ireland - England scoreline in a second!
I think it will be more like 14-20 points difference.

England are just too strong at the moment and it's the first full game back at HQ after the world cup so they'll really be up for it.

Should be a great game though with a great atmosphere. I'll be having nice creamy pints of Fullers after the game around Twickenham or in Richmond whatever the outcome!

24th Feb 2004, 19:12
One World,

Yeah your probably right about the Twickers effect, although i would like to think that Ireland will build on their superb display of forward play against Wales and really be up for a pop at the world champs.

I will be at Lansdowne on the 20th anyway so at least I'll be guarenteed to see them win against the Italians!!

5th Mar 2004, 16:08
Come on everyone, lets have some predictions for the weekend's results? or you could just have a laugh at my Irl v Eng scoreline!

5th Mar 2004, 17:57
My prediction for the weekend, is that I might get that new path laid, the greenhouse cleared and take Mrs Luke out shopping.

After all, there's [email protected]@er all worth watching on the box!!!!:p

5th Mar 2004, 18:26
Whirlygig's predictions

Italy 20 Scotland 15
Wales 18 France 28
Ireland 17 England 30

Not sure about Scotland/Italy - still undecided about wooden spoon but I still think Italy might (just might) have the edge over Scotland.

Ireland and Wales won't disgrace themselves against the stronger teams and the margins might be different but I'm sure the results will be the same.



5th Mar 2004, 19:06
OK, really nervous about tomorrow, should be a huge game,

Heart says Ireland by 3 BUt head says,

England V Ireland - England by 14+

Wales V France - France by 14+

Italy V Scotland - Italy by 3+

Come on Ireland!! Make me a believer!!

5th Mar 2004, 20:13
I am feeling your nerves one world!! I think you should put a bet on this time around though!?

I am still gonna be bold and go for an ireland win. Cant see it happening but at least if it does I'll be able to say I told you so!

Wales 10 France 30

Scotland 25 Italy 18

I think Italy will snatch the wooden spoon from Scotland.

Jelly Baby Freak
5th Mar 2004, 21:20
Italy to beat Scotland by 7 points

England to beat Ireland by 10 points

France to beat Wales by 14 points

JBF to be squiffy on 10 pints by 1800 hrs Saturday!

Leicester Tigers to beat Ba Bas by 48 points!
Oh no that was Wednesday!!:8

5th Mar 2004, 21:29
Hey JBF, you a member there at Welford Road?

Jelly Baby Freak
5th Mar 2004, 21:47
Oneworld 22
Yep, member and season ticket holder!
Last seen in Dublin at last years European Cup
Final wearing a Tiger's shirt (What else?)
Why, the question? Do you have any requests...?

5th Mar 2004, 21:51
Scotland by 10
Ireland by 14
Wales by 5

Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing !!!! Oh that'll be the alarm clock :rolleyes:

Biggles Flies Undone
5th Mar 2004, 21:54
Hopefully the 'first big one at Twickers after the RWC' factor will see England through over what I expect to be our biggest challenge in the Six Nations this year. Sadly (ish) I feel something or arboreal origin is headed north of the border....

5th Mar 2004, 22:15

Just wondering that's all, it's a great club with brilliant supporters. I was at the Heineken cup final in Cardiff 2 years ago cheering on Munster and met many Tigers fans. We had a great old laugh downing the pints and talking rugby!

Where you at that game?

Hey Mullers,

I just sent you a PM with details of accommodation in Dublin.

You should be fine!

Jelly Baby Freak
5th Mar 2004, 22:40
Yep, I was in Cardiff with 84,000 others, just behind the posts! Met some great Munster supporters, still keep in touch! Wife's cousin plays for Munster & Shannon. (Other photo of me & the missus last May in Howth - & me in me Munster jersey!)
Hope they get to Twickers in May, I'll be there
in one shirt, or the other!
PS It was great to see GM back playing Wednesday
night after his broken leg accident.

5th Mar 2004, 23:04
Good man JBF!

It's the same with the Gloucester supporters, the two fans have formed great friendships. With Glaws fans even offering Munster fans accommodation during the Cheltenham festival in exchange for tickets for the games in Thomond Park!!

Super tp see Murph back, he's made a good recovery I hear. We bloody need him!

Who is your wifes cousin? Just say the initials if you don't want to say the full name.

surely not
5th Mar 2004, 23:42
Something for the weekend:-

Italy 24 v 15 Scotland

Wales 12 v 36 France

England 36 v 22 Ireland

Jelly Baby Freak
6th Mar 2004, 03:19

Wife's cousin (2nd cousin she informs/corrects me!)
Winger Mossie Lawlor. Found this out the other week
when chatting on the phone to his aunt Mary in Limerick!
Let us know nearer to the date if you're going to the final
at Twickers in May, we could meet up for a scoop or two!
I've already got tickets and may have a couple spare...:ok:

6th Mar 2004, 04:55
Ah Mossie Lawlor, he was playing tonight in Belfast. Munster lost heavily though 36-6. Christisn Cullen was playing, didn't do much though.....

Yeah, love to meet up if I go over to the final, thanks for that! And any other PPRuNers who are in the area as well. We could have a good old Anglo-Irish PPRuNe p**s up!!

I'll keep watching this space....

Tom the Tenor
6th Mar 2004, 19:56
England Ladies playing Ireland Ladies today at 1.30 pm at Twickenham. Ireland Ladies have to be out of the ground 40 minutes after their game. Bad form! :confused:

6th Mar 2004, 23:26
Well halfway through this afternoon's rugby entertainment in UK and I am sorry to see Scotland, physical lightweights, lose to the Italians ... why can't Scotland find some muscly dudes? and ... how do these Kiwis end up playing for Italy? Is rugby going the way of football and it is who you can buy that counts rather than nationality? Forgive my ignorance, this is a genuine question ...

Also ... how come the ball in the Scotland/Italy game was "smaller and rounder than usual" ... how can there not be a championship standard for such things? way odd to me!

OKies Ireland/England is still 0:0 at 17mins...


surely not
7th Mar 2004, 00:55
Congratulations to the Irish Team, a very powerful performance and deserved winners.

What happened to the England line out, we were awful?

Tom the Tenor
7th Mar 2004, 01:04
Where is your 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot' now?

Up your junta! :p

7th Mar 2004, 01:05
Bl**dy hell

What rugby does to grown up men. I went up to the butchers today to get me Sunday roast & my normally lovely, placid, helpful, former rugby playing butcher had turned into a vertiable demon. He had a telly put into his shop blaring out the match while he rudely tried to hurry his customers, accusing me of "that he'd think I was deliberately delaying him, if he didn't know better" (all I asked was for a separate bag for me carrots so I wouldn't have to put them in with the raw meat", basic food hygiene) :rolleyes:

The women who had ordered before me proceeded to order some chops again after me from the hurried, panicked, impatient butcher who muttered "I want to watch the match".

I left the butchers telling her "if she wasn't careful she'd be the one that would be chopped up" to warning, amused looks by her. I mean silly me but I thought the idea of a shopkeepr was to politely serve the customers, not alienate them though I must say the whole scenario while surprising me, amused me since the butcher is a friend of mine & I'd never seen him in such a state :rolleyes:

Men & sport really! I thought I'd left all that [email protected] behind when my brothers left home since rugby was like a religion in my home though I was alone in not subscribing to it.

Who was playing in the friggin match anyway??? :confused:


7th Mar 2004, 02:05
Well, Ireland beat England at Twickenham. Well done - I would never have predicted that.

Whirly's come over all emotional :O

7th Mar 2004, 02:10
Well done you guys. We played crap but that's not taking anything away from you - you were extremely good!!!!!

7th Mar 2004, 02:46
Oh well that's alright then! :D :D :D

Coco :ok:

7th Mar 2004, 04:16
Deeply disappointed in Scotland this year. I can only hope that Matt Williams is using this year to experiment - trying to be optimistic. I cant say I have noticed an improvment since Ian McGeechan retired - at least he managed to harness the fire in the Soctland squads bellies, I wonder if Williams is trying to train that out of them.

The Italy-Scotland match was a pretty guesome affair for Scots, it's no wonder this was billed the match between the two worst nations. Looks like we will be getting the wooden spoon this year.

Well done to Ireland for a fantastic win.

p.s. Hamrah, sorry I was a grumpy b'stard this afternoon....

Titan Locked
7th Mar 2004, 04:45
Irish deserved the win - maybe that will bring some people back down to earth.

How Woodward can drop Neil Back and keep that inept hooker Thomson in the team beggars belief. Almost lost the world cup final due to our inability to win our own line-outs.

7th Mar 2004, 08:59
Being of Irish origin I can't help but be happy (hic!) tonight...

Long live the 6 Nations!

I hear there are chariots for sale...

mini :E :E

7th Mar 2004, 15:05
Thompson had an absolute 'mare yesterday - Ireland targeted this weakness early on and continued all game. I think Ireland stole more than half of the English line-outs throughout the eighty minutes and it won them the game. Well done to them, it was thoroughly deserved.

I'm surprised Sir Clive didn't bring on Regan earlier as it was fairly obvious that Thompson's confidence had gone after ten minutes.

Still, they had to lose sometime :{ :{ :{

8th Mar 2004, 04:12

I think I'm still drunk!!

What a game....I thank God for days like that.

What a sensational performance by the Irish pack and well done England for being very gracious losers, the team and the fans took it on the chins like men.

Desert Nomad
8th Mar 2004, 14:57
Was a great game (for the Irish), they played a tactically superior game playing on England's weak points and it won the match for them.

Well done to the French too. The Welsh looked like they may hang on but the weak pack was a big let down.

Can someone tell me why we have these southern hemisphere refs now? What a load of borrocks that is. Their interpretation is totally different. Not their fault but begs the question as to whether the rule book needs ripping up and starting again with not so ambiguous rules in it.

Jelly Baby Freak
8th Mar 2004, 18:37
Well, I managed 2 results out of three!
Great play by the Irish, at least the MIL was
happy and singing!
I wonder if Johno had still been playing if
he would have turned the team around?
And as for not playing me mate Backey!! :mad: :mad:

8th Mar 2004, 21:41

Thanks for the info. Booked the Ormond Quay hotel, hope its ok.

And to the Irish: Congratulations!! Excellent game plan executed perfectly. Lineout was awesome and defence more than equal to the english attack. As JBF has indulged him/herself with regard to the results I hope you won't mind me quoting myself here when i said I am still gonna be bold and go for an ireland win. Cant see it happening but at least if it does I'll be able to say I told you so!

So there you go! I told you so!

aaaahhh thats better. :D :D

8th Mar 2004, 22:30
Ormond Quay Hotel will be perfect, you're right in the centre within easy walking distance of everywhere really.

And you just have to walk down to Tara Street dart station and you'll be in Lansdowne in 5 mins!

You can certainly yell "I told you so" all you bloody well like!!!!

crispy banana
8th Mar 2004, 23:35
One chariot, (low-swinging, sweet type),in urgent need of repair (wheels
have come off..again). One careless owner, details from Clive,
Tel.Twickenham 20-14.

100,000 Grand Slam t-shirts, ties & scarves - unused
(choice of 1998/99, 1999/2000, 2000/2001and 2003/2004 ) Contact : RFU,

LOST (on way to Twickenham) (i) Plan B (ii) Graciousness (iii) Bottle.
Please contact : L. Daglalio, C. Woodward.

MEN CHOKE IN FRONT OF LARGE CROWD 49,000 spectators watched
yesterday as 15 sportsmen choked in front of them, apparently after being
force-fed a large slice of humble pie. A doctor attending the scene said
that the men had a medical history of this sort of thing: apparently it
also happened in 2000 in Edinburgh, Wembley in 1999 and Landsdowne
in 2001.

IN MEMORIAM Slam, G : passed away, 7th Feb 2004. Sorely missed by
Clive and
the boys.

9th Mar 2004, 00:07
crispy bananaIN MEMORIAM Slam, G : passed away, 7th Feb 2004.
The obit is a bit premature.
Mr Slam is curently in the intensive care unit of a well known hospital south of the Channel. Doctors are saying that survival chances do exist indeed.

Allez les petits !

Jelly Baby Freak
10th Mar 2004, 21:28
OK it's a bit early, but I'm not around next week
and I might forget to post..

20/21 March
England to beat Wales by 10
Ireland to beat Italy by 14
France to beat Scotland by 15

There, said it!
Tigers to beat Saints in the friendly this
Saturday (please God...I don't ask for much...)

Mullers - fair play to yer! A deserved win!
Not being a betting man, I didn't lose any money
over last week!! Did you put any on that match?
OneWorld22 - I'll send a pm with contact
details nearer to the Heinekin Cup Final if
your up for a beer in sunny Twickers! :ok:

Jelly Baby Freak
16th Mar 2004, 16:33
Thank YOU!!
Saints 5 Tigers 18 See, there is a God in heaven!
Now, what can we do Friday night against Quins...??

16th Mar 2004, 17:56
Evening my Rugby brothers,

20/21 March

England to beat Wales by 30
Ireland to beat Italy by 20
France to beat Scotland by 30

I'm afraid there'll be no shocks this weekend. We have Murph back and hopefully our backline can kick in and grab some tries.

Wales just don't have a pack and they'll be murdered by England. I think England will be fuming and will take it out on the Leekists.

Scotland are way too poor and even a France side not caring should put them away comfortably.

18th Mar 2004, 14:05
Oh no!!

The weather forecast is shocking for the irish sea this weekend which probably means the fast craft I was planning to take from Holyhead to Dublin will be cancelled.

AND the big ferry which sails in some of the less nasty storms in the irish sea goes at 0230 on saturday morning!! Flights are too expensive at this stage and I have 4 tickets for the rugby in lansdowne!!


18th Mar 2004, 15:17
AND the big ferry which sails in some of the less nasty storms in the irish sea goes at 0230 on saturday morning!!

Nothing unusual in an International Weekend without any sleep ... start at 2000 Friday night, catch the 0230 and dont stop drinking til Sunday 2300 .. its not the first time thats been done, let me tell you !!:rolleyes: :yuk:

18th Mar 2004, 16:26
Drinking friday night + No sleep + big ferry in irish sea = :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

I can't wait for it!

My GF is going to be really pleased that she came with me!

25th Mar 2004, 11:00
Strangely this post has been sleeping for one week, so what gentlemen ?

My predictions for 27/28th March :

Wales to beat Italy by 25
Ireland to beat Scotland by 12
France to beat England by not very much (trying to be optimistic, but this one will be a tough one)

you had it very very close for France vs Scotland (1 point) :ok:

25th Mar 2004, 11:08
Wales to beat Italy by 10
Ireland to beat scotland by 20
England to beat France by 5

I think the ever improving Italian defence will hold firm until the last quarter against Wales.

The dreadful Scots will succumb to a rout by the irish at lansdowne.

England will be desperate to beat the French and take the title after two poor performances. I think they will just edge the french at the death (but not by enough to win the 6 nations)

25th Mar 2004, 11:13
Wales to beat Italy by 25 ( as per Bre901 )
Scotland to get their act together and beat Ireland by 3 ( I wish )
France to beat England by 9

Wales v Italy is always a big family day in Cardiff, so not wanting to feel left out, Whiz and family will be there, faces painted, stupid hats on and generally joining in the pre-match muppetry.
I cant wait !! :rolleyes:

25th Mar 2004, 11:16
Whiz you must be joking!!

Scotland to beat ireland at Lansdowne in their current form??Bejaysus!!

25th Mar 2004, 11:35
Whiz you must be joking!!

No mate, not joking, just hoping for a miracle. Given the Scots current form its all I can do :D

25th Mar 2004, 12:28
Afternoon all, Mullers, How was the trip? The weather was awful wasn't it? I'd say you got thrown round it the ferry!!

OK Predictions,

Ireland V Scotland - Ireland by 28+

Wales V Italy - Italy by 3

France V England - England by 7

England = Underdogs = bad news for France

25th Mar 2004, 12:43

The weather was indeed pretty awful. Although the ferry coped fairly well. We got the big ferry in the end so arrived in Dublin at 0645 looking like zombies!!:zzz:

The trip was fantastic though. The ormond quay was ideal and just across the river from the Porterhouse where we spent most of saturday night drinking.

Interesting prediction for the wales v italy game! You were abvously as impressed by their performance against the irish as me!

I hope Ireland beat the scots by your margin, it would be nice to round off the tournament with an emphatic win. Here's to a day of quality rugby (and the Wales Italy game too).:)

25th Mar 2004, 12:54
Mullers, the welsh are getting a bit cocky lately I think. They came to Dublin a few weeks ago full of talk and of course got absoultely stuffed. They're talking themselves up again after the game against England and are ripe for a shock.

Primarily because we had the far superior pack. The Italian pack is a big powerful unit and will cause Wales problems. The Irish lads were describing the forward battle as akin to trench warfare. They were really battered afterwards.

I've got a ticket for Saturday so hopefully it'll be a great day.

Jelly Baby Freak
26th Mar 2004, 10:28
Is it really the last post for this..?
Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!!:D

Well, last week managed 3 predictions, with
1 of the points split accurate, one by 2 points
and hell knows what the Scots were up to!
As for this weekend mmmmm....

Wales to beat Italy by 14
Ireland to beat Scotland by 20
England to beat France by 6
but then again it could be the other way around!:{

PS Dear God, thanks for letting Tigers win at Saints, and for the win last Friday against Quins,
now if we could just beat them in the return tomorrow??

:ok: :ok:

26th Mar 2004, 11:09
if you think that Italy will beat Wales this year you are sadly deluded. If they play at anything like the intensity of the England game they should clock up a reasonable margin in the last 20.

woptb, even without a forward pack?? Face it the Welsh forwards are way off international pace. What happened in Dublin? The Italians have a good pack and will cause you problems.

And come on, after the World Cup all we heard from the valleys was talk about the resurgence and I read many Welsh posters on rugby message boards talking about how they were going to win the grand slam this year!!!!

26th Mar 2004, 12:36

I am afraid I am with OneWorld22 on this one. The welsh pack are not up to it really. You are right that if they play like they did against England they will emerge as victors but how often do they play like that? I think Wales will beat Italy just, but by nowhere near 20 points!

26th Mar 2004, 13:01
Italy will take Wales 18 - 10

Ireland will get the Triple Crown (Well deserved too!) 38 - 6

Mmmmm France or England? upper teens for the winner by margin maybe 5 or 6 points but a VERY close call.

IF England can wake up a bit and get the form back and hopefully bring Catt in 2nd half to "liven the game" then they have a chance.
France are at home and boy do they want England's head!

Either way DM No 2 will be happy. He's got English+Scottish blood and born in France so he's laughing!

26th Mar 2004, 16:00
Does anyone know where Ireland could obtain about 35 points on the cheap

C'mon England - but only by 7 points!!!!

27th Mar 2004, 19:51
JetBlast looks very quiet tonight, wondering where the JetBlasters are ? ;)

This is actually a half time posting, see you in 45 minutes.

Allez les Bleus ! :ok: :ok:

henry crun
27th Mar 2004, 20:44
Quote "Italy will take Wales 18 - 10"

Well done France

27th Mar 2004, 20:52
Jean-Pierre Rives used to say : "The Englishmen never lose, but sometimes we can beat them" :ok: :ok:

Standard Noise
28th Mar 2004, 00:20
Winning the Triple Crown was only the candle on the cake, the icing was when we silenced "Fortress Twickenham". It doesn't happen often but tastes damn sweet when it comes to pass.

Oh yeah, and give the slaves their song back you thieving shower, get a song of your own. Vive le France!:E

28th Mar 2004, 02:11
F**k Wales!!

We are the Triple Crown winners 2004!!

What was the score when Wales came to Dublin???

When was the last time Wales beat us in Cardiff?? 1985???


28th Mar 2004, 14:21
No particular need to be feeling smug and contented as I'm a wooden spooner, but England?.....................

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:} :D :}