View Full Version : Introducing...........the F1 car.

14th Feb 2004, 00:13
Just been watching the new Jag being "revealed" at their little shindig. I'm astounded by all the show that is put on. Ok, I'll conceed it is just an excuse for the sponsors and team to get together, p*ss in each others pockets at how good they think the car is, and gets bladdered and try to shag the pit girls. I think it's bloody great stuff, and there should be more of it. (I've been told the Jordan party is the one to go to, that Eddie Jordan throws one hell of a bash! Maybe we should get him involved in the next PPrune Bash!)

Yah F1. Spending a stupid amount of money on cars that go fast, crash really well. Great stuff.

14th Feb 2004, 00:29
Nah, the new Jag won't get a chance to crash- it's only going to keep breaking down again :(

Jordan's definitely be the bash to be at.

How about the FW26 then ? :yuk:

14th Feb 2004, 00:36
Still supposed to be the most powerful car on the track. That front end looks a bit like Cherie Blair. Pitty poor old Ralf has the consistency of lumpy custard.

Lets start the book here...........who's going to win it this year?

14th Feb 2004, 06:37
Barrachello would be a strong contender if he did'nt have to play lap dog to schumacher!

14th Feb 2004, 06:42
It will be Montoya :cool:

14th Feb 2004, 07:04
Alonso (this year or next!)