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Billy The Squid
13th Feb 2004, 17:48
Hi all,

Can anyone help me at all. I am looking for a puppy (pref. cross-breed, medium sized dog), and I want to avoid going to a puppy farm because I don't agree with the practise myself.

However, the puppy is for my mum (who lives alone) and as a surprise present it makes it difficult to go through one of the official rescue centres such as the RSPCA because they understandably want to do home checks...this would spoil the surprise somewhat methinks.

Does anyone know of someone whose dog has just had puppies and would be willing to sell me one?, or maybe a local rescue centre that isn't quite so fussy?. I can guarantee that it would be the most loved dog in the South East as we are all a family of animal lovers. Our last dog lived until he was 17 and old age got the better of him.

For the record I am from the South-East of the UK but would be willing to drive a reasonable distance to collect one.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated...thanks all:ok:


Anthony Carn
13th Feb 2004, 17:54
Whatever you end up doing, just be careful someone does'nt sell you a pup.

Why can't you get one from the RSPCA for yourself and then transfer the pooch to your Mum ? (Maybe the RSPCA have that covered, I dunno).

I understand that some outfits, maybe the RSPCA included, do all the potty training too. (though most dogs are potty enough without needing training).

Billy The Squid
13th Feb 2004, 18:07
Hi AC,

Did think of getting one for myself and transferring it etc etc but I work shifts (as most of us do in this game eh?) and Mrs Squid works full time, and as such i've got more chance of adopting a child than a dog!!!