View Full Version : Friday 13th? Anything bad happening to you?

13th Feb 2004, 18:03
It's Friday the 13th....is anything odd or bad happening to or around you today?

We've already had several people held up with traffic problems after a big accident on the M6.

My mates office has had a total power cut and they're all sat around doing sod all (much like me when no matter if we've got power or not).

So anyone else with any tales???

13th Feb 2004, 18:09
I'm creating a database of all the unitary and county councils in the UK.

That is a bad day.

13th Feb 2004, 18:23
All of our systems have crashed, so I can't access our database, email or any of my electronic files. The only thing I can get on is the internet.

Oh well, never mind :)

13th Feb 2004, 18:49
Nothing as yet but I did pass a bicycle randomly strewn on the side of the road this morning and a little further along a plastic garden chair, strange:confused:

13th Feb 2004, 19:00
The morning paper didn't arrive, toilet paper was finished when I needed it, my GF appears to have a bad hair day and it isn't even noon :mad:

tony draper
13th Feb 2004, 19:10
One was born on a friday the thirteenth,one was very young at the time though, so it did not bother one.

child of the village
13th Feb 2004, 20:08
I have managed to get booked for speeding TWICE on my 24km trip into work... :mad: :suspect:

Only to find that this is day turning out to be a total wast of time..:ugh:

13th Feb 2004, 20:13
Leeds is gridlocked.

and the office girlie has borrowed my car to do an errand and is stuck in the middle of it. I wanted to use it at lunchtime to go and buy a valentine card.

Thats my excuse sorted then

I like Friday 13th. :D

13th Feb 2004, 20:27
Timmcat even though your retort earlier was only a small battle in what I suspect will grow into a much bigger war...if you're quick (ie before 2pm I think) go to www.moonpig.co.uk

They'll send a card for you and first class today, it should arrive on her doorstep in the morning. You can thank me later.

13th Feb 2004, 20:32
I bought tickets for the new EuroMillions lotto this evening but I still don't think I've much of a chance. Well, maybe a bit more than if I hadn't played at all. :confused:

13th Feb 2004, 20:59
The place I'm based at the moment is a University town, today, for some reason, the streets are devoid of pretty girls...I swear!


13th Feb 2004, 21:02
Woke up this morning with splitting headache and no logical reason as to why. :*

Cat has shredded handmade Russian quilt my nan gave me. :sad:

Fogot to take pill and am seeing the boyfriend tonight. :uhoh:

And I'm not superstitious. . .

. . . at least I wasn't superstitious. :rolleyes:

13th Feb 2004, 21:17
Of course not. Why is everyone so superstitious about a day and a date combined? We don't all get into a flap every Friday do we? In fact, most of us look forward to them. And there's nothing special about the 13th, except that it's a prime.
I would be very surprised if people had a statistically worse day than ...




13th Feb 2004, 21:37
You should move to France!:ok:

Friday 13th is deemed a lucky day!

Especially if you can touch the red pom-pomon a sailors hat :rolleyes:

Windy Militant
13th Feb 2004, 22:08
I don't mind Friday the thirteenth at all, like Arthur Dent In the Hitch Hikers guide ''I never could get the hang of Thursdays.''
It's Thursdays I have problems with :\

13th Feb 2004, 22:18
So far had a good day, off work, lazing about, eating junkfood, prooning the afternoon away and the sun is shining and it's not cold! If I can pick up a loose 18yr old chick at the pub tonight that should top it all off :E

I don't mind Thursdays, it's bloody Mondays I have problems with :*

13th Feb 2004, 22:46
I just finished my fifth mug of coffee only to be told it was decaf. What a waste of time.

Still, I should have known as I'm not shaking (that much)

13th Feb 2004, 22:50
I Don't Like Mondays either. Anyway today has been great, first I annihilated Wales, then blew away Buenos Aires, turned the fiefdom of France into a piece of stained glass, and finished up by firing nukes at every Little Chef in the land. By God it's been a good day and it's still early:ok:


13th Feb 2004, 23:30
Owwwch ! Bit mythelf on the tongue :{

Jutht when I thought I'd ethcaped the Friday 13th curthe.

Thod it !

14th Feb 2004, 00:02
Dish, haven't you been told about touching sailor's red round things?

14th Feb 2004, 00:37
I think the badness of my Friday 13th should have been cancelled out by the 2 magpies I saw when I looked out of my window first thing this morning. Certainly the Eggs Benedict the nice waiter brought, and having the hotel pool to myself for my early morning swim made it feel like it wasn't going to be a complete disaster.

14th Feb 2004, 00:42

The red round thing is OK. Its furry and on top of his head (cranium hat version!)
It's the purple ones that are to be avoided ;)

Like MILs....they can spoil your day just by setting eyes on them

14th Feb 2004, 00:51
God I hope not, I have to fly today.:(

14th Feb 2004, 00:58
Oops cancel my previous optimism I have just realised it's Valentine's day tomorrow and I have been walking past card shops for the last 2 months saying "I'll get one nearer the day" and now I haven't got one for Mr S and they've just called my flight AAARGGGHHH!!

oh well, at least this is my hundredth post ... maybe I should order one of those thingies they're always saying you should order when you have a lot of posts .... oh yeah, bottle of champers ... no, maybe it was something else ...?

14th Feb 2004, 02:49
Cooking fat, my kitten, pissed on both my son's beds. had to wash the lot, quilts and all. also, my daughter turned up with head lice.. again!!!

14th Feb 2004, 07:42
Well not exactly today, but I broke my leg only once and it was Friday November 13th, some years ago.

Can the math inclined ones find out which year it was ?

14th Feb 2004, 07:59
I met the "ex" for the first time on Friday 13th, does this count?

14th Feb 2004, 08:15
That would be 1998.

14th Feb 2004, 16:05
...waiting for a plumber?....:suspect:

14th Feb 2004, 16:19
Took the missus out for dinner last night, to what is normally a very nice gaff.

They forgot to cook half of her starter. Sent it back.
When her pork turned up it was very nice. Apart from the fact it was the venison which they had made by mistake........

Ah well free profiteroles for me and wine for her, so maybe it was lucky:D

14th Feb 2004, 20:02
A row in Benalmadena post office with the jobsworth of a post master ....and when we went to the local for a pint... some jerk came in, started shouting, throwing glasses and furniture and ran for it. The Guarda Civil were on the ball though....two unmarked cars, two in livery and 8 officers...they caught the prat and took him away...seems he had also beaten his wife up before he came to the bar.

14th Feb 2004, 20:07
Bought a Euro Lottery ticket....won 8.60.

However some Fench ****** won 10.2M

Explains why Friday 13th is lucky in France I suppose

15th Feb 2004, 19:58
Our family think it's lucky after my dad survived 10 operations (missions for the transatlantics) over sausage side in a Halifax bomber quaintly named "Friday The 13th". :ok: :ok: Friday (http://www.yorkshireairmuseum.co.uk/collections/aircraft/aircraft_info.asp?id=11) survived the war with more operations, 128, than any other Halifax. Fairly lucky then :D :D

15th Feb 2004, 21:24

Yes, you have a good memory ;) ;) :ok:


Nope (although it would be flattering, I'm older than that)

16th Feb 2004, 10:34
Well i had the day from hell!! I was never that superstitious but im gonna think twice before doing another Friday 13 shift.

It all started so smoothly................

On the first sector, of my six sector day, happened the first incident. While taxing out to the runway the A/C braked heavily (must have been that damn pelican crossing!!!) The poor senior fell back onto the galley latches and severly hurt her back. After shifting her to the back, i took over her posistion at the front as she thought she would be unable to open the doors in an emg.
She was offloaded and after a short delay a new senior took over.

Sector #2

I had a slight sniffle when i went to work but didn't think much about it as it was a cold day, however on desent i had terrible sinus pains. I consult the Capt as i new the next sector was going to be a low alt and we agreed to save anymore delays that i would continue and hope my ears cleared.

Sector #3

Sinus pains were not as bad so opted to continue

Sector #4 a deffinite cold was now developing but i thought, hell i've come this far! While stowing the carts i managed to slit the top of my wrist. Very painful and lots of blood. Out came the bandages!! We were at this point already delayed by quite a bit, and i could still work so again opted to stay.

Sector #5 With snotty tisues and bandages in tow, out we went to do the service. While passing near to the last few rows my No 3 noticed a pax asleep but twitching. She woke him to make sure he was ok, and he confirmed this, continued with the service until interrupted by "Oh my God somebody help him!!!" The pax who had been sleeping had now fallen out of his aisle seat, threw up all over the place, began convulsing in the aisle, and generally didn't look too good. My No 3 quickly jumped to his aid while i stowed the cart and ran up with Oxy and 1st aid kit. My senior now on the scene, i ran back to call the capt. The capt decided to make a Pan Pan and make a emergency landing. After getting the pax to the galley and assesing the situation we were baffled. It looked like part Stroke, part eppilepsy, Part everything else. Boy were we glad to get on the ground to get the paramedics on him.

Sector #6
Finnaly able to eat a very quick choc bar eventually landed two hours late, after a short 11.5 day. Only to be faced with all the paper work and bar counting that we didn't have time to do when we were in the air.

I am now off sick with a stonking cold, and still deaf in one ear.......... pardon???

Well that was my day from hell, do you think im jinxed?


16th Feb 2004, 19:00
I celebrated my 21st on friday and at some stage found myself staggering along a street towards the club.

Being worse for ware after the vicious "top shelf" my so called friends had bought me I have next to no memory of the following.

Apparently a car drove past and some :mad: threw an egg at me, i do vaguely remember my girlfriend informing that my back "is all slimey" I was furious! Although I couldn't walk striaght I chased the car down the road and eventually fell flat on my face to the delight of on-lookers and my so called friends.

But I didn't leave it there apparently I then tried to hire a taxi to chase the car which I can only imagine must have been miles away by now. I imagine he turned me away!

The final slap in the face is that I lost my phone. Next year I'm staying at home!