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tony draper
15th Jun 2001, 21:16
Draper has turned the gaze of his conciderable interllect toward the problem of Global warming and concequent rise in sea level of the Atlantic.
This has taxed Draper for a whole two days and turned out to be not the simple two pipe problem Draper thought it would be.
Never the less the solution is at hand, what Draper proposes is bold yet simple, and requires no great leap in technology.
Draper proposes that one hundred thousand chest freezer's be purchased,( Curries springs to mind here Draper has always found them reasonable with a good warranty policy ). these we will deposit under the water off the West coast on of Ireland, at the same time we must cause to be constructed a wide gauge railway, 30 foot springs to mind
of double track, it may be necessary, to clear a few villages farms golf club ect, but this is a small matter,,This double track will run from the west coast across the Irish sea, it may be necessary to fill in the latter.
Across the southern quarter of the United Kingdom,again a few golf clubs will be plowed under the odd farm sacrificed, thru the channel tunnel, this will require that both tunnels be knocked into one sort of oblong shaped single tunnel and the ceilings heightened, across France , the odd Alp may have to go here, across all them foreign place were the people do not speak Engish, and terminate on the Indian sub Continent
Draper notes from his boys own atlas that this place is coloured pink
implying the we own same, so no problem there.
Now for the clever bit, the chest freezers will be switched on, causing the sea to freeze, Irish people will be employed to cut the resulting ice into cubic blocks forty foot on a side, these will be loaded on to specialy constructed trucks and the brakes released, you will note that draper has cunningly chosen a rout that is down hill all the way to India, so thus propelled under gravity they will arrive in India to be thrown by natives employed in that place into the Indian Ocean, which Draper is led to believe is rather warm, thus they will melt harmlessly.
Now for the other clever bit, homeward the trucks shall be pulled by a cunning series of ropes and pullies by the next train descending the incline, all the way back to the Irish coast.
Simple yet elegant as are all good idea's.
The resulting drop in sea level around the coast will have many benifits,
for instance the west ward slope that will result in the atlantic means that Merchant Vessels will be able to free wheel all the way from our Virginia Colony's to Liverpool without the use of expensive and ecologicly unfriendy fuel oils.
Draper recomends this proposal and submits it for your perusal and suggestions,
Draper will require no fee for his work, perhaps only a small royalty on each truck of ice delivered.

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15th Jun 2001, 21:55
You're not completely sane are you Draper?

15th Jun 2001, 22:11
Wholigan -

For pity's sake, if he makes contact with you, don't give him a hint of where you live!

16th Jun 2001, 00:14
What do you guys mean? Sounds good to me!

I want to hear more of these great ideas.

Ranks right up there with the moving runway idea. Ejection seats for passengers on airliners (well at least for the pilots, someone has got to live to tell what happened).

I'm sure that we Ppruners can solve most all the problems in the world.

And you know, now that I think of it, tony draper's idea can be used to solve another world problem. Global warming! Just sent those ice blocks into the sky and cool it down. Great idea, what?

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little red train
16th Jun 2001, 01:12
Thought about that one draper, and can only have one small criticism, whats in it for pilots? I therefore propose a new scheme, requiring virtually no large scale landscaping and resulting in vast amounts of employment for not only pilots and those related to aerospace, but glass makers and unskilled long-term unemployed: -

Firstly re-train all job seekers as magicians, only skilled in the single trick of holding the glass filled with water upside down. Glassmakers would have to scale up production to cope with demand, but again this would result in massive economic benefit on the scales involved. Simply get each magician (working in shifts) to collect a glass of water from the ocean, perform the trick, upon which it will be transported (via air) under magician supervision, upside down all the way to Australia, with its large areas of unused, flat and in relative terms totally inverted landscape water could be placed on the ground and held there everlastingly, should their be a drought or other large scale requirement for water, all that would be required is an unsuspecting granny and a video camera, said granny would be placed under the fall of the glasses said video camera pointed, and with comic hilarity, water would come gushing out, lose its magic force, and gush all over the ground. I also propose a reciprocal agreement between auz and Norfolk.

tony draper
16th Jun 2001, 02:27
I'm sorry Mr, L R T,You have lost Draper somewhat, Draper has never himself witnessed this upside down water thing of which you speak.
The physics of such a phenomenon sound unlikely in the extreme,or at least of a very low order of probability.
and come come, Mr L R T, magic? after all, this is the nineteen twenties is it not.
As for the problem of drought, Draper himself submited a simple solution to the relevant Government dept many years ago,
the existing supplies of water should be diluted thus increasing their bulk, forstalling the need for the implimentation of hose pipe bans and such.
The big picture re drought may merit my closer attention in the future, hmmm, sadly the earth is tilted 23 degree's or so from the vertical, as you probably know,hmmm interesting , it is this tilt that causes the season's thus inadvertently causing weather,... now if we could just... yes..push the earth back up a bit, so the axis of rotation is vertical, hmmmm yes interesting, will have to get back to you gentlemen, Draper has some calculation's to perform.
Draper may be a acknowledged genius, but he can only solve one of the earths major problems at a time.

PS,Re pilots, Now that Mr Allcock and Mr Brown have successfully navigated a aerial craft across the Atlantic it may be that there will be a greater demand for such, errr aviators, I think is the correct word.
But I suspect a few tens of such creatures will be all that is required for the next few decades, these no doubt can be recruited from among such people as horse and cart driver's,plowmen,ect or others with skills at steering, these skills will undoubtedly be sufficient to direct a heavier than air machine thru the upper reaches of the atmosphere.
It is hardly what Draper would class as a crisis. :

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16th Jun 2001, 06:20
Goodness me you guys, there's a far simpler solution to this. Take all the excess water and deliver it to every major food processing plant. Once there, it can be dehydrated, sealed into those little foil pouches and sold as a very marketable product. To re-constitute, simply add water. Every household could surely find almost unlimited ways to use this product. Dehydrated Water ... the technology of the future.

Feeton Terrafirma
16th Jun 2001, 12:14
As usual the simplest answer is always the best. All you need to do is connect a storm water drain to the ocean. Don't forget to put in a valve, otherwise to much ocean might drain away and that would connect Ireland and England with a land bridge. Then again, no real problem I guess.

I'm not a PPRuNe addict. (just need one more post)

Celtic Emerald
16th Jun 2001, 15:28
con pilot

The pilot deserting his pax http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

Reminds me of the Afghan hijack in Std when the crew climbed out of the cockpit window leaving the pax to the mercy of the hijackers (well eh that's what it looked like at the time, turned out half the pax were in cohotes with the hijackers). An absolutely disgusted TV reporter exclaimed
"I thought the whole idea of a captain was that he was to stay with his pax" (instead of being the bloody first to desert the ship) :) From what I hear the crews reception back in Afghanistan was less than pleasuable http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif.

But to be charitable con air considering some of the pax you used to fly http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif I'm not surprised you wanted to desert them ;)

As far you Draper. Could ya consider conducting your weird experiment in some other country besides Ireland. Ya'll probably end up putting us all under the sea :)


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Winston Smith
16th Jun 2001, 16:13
When I read this topic's headline, "Sea level rise a solution", the first thing that involuntarily sprung to my mind was: "Great, they have finally found a way to address the problem of perverts being allowed to marry (and adopt defenseless children) in the Netherlands!" ;)

As for ejection seats for pilots only, a woman once seriously told me that she actually thought this a good idea. After all, "they are so expensive to train!" - Believe me, I'm not making that up!

And well, this is Jet Blast, but sadly, the following is not meant as a joke. Have a look at what the people at NASA concern themselves with. If I were American I would really get upset about how my tax-dollars are spent. No wonder they blow up their government's buildings!


Nasa aims to move Earth

Scientists' answer to global warming: nudge the planet farther from Sun

Special report: global warming

Robin McKie, science editor
Sunday June 10, 2001
The Observer

Scientists have found an unusual way to prevent our planet overheating: move it to a cooler spot.

All you have to do is hurtle a few comets at Earth, and its orbit will be altered. Our world will then be sent spinning into a safer, colder part of the solar system.

This startling idea of improving our interplanetary neighbourhood is the brainchild of a group of Nasa engineers and American astronomers who say their plan could add another six billion years to the useful lifetime of our planet - effectively doubling its working life.

'The technology is not at all far-fetched,' said Dr Greg Laughlin, of the Nasa Ames Research Center in California. 'It involves the same techniques that people now suggest could be used to deflect asteroids or comets heading towards Earth. We don't need raw power to move Earth, we just require delicacy of planning and manoeuvring.'

The plan put forward by Dr Laughlin, and his colleagues Don Korycansky and Fred Adams, involves carefully directing a comet or asteroid so that it sweeps close past our planet and transfers some of its gravitational energy to Earth.

'Earth's orbital speed would increase as a result and we would move to a higher orbit away from the Sun,' Laughlin said.

Engineers would then direct their comet so that it passed close to Jupiter or Saturn, where the reverse process would occur. It would pick up energy from one of these giant planets. Later its orbit would bring it back to Earth, and the process would be repeated.

In the short term, the plan provides an ideal solution to global warming, although the team was actually concerned with a more drastic danger. The sun is destined to heat up in about a billion years and so 'seriously compromise' our biosphere - by frying us.

Hence the group's decision to try to save Earth. 'All you have to do is strap a chemical rocket to an asteroid or comet and fire it at just the right time,' added Laughlin. 'It is basic rocket science.'

The plan has one or two worrying aspects, however. For a start, space engineers would have to be very careful about how they directed their asteroid or comet towards Earth. The slightest miscalculation in orbit could fire it straight at Earth - with devastating consequences.

It is a point acknowledged by the group. 'The collision of a 100-kilometre diameter object with the Earth at cosmic velocity would sterilise the biosphere most effectively, at least to the level of bacteria,' they state in a paper in Astrophysics and Space Science. 'The danger cannot be overemphasised.'

There is also the vexed question of the Moon. As the current issue of Scientific American points out, if Earth was pushed out of its current position it is 'most likely the Moon would be stripped away from Earth,' it states, radically upsetting out planet's climate.

These criticisms are accepted by the scientists. 'Our investigation has shown just how delicately Earth is poised within the solar system,' Laughlin admitted. 'Nevertheless, our work has practical implications. Our calculations show that to get Earth to a safer, distant orbit, it would have to pass through unstable zones and would need careful nurturing and nudging. Any alien astronomers observing our solar system would know that something odd had occurred, and would realise an intelligent lifeform was responsible.

'And the same goes for us. When we look at other solar systems, and detect planets around other suns - which we are now beginning to do - we may see that planet-moving has occurred. It will give us our first evidence of the handiwork of extraterrestrial beings.'

Celtic Emerald
16th Jun 2001, 17:35
On second thoughts I think ejector seats in civilian aircraft would be a brill idea :)
Next time I'm jumpseating in one I could position myself near the ejector handle & press it just for fun :)

Emerald http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

16th Jun 2001, 17:42
Want to move the planet. Just cut lose and let the Ross Ice Sheet drift north.

Solution implies a problem. Is there a problem? Rising sea levels might bring back flying boats.

16th Jun 2001, 18:26
You're weird, Draper ..... :)

Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast

16th Jun 2001, 19:24
The water rises
The spring thaw does not assist
We will all get wet

Say again, Approach....you want us to do what???

tony draper
16th Jun 2001, 19:49
Roger that Mr 18. :)

16th Jun 2001, 21:21
Why don't you just drill a hole at the bottom of the North Atlantic through the earth and out some were in Australia, this would stop the sea rising up here and flood then lot down under,

This would also help the English cricket team win something.

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tony draper
17th Jun 2001, 12:11
Seriously , there's a fair amount of evidence now that our climate has only stabilized enough in the last ten thousand years to support the life stye we humans follow now
ie, living in cities and having a organised agricultural/industrial society producing goods and surpluses, to trade.
Prior to that it was only possible for our ancester's to follow a nomadic hunter gatherer life stye, migrating south as the Ice sheets advanced and repopulating northern Europe as the ice retreated.
There is also some disquieting evidence that the human population may have been reduced to very small numbers indeed, possibly less than a thousand in the Mediterranian area
This is called The Bottle Neck Theory,our mitochondrial DNA, ie the DNA we inherit from our mother's only and is passed down virtualy unchanged, shows we are all far to closley related to one another than should be statisticly expected,in other words we are all the descendants of a very small group of humans inhabiting a small area.Mitochondrial DNA mutats at known rate, so when any population group become separated from another poplulation group by measuring the differences in the DNA,its possible to calculate when the two different gene pools became seperate entities,in our case we all hail from a bunch around eighty thousand years ago.
By this I mean all the humans wandering the earth now,notjust Europeans.
So global warming may be the least of our worries.
This last ten thousand years of relative benign climate has allowed humans to do what they do best breed like cockroaches, so our option to bugger off south when the ice sheets appear on the horizon, ain,t on now, the south is fully occupied.
The other disquieting thing to concider is that these changes are not thought to take Geological time periods, ie, over hundreds of thousands of years as was previously supposed, but can come about in times more akin to human life spans.
So cousins all, sea level rise may be he least of our problem's.
Errr, just thought, still a lot of room in Australia, of course they could be in deep sh*t themselves http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

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17th Jun 2001, 14:03
I don't get it.
Why transport ?
Wouldn't the freezing be enough ?
Besides if you want a serious drop wouldn't you be better of in moving the ice to either pole ?

I kinda like this warming process. Summers in northern and middle Europe are lovely of late. We don't all have to travel to the Mediterranean at the same time anymore. I just got me some new patio furniture. And if you worry about the water, just employ some Dutch. They'll build you a dike or two. ;)

18th Jun 2001, 12:17
A committee would most likly find that moving the moon a little further away will reduce the high tide mark and provide a short term solution for those countries unlucky enough to be in the low lying regions. In the long term (200 300 years or so) the worlds oil and coal will run out then things may start to cool back down a little.

Feeton Terrafirma
18th Jun 2001, 13:54
Well touch&go whilst I was prepared to offer advise and assistance to your problem, I find your suggestion most inappropriate. It may in fact be the only way your cricket team could win a match if your idea was allowed to proceed, but I suggest that you would actually be wasting your time. I would mearly remove the cork from another surperb bottle of red, and use it to plug your hole. :)

I'm not a PPRuNe addict. (just need one more post)

Charlie Foxtrot India
18th Jun 2001, 18:08
But...when water freezes it expands and takes up more space. So if the polar ice caps melt, surely the sea levels will go down???

And those poor little penguins in Antarctica won't have to hobble around with their eggs on top of their feet so they dont freeze. (the eggs I mean)

tony draper
18th Jun 2001, 19:13
When the ice cubes in your drink melts does you glass overflow??.
Displacement!. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/redface.gif

OOPS sorry misread your post Mr C F I.

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Send Clowns
18th Jun 2001, 21:33
CFI your theory only applies to the Arctic ice, and it is floating, displacing its own mass. When it melts that mass fills the same space, so no change. The Antarctic ice (if net melting results, instead of the other theory, more snow and thicker ice sheet) can melt to cause sea-level rise.

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'

19th Jun 2001, 00:44
Celtic Emerald; Well, someone has got to go get help!

Seriously I did get into some trouble on my previous job (where I got the con-pilot name from). I had a new guard come up to me one night on a R.O.N.(I was in the bar) and ask me what would the flight crew do if the back-end crew (they always hated to be called that) lost control of the prisoners in the cabin.

I asked, "In the air or on the ground?"

She said, "Both."

I reply, "In the air what we would do is top secret and if I tell you I'll have to kill you. On the ground we will use the escape ropes to get out of the cockpit and go to the nearest bar."

"A BAR!" She exclaims.

"Well yes." I reply "Because we will be so traumatized by having to leave all of you in the cabin we'll need a drink to settle down. Then I'll use the phone in the bar to call for help."

Yes I had already had a couple of drinks, yes I thought I was funny and yes I had to write some letters apologizing for my reply to her question. I had to write a lot of letters when I was with the U.S.M.S. Some people just don't have a sense of humor.

By the way, she had already been informed of the flight crew's duties and actions in such situations.

I still think it was funny.

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Charlie Foxtrot India
19th Jun 2001, 18:09
That's MRS CFI to you, darlin'!

So if it's only the antarctic ice that is a problem then will the sea levels rise in the Southern hemisphere only? That's be nice cos I wouldn't have to drive so far to get to the beach. :)

But..seriously...I know ice displaces it's own mass when it floats, but what about the total volume of the water, doesn't that reduce as well after melting? It's been a long time since o level physics.

If I get in the bath, the water level goes down after a while, is that because I am shrinking (hence shrivelled fingers and toes) or beacuse some of it has evaporated, or the plug leaks a bit, or the Radox bubbles have all gone? *confused*

Tricky Woo
19th Jun 2001, 20:02
When I read the title of the thread "Sea level rise a solution", the first question I asked myself was "A solution to what"?

After 15 seconds or so of deep, considered procrastination, I decided that a drastic rise in the world's average sea level would indeed be beneficial in many ways. I never liked the Dutch language, for a start. Never did understand how eight million people could suffer from the same speech impediment. Florida would also sink beneath the waves. Just think of that! Also most of East Anglia... there's no end to the good news.

I for one am looking forward to it.

Bangladesh might be a bad place to invest in, though.


tony draper
19th Jun 2001, 20:12
If we could contrive to cause the Earth to expand just a little that would do the trick.
Incidently that fits into a new theory of Gravity, Draper is working on.
The earth is actualy expanding at a speed of 32 feet per sec, so if you step off a cliff you do not fall, the earth mearly expands to meet you as you hang stationary in space, hmmm it still needs some work. :)

20th Jun 2001, 00:44
How do you stop the water finding it's way back? Surely the Suez Canal will make it easier for it to come back and since the tidal system proves that the stuff is migratory won't it just come home to roost in the summer?

(edited for incompetance)

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20th Jun 2001, 03:37
T&G, you surely don't think the Channel Tunnel was just to transport people to France. It was a cunningly disguised drainage system which is now causing tremendous floods in Australia.

It hasn't yet helped the English win at cricket, but it will make them feel more at home with wet pitches.

20th Jun 2001, 03:57

I hesitate to answer, but your theory would have the earth 5,236.36 miles,or thereabouts, larger in ten years. Does Boeing know this? Is that around the equator?

tony draper
20th Jun 2001, 10:24
Ah yes Mr RT,but every thing expands at the same rate, ie, tape measures, rulers , us, 747's,electromagnetic wave length, so no one will notice the difference.
What is actually happening is the quantum space between fundamental particles is expanding.
Hmmm, it's accelleration thats got me buggered at the moment,once Draper has got that sussed its nobel prize here we come.

Ps,Hmm,Damm,just stumbled across a even greater flaw in this model, back to Newton. ;)

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20th Jun 2001, 13:31
Just remember that Zero Point Energy doesn't suck, Tony! :)

Motion coming on!

tony draper
20th Jun 2001, 13:48
Everyone's a critic. ;)

20th Jun 2001, 14:06
My girlfriend doesn't buy your theory Tony.

She says there's no way my todger is expanding at 32 feet/second...she'd have noticed.

And I'm worried about how small it must have once been if you're right!

tony draper
20th Jun 2001, 15:17
Well Mr M,your girl friends observations may be valid science wise, but she needs to increase the sample, ask her if she's noticed the same phenomenon on the milkman, err, todger wise. :)

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20th Jun 2001, 16:08
Unfortunately, we get our milk from Sainsburys, so she's got no comparitive historical data.

Tricky Woo
20th Jun 2001, 22:10
It seems a shame that Boeing's other big project has been eclipsed by the publicity generated by the Sonic Cruise and 'Next Generation ATC'. Has any body else heard about the Boeing Relocation Project? Thought not. Read on...

Everyone seems to think that Boeing cancelled the 747X simply because they realised that it could never compete with the A380. Whilst there's some truth in that, there is a deeper, more fundamental reason. The implied purpose of a 747X/A380 sized aircraft is to transport large quantities of people from 'hub to hub'. At the last moment, Boeing realised that 'hub to hub' travel is coming to an end.

Cleverly, they've disguised their true plans with their 'point to point' concept. That is a smokescreen. You read it here first, folks: Boeing are going to eradicate travel entirely. How? Well, they realised that if they spent their projected development for the years 2010 through to 2099 wisely, (Zillions of dollars), they could leap-frog those nasty Frenchies and destroy the market entirely. Sort of a 'cut nose off', 'scorched earth' type marketing plan.

They're simply going to relocate the entire population of the earth to Chicago (See how it all slots together?) and then build the worlds best tram system. As the rest of the planet slips beneath the waves as a result of global warming, a happy, Chicago Utopia will reign supreme. The feeling is that Chicago is so well located that an extra 5 billion people will fit right on in quite happily.

That'll teach those clever French Airbus buggers, eh?


21st Jun 2001, 21:13
The only thing insane about all this is that most of you out there believe all this global warming BS. Correction believe that WE caused it all. It may exist as a normal function of the Earth's natural swings and roundabouts. After all Greenland was habitable a mere thousand years ago.

But a few wet winters does not global warming make, anymore than a few cold winters in the 19th century made a new ice age.

If it does exist we can do nothing about it except to ensure your house is at least 200 feet above sea level like mine is. A soon to be very desirable beachfront property.

The latest aburdity in this saga is the latest theory that all the melting ice will stop the Gulf stream and turn the British Isles into an attractice winter ski resort. Meanwhile the rest of the world gets warmer.
Obviously nobody has thought to connect the two, lets think about this; the rest of the world gets warmer thus even Canada and Russia and the arctic gets warmer. They end up with dull summers and cold rainy winters in other words the same as us now. We match them, thus no change except for the sudden drop in property prices below 200 feet.
There are too many people making good careers out of this global warming nonsense to any of to make sense.
Remember the hole in the ozone layer, whatever happened to that panic? Could it be because a single volcanic event caused a bigger hole than all the CFC's in the world.

In any case when the big rock from space hits us we will all die unless do something now. Of course even then when the aliens come will will all become their slaves. Who's mad now?

Winston Smith
22nd Jun 2001, 01:13
Exactly, Steepclimb, you are 100% on target. I even heard they cultivated wine in Scotland around the 12th century.

After all, if these "scientists" didn't scare the living **** out of the public, they wouldn't get their funds allocated (also see the article I cited on page 1 (http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/Forum4/HTML/004394.html) of this thread). And sadly, most people don't ever think about anything they've been told by their TVs. But then, how much common sense can you expect from a society which spent billions on that Y2K-hype?

22nd Jun 2001, 02:45
It's different folks, we all need to buy a sea-aquarium as large as possible (ALAP). First of all it will lower the sea level.
Secondly you'll need to heat it which causes more greenhouse gasses. So it's getting a little bit warmer, that's great so we don't have to turn up the heat that much. In that case we burn less fuel, so less greenhouse gasses!

People are made of more than 80% of water, therefore an increase of the world population will lower the sea level http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/confused.gif

Islander Jock
22nd Jun 2001, 18:56
Had to chuckle at an article in the newspaper the other day where scientists were theorising on the possibility of moving Earths orbit further from the sun. Supposedly this is to give mankind extra time to survive the inevitable baking the planet will get as the sun expands as part of it's dieing process in about 2 billion years time.

HA! what makes em think mankind is going to be around that long?

Winston Smith
22nd Jun 2001, 19:35
Hey Islander Jock,

the BS you are refering to IS the same article I reproduced one the first page of this topic (http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/Forum4/HTML/004394.html) (if I were a "liberal" I would sue for "mental anguish" because some people didn't read my posts http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif - but then, I'm not living in the US). And this is only the tip of the iceberg of balderdash which passes for "science" today. As a rule, chances are that anyone called an "expert" by the media is either an idiot, a hypocrite or an outright liar, especially in the Marxist "sciences" (i.e. sociology, politology, etc.).

Islander Jock
23rd Jun 2001, 18:15
Do beg your pardon. That'll teach me for coming in on the @rse end of a thread.

OK, back in me box then.

5th Mar 2004, 22:24
So, are we any closer to seeing this project in at least prototype yet Mr D?:suspect:

tony draper
5th Mar 2004, 22:40
No Mr G the authorities never listen, bloody hell!,15 June 2001, so long ago, one was still young and carefree.

5th Mar 2004, 23:23
Yep, lotsa old names on this one eH?