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13th Feb 2004, 10:23
was told by a friend of mine that ezy management are seeking paycuts. has anybody any news on this

kick the tires
13th Feb 2004, 15:52
Surely its up to them if they want to take a pay cut!

14th Feb 2004, 14:26
Although surely most companies 'want' to cut pay.

Fortunately not many try!!! :D

15th Feb 2004, 06:18
Love my job at ej, don't think they would be that stupid.

15th Feb 2004, 07:19

Your friend speaks wih forked tongue!

Colonel Klink
15th Feb 2004, 16:06
Some friend who gave you such a load of crap.easyJet are on target so far this year financially, they have another 115 A319's to be delivered, lots of new routes and bases, and the pilots are being paid well below average and have not had a decent pay rise in several years while the managemnent reward themselves with an obscene share deal.
Work it out for yourself!:)

15th Feb 2004, 17:12
As previously mentionned, it goes without saying that any company's management's dream is to cut salaries, even in non-airline companies. I really can't see how they would act as it would immediately trigger severe strikes.

15th Feb 2004, 17:31
Companies are in business for one reason, to maximise return for shareholders. The trouble is so few beancounters understand the law of diminishing returns. They can make a few bob out of reducing salaries to the point where it starts costing them money when crews leave, strike, or generally work to rule.
They can also make the same money and more by paying sufficient to get the goodwill of the crews who are in the best position to make cost saving and money making decisions for the company - when they are not demoralised by management.
So what can be done about this communication gap?

High Wing Drifter
15th Feb 2004, 22:32
Companies are in business for one reason, to maximise return for shareholders.
Only those that have shareholders as opposed to backers. I have noticed that family businesses seem to be much more stable and generally better run. Examples are BMW and Monarch and...errm...the Mafia - but we won't dwell on that.

Mark my words, Easy is/has expanding/expanded too quickly and will suffer in the not too distant future. There is not a management team on earth competent enough to deal with that kind of meteoric growth...not to mention the dual fleet - duh!

16th Feb 2004, 15:14
Its hard to say exactly how well EZY are doing as they only issue results twice a year, whilst Ryan's are issed four times a year. Don't believe all the orange propaganda. EZY are only just starting to enter the interesting phase of their growth, lots of new air buses on the way, second base in Germany and adventures into Eastern europe. Remember the mess they made of the German wings acquisition.

Man Flex
16th Feb 2004, 20:15
the pilots are being paid well below average and have not had a decent pay rise in several years

Colonel Klink

As a neutral I was certainly under the impression that EZY pilots are one of the best paid groups in our industry.

Also I believe that the rumour-mill suggests that easyJet struggle to hold onto their existing pilots, especially those from foreign lands and this is primarily down to the poor rostering.

If this is the case then it is indeed an undertaking to recruit not only for the expansion but to cover the constant leak of disillusioned flight crew.

I won't even begin to comment on the future experience levels.

16th Feb 2004, 22:49

Check your info.

German Wings?!?!?!??!?!?!?