View Full Version : Pprune Knighthood

13th Feb 2004, 07:38
Which Ppruner would you give a knighthood to and why?

Spearing Britney
13th Feb 2004, 07:42
Well I haven't seen any playing football, winning at rugby or singing songs so I don't think any qualify....

Ascend Charlie
13th Feb 2004, 12:31
I thought this thread was a promo for the Pprune Night Hood, a new type of condom.

Or something Jerrricho's MIL could put on her head.

Circuit Basher
13th Feb 2004, 16:03
Obviously Danny, PPRuNE Towers, IFR and Wholigan, all esteemed moderators of this fine body of airmen / airwomen.....!!! :D

Having got that out of the way, my vote (from the Private Flying side) is for Mike Cross, Rustle and all involved with working alongside AIS / Thales to significantly improve the heap of poo that was the new NOTAM system when they introduced the new software. Also Ian Fallon for the efforts in generating NOTAM Plot, which manages to produce a graphical output, plotting NOTAMs. All have significantly contributed to flight safety through their efforts. HURRAH!! :D:D

13th Feb 2004, 17:47
I could name one individual who would have gladly applied a sharp implement to my neck (took half an hour of grovelling apology in chat last night before the lady in question finally forgave me).

PPRuNe Radar
13th Feb 2004, 20:51
Come on timmcat,

you can surely name more than one in that category ;)

13th Feb 2004, 22:31
AC, you've just got my nomination :ok:

Boss Raptor
13th Feb 2004, 22:41
Me, me, me and me...alternatively as a fund raiser Danny could sell Pprune Knighthoods :=

14th Feb 2004, 01:44
Wholigan, of course!!

Because he's cool.........

14th Feb 2004, 01:48
I'll vote for flaps as long as she tells me off a few more times. :E :E

tony draper
14th Feb 2004, 01:49
tut tut TC, Mr Wholigan is already
"The Supreme Knight of the Azure Skies"

14th Feb 2004, 01:52
Tcch, How could I forget you, Mr D?

Arise, Sir Draper:D :D :D

14th Feb 2004, 02:17
Chaffers, send me a fiver and I'll persuade her to get the whip out!!!!! :E

14th Feb 2004, 03:01

What will you get her to do to me for a tenner?

14th Feb 2004, 03:06
That would be two whips to woo...
What a hoot!

14th Feb 2004, 03:12
I knew I'd regret the puns thread..... :hmm: