View Full Version : ...............and why do they ALWAYS cry when they are drunk.??

4th Nov 2001, 13:47
Cry, cry cry.............

tony draper
4th Nov 2001, 14:05
Who??Pilots, never heard that before, heard of them falling down a lot in their cups and waking up in pools of vomit and urine but crying?, thats new to me. ;)

4th Nov 2001, 17:30
Well...it must be pilots he's talking about...it can't possibly be females...we would NEVER do something like that...am always very tidy when I get drunk..honestly..totally..occasionally...sometimes...once in a while...


4th Nov 2001, 20:48
Mrs G just falls asleep... :(

5th Nov 2001, 00:27
Sorry,I should explain more...Last night i had on my train 2 girls(drunk)who were mid 20somethings, one of whom was whinging away about her 'fella' who had just dumped her after only 2 weeks. Poor girl....Just reminded me of all the times i have seen women crying, that they have been drunk....!!!!
So.......Why...??????? :eek: ;) :confused:

5th Nov 2001, 19:46
Finest female drunk I have ever encountered was a normally, non drinking, cabin crew lady.This particular Dutch lady spoke immaculate English when sober, better than most of us natives, but after half a glass of wine would start her sentences in English and finish them in Dutch.Utterly hilarious!

5th Nov 2001, 20:13

I have the same problem, though I don't think the language is Dutch...

5th Nov 2001, 20:29
If women always cry when drunk, then why do men suddenly assume that they are kings of all they survey, are complete sex gods and could give Mike Tyson a good seeing to. I think I would prefer to cry!

6th Nov 2001, 02:30
Why do we cry, big L, you scouse git?(now you know who this isxxxxx)
its because thats the only time our real selves come out.
trust one who knows.
Melaniexxxxxxxxx :(